When Exactly Will NYSC Resume Again?

The question of when exactly will NYSC Resume again has been trending on all social media platforms. Lots of Prospective Corps Members and especially NYSC 2020 Batch A Corps Members who have been waiting for a while are starting to come out to ask when will we serve our Father land.

Incase you missed out, Covid-19 pandemic broke out early this year and for safety precautions, the federal Government suspended the NYSC 2020 Batch A Orientation camp after a couple of weeks as they sent everybody back home for safety. Read also: This Fish Seller Who Celebrate NYSC POP With A Car Is Going Viral

A couple of weeks after the suspension of NYSC Camp, the vice president of Nigeria Prof Osinbajo proposed the suspension of the NYSC Scheme for about 2 years. However, the idea washed away. Read also: Suspension Of NYSC Camp For 2 Years – VP Osinbajo

After a little time, the NYSC Director General revealed in a video that the NYSC 2020 Batch A stream I will go back to camp to complete their orientation program and also that immediately after Stream I camp, Stream II will follow. Then there comes the silence.

Two NYSC set already passed out successfully even as we are yet to know when 2020 Batch A Stream I will be back to the service.

To answer the most asked question right now which is when exactly will NYSC Resume again, a direct answer will be that we don’t know.

The reason why this mandatory break was necessary was because of Covid-19 pandemic and up till today, the problem still persist as we are yet to get a vaccine.

The management did not want to risk the life of any Corps Members by putting you guys out there even when this deadly virus is still out there.

The idea of safety is from one angle which is the angle of the management and the federal government.

There is another perspective which is that of our dear Corps Members and PCM who have been stay at home doing nothing.

Let me show you some comments of Corps Members on social media to the NYSC Management.


Now that Corps Members are coming out to speak up, let’s hope the management will address us or provide an official update about the way forward.

What is your own opinion about this? use the comment box below to tell us what you think about these perspectives above and which one you think is more important.

To everyone out there sending mails and messages asking when exactly will NYSC resume, you should know that for now, we don’t know and until there is an information from the management, we will all be waiting.

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  1. Am tired of staying at home o,it’s almost 7years now just to finish ND & HND,am still yet to serve.what is it sef.Government wants secondary school students to resume for waec and neco.what of NYSC.Are we not matured than those children,why the delay?.They should give us date of resumption for service Abeg.shuu,i missed BATCH C,i missed BATCH A now we don’t even know when fresh registration will commence.Am tired of.We need the GOVERNMENT CONSIDERATION.THANK YOU.


    Destinies are delaying, frustrations are becoming much we tird of staying at home. If FG.will with another idea/mechanism through which graduated students should be given a discharge latter,I think it will also be nice.they can hold their 33k.

  3. Abdullahi Adamu

    I did my registration since march but uptil now m yet to receive my call up number, whenever I log in my dashboard wht I usually see is awaiting call number. pls whts the problem???

  4. I think the VP Proposal is the best tactic to do in the pandemic period. Other countries are finding ways to deal with the issue and go about their lives but here we are sitting ducks.

    What if (God forbids) it lasts till 2021?

  5. Day in day out our life keep ageing and placing age limit is now the other of the day for every jobs in this Country. Honourable Director General,It seems this covid19 has come to stay with us for awhile therefore, we should look for a way to live by it, why we carry out the preventive and safety measures and to as well carry out the National activities as most of the PCMs and serving corp members are already frustrated and stranded bcos of idleness.

    Honorable DG, pls Engage us or issue us they so-called “NYSC Discharged Certificate” as it is part of the requirements for almost every jobs one wishes to apply.Thanks!

  6. Please i did myself registration since march but all I get is that I would be notified of when to print my call up letter that am not in third stream am confused please hope am safe

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