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You are welcome here, kindly read these important messages below so that you can be on the same level as us. Please read between the lines to avoid misunderstanding.

NYSC 2020 Batch A Stream II has been converted to Batch B. If you are in stream II, you are automatically Batch B like that. No need for special registration or special thing you must do. Once you belong to stream II before, you are automatically batch B.

There is no special registration or special portal opening for Batch B because the stream II that was converted have registered before. We are getting lots of questions from people asking if there will be another registration. The answer is no.

Schools will not upload senate list again for Batch B. If you have not done registration before and you are not in Batch A 2020 Stream II, then this batch B is not for you. Please understand.

Orientation camp will be open for Batch B 2020 by November 10th 2020. The 3 weeks orientation course will begin afresh after the long break due to the covid-19 outbreak.

If you are seeing “Sorry you are not in this stream” message, No need to Panic, it will be updated. You really have no need to worry yourself.

Call-up letter for Stream II turned Batch B will be out very soon before 10th of November 2020. We don’t have a date yet. But it will be before 10th of November 2020.

There will be only two batches this year which is just A and B. If you don’t belong to these batches, wait till next year and just stay around.

Very Urgent!

Information is reaching us that some passport photographs have been rejected. Please and please you need to take just a second to login to your NYSC dashboard and confirm your Passport is in good standing.

If its rejected, you will see a rejection message under the passport and if it’s not rejected, you will not see any message under the passport.

CLICK HERE now to login to your dashboard and check to be on a safe side.

More updates will be coming up as soon as we have official info.

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  1. Hi mrs. Lola so now how about pre-champ for foreign students

  2. Please will batch b be going this year? Not the batch A stream2 that has now been converted to batch b.

  3. Lovely morning miss lola, my green card carries batch a 2020 though the space for the kit specification has a red line on it without any shoe sizes and it was recently printed dunno if i should expect the call up from NYSC. Your advice will do a lot for me on this. Thanks

  4. Hi, i can’t access my dashboard, hope there’s no problem!

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