Viral Batch C Stream II Error In NYSC Database Circular

Viral Batch C Stream II Error In NYSC Database Circular – Updates

There is this circular that has been going viral and you all need to hear the fact about it. Let me show you the circular below and then reveal what you should know about it.


I’m pleased to inform you that the Director General has approved the conduct of the 2021 Batch ‘C’ Stream II Orientation Course in all the thirty-six (36) states and FCT as declared in the previous Circular But, due to an error in our database we ask that:

All Potential Corp Members (PCMs)} that had registered between 13th and 15th of November to kindly go to their State NYSC office on Friday 19° November 2021. to verify their thumbprint and reappend their signature to avoid cancellation of documents in the Camp

2. All State coordinators are therefore expected to inform the collaborating agencies in their states for deployment of personnel for the exercise

3. Coordinators are to equally ensure that necessary arrangements for the exercise are concluded not later than five (5) days before the commencement date.

4. Thank you.

I will like to inform you that this circular is not official and the management is yet to say anything about it. So please, just ignore it and stay connected for updates. IT IS A FAKE

The circular claimed there is an error in NYSC Database and everyone who registered around 13th – 15th November should go to the State secretariat.

The fact is that if such an error do occur in the NYSC database, the management will announce it publicly via the various official social media handles.

Please, kindly disregard this circular and until the management confirmed it, its just a rumor. Ignore it and let’s move. If there is any further updates you will get it first.

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  1. Good Afternoon Lola,pls I registered on the 11st of November, am saying this because I saw some articles in my Email that those PCM that registered from 13 to 15 of November shall go to thier state NYSC center for thumbprint because of the database error that occur,my question is am I exempted from this, cause I registered on the 11st of November. Thanks

  2. Good afternoon,
    So please, what should we do regarding this info?

  3. Uzorchukwu Emmanuel Ofurum

    Greetings Lola
    Am UZORCHUKWU EMMANUEL OFURUM, l have been asking this question Since today haven’t any reply….l after applying for name rearrangement l misarranged the name again cause it was difficult for me to place align it but the mistake has been made and it has been approved and it came out wrong not looking like what is on my statement of result….
    So please Lola what is my fate now…

  4. Good evening

    My date of birth July 5 is incorrect on jamb as May 7 but the year of birth is correct. My waec has the correct date. Will this affect me in camp? Someone told me I can be chased out in camp.

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