Official Facts All Batch C Stream II Must Know

Official Facts All Batch C Stream II Must Know – Must Read

This is a very important post and you all should kindly pay attention and read these facts to prevent future stress and also prepare for Stream II.

1. NYSC Official portal registration will open on the 11th, Nov, 2021. This is Official and 100% legit. Kindly note that the portal will open on the 11th and you will be able to register if you are yet to register. [Read also: NYSC Batch C 2021 – Stream II Registration Date Out]

Only those whose names are on the NYSC Portal for senate list will be able to register. This is self-explanatory and I’m sure by now, you should know that if your name is not on nysc portal, you won’t be able to register.

You can read this topic on senate list details to have full knowledge about the process. You can also CLICK HERE to verify your name.

2. Senate list uploads is still in progress as schools are adding new names to the NYSC Portal. I have seen people who are just seeing their names on the NYSC Portal. So if you are still seeing no record found, you can contact your school to ask if they will be adding more names. [Read also: NYSC 2021 Batch C Stream II Status Report – Let’s Share]

Not all schools will add more names. Some will wait till next year batch A. To clarify if your school will upload or add names, you can just contact them.

3. Those of you who have seen their names on the NYSC Portal for senate list but there is an error message that asks you to contact your Institution, kindly contact your school. You will not be able to register if you did not fix it before the registration ends.

4. Foreign-trained graduates who have been cleared and attended physical verification should just wait for call-up letter.

5. Some people who are 30 and above 30 are trying to change their date of birth to see if they can still go for NYSC. I won’t lie to you, as long as you graduated at 30 or above 30, you should just move on. [Read also: NYSC 2021 Batch B Stream II Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less]

If you meet anyone online that promises to change it for you, you will be scammed. It’s not something you can change.

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  1. I skipped stream I I don’t know my date yet what’s the solution please

  2. Do I have to appear in Camp to redeploy to another state ?
    And for health reasons .
    Is a medical report needed or just Nysc fitness report.

  3. Plz I registered with stream 1 batch C but I was asked to wait for stream 2. Is it possible dt I won’t get call up letter this time, bcz am really concerned.

  4. is my school i d card compulsory at camp?.i have sumited mine already while colecting my original result?

  5. Please Lola do you have any idea when camp orientation may be for Batch C Stream II cos I need to inform them ahead in the office of around what time I will take a break for orientation camp. Please help me if you have any idea what the time range would be; does not have to be specific.

  6. Please Lola my ND statement of result is laminated hope it won’t affect me at camp?

  7. During Jamb registration she made a mistake on DOB instead of 1998 they put 1993 and before she graduate she will be more that 30 years and which is not what is on her WAEC.what can she do now

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