NYSC Resumption, Documentation & Text Messages Vital updates – Official Confirmation

Latest Update And Official Confirmation

Earlier today we released an update about the documentation text messages sent to some NYSC 2020 Batch A stream I corps members who did relocation. You can scroll down to read the previous update.

As at the time of the first update, we had no official confirmation and now, we do have a confirmation from the management. According to NYSC management, the text message is geniue and official. So please if you got the message, kindly follow the instruction and go for your documentation.

The documentation is little by little and not everybody at once to reduce the crowd and adhere to the covid-19 safety protocols. So if you are yet to get a text message, wait for it as you will get it once its time.

Below is a message from the management:

If you receive a message requesting you to come for documentation at the State Secretariat, adhere strictly to the instruction. Kindly beware of scammers that may send such information to you for ulterior motives, cross-check facts with your colleagues.

Please check the source of the message you receive, do not send money to anyone and make sure the location is the NYSC secretariat and not some strange address. Stay safe and observe strictly to NCDC protocols for covid-19.

The Message is geniue and NYSC partial resumption is already in progress.

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Previous Updates

Some of the NYSC 2020 Batch A stream I Corps Members have been receiving SMS and emails about documentation at their local secretariat. Please read this update to the end and read between the lines for proper understanding.

Relocated Corps Members especially have been getting an email that states they should report to the secretariat for documentation by next week.

Below is an example of the message from a Corps Member who relocated to Bauchi.

“Dear Corps Member, be informed that you’re scheduled for documentation of relocated-in Corps Members at NYSC Fadaman, Bauchi on Friday 14th August, 2020 by 9am.

You are expected to come along the following documents:
1. Relocation approval letter.
2. Photocopy of Bsc/HND Certificate or statement of result.
3. 1 copy each of call-up letter, Greencard slip and passport photograph.

All foreign trained must present camp clearance slip issued in camp.

Lastly all Corps Members must observe Covid-19 protocol (compulsory wearing of face-mask, social dist, etc.)

Sign: mgt

When I checked the sender of the mail, it’s from [email protected] which is supposed to be the official email of NYSC Bauchi.

Lots of people are getting messages and lots of people are not getting messages. Some relocated Corpers are getting that type of email above with different dates while others who also relocated did not get any mail.

This might suggest that the documentation is Batch by Batch. Probably due to the COVID-19 protocol, they don’t want everybody to go at once. So they message some set of people to come first and maybe after theirs, the other set will go. So if you also relocated and you are yet to get a mail, wait for it.

Those who did not do relocation are also getting several messages about documentation.

This then leads us to the question if these messages are true or fake.

True Of Fake?

Either the messages are true or fake is a question that we can’t give a Direct answer to because we are yet to get an official public notice about it. However, the fact that we did not get an official public does not mean its fake.

We have been trying to contact the management but no response yet.

This might be because it does not involve everybody at once. Like I explained above, they might not want to call everybody for documentation at once because of the COVID-19 protocols as calling everybody at once might cause overcrowding. That’s why they send messages to some Corps Members and leave others for later.

I will advise everyone who received the text to go for it with all the required documents in the text, face mask, and social distancing policy.

If you got a text message or an email to come to the secretariat for documentation or anything, please go especially if you relocated.

If you did not get any message, no need to panic, just wait for it.

The registration portal opening is a sign that the system is coming back but they still have to take some precautions. So please follow the instructions in the text message and attend. If you don’t get a text message or an email, don’t attend.

Check the date on your text message and follow it. See a few screenshots of messages below:

NYSC Resumption, Documentation & Text Messages Vital updates - Must Read NYSC Resumption, Documentation & Text Messages Vital updates - Must Read NYSC Resumption, Documentation & Text Messages Vital updates - Must Read NYSC Resumption, Documentation & Text Messages Vital updates - Must Read NYSC Resumption, Documentation & Text Messages Vital updates - Must Read NYSC Resumption, Documentation & Text Messages Vital updates - Must Read

Portal is still open for registration and it will close by 11th of August 2020.

We still don’t have any date for camp resumption yet. However, as soon as we get any information, you will be the first to hear about it.

Stay connected on our WhatsApp group, Facebook Pages (NYSC official forum & NYSC News), Instagram, Twitter, and especially on this website. We got you covered.

If you get the text message, let us know in the comment box below the content of the message. Also, tell us if you relocated or not in the comment box below.

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  1. Thank you for the information. Pls I just need clarification on this issue I have been previously mobilize for batch a stream 1 in Oyo state. But I was on able to go due to some issue. Pls I want to no if stream 2 are printing thire call up letter will I still be in Oyo state or another. Pls help me

  2. I got ur email I relocated to Cross River but I’ve not gotten any email yet
    Thinking of going there myself

  3. Nnanta Emem Tiene

    Thanks for the information! I applied for relocation and was approved, but I’m changing my mind on the relocation. Should I still respond to the invitation for documentation or I should ignore it since I no longer want to relocate?

  4. Miss Lola you don’t reply chat on WhatsApp. Why

  5. Did anyone redeploy to Cross River

  6. I lost my relocation approved letter, what should I do?

  7. I relocated from Osun to Abuja and haven’t gotten any email or text message concerning my documentation date. Please inform on Batch A stream 1 Abuja relocated Corps members concerning the date of our documentation?

  8. I was posted to kebbi state but I want to relocate to osun state cuz I got married how do I go about it

  9. Please I need clarification too, I was relocated too since march, but it was written on relocation letter till further notice, but I am batch C stream two,(CII), does this documentation involve us too, or just batch A 2020.

  10. Miss please I need your help I have be relocated to nasarraw .but I just gave birth I was to report for my documentation on 12 August but I couldn’t because of my new born baby….what should I do

  11. I just uploaded all the necessary documents on the 15th of August I just got married, still showing being processed hope portal hasn’t closed, hope I will still receive email from them

  12. Thank you madam.

  13. When is the current documentation ending heard it will be ending this august please how true is it?

  14. Good day dear, I am a PCM waiting for a call up. Please is there a give date yet for the call up letter printing for batch a stream 2, 2020?

  15. How can one apply for relocation and be sure of getting an approval?

  16. My relocation has been approved but wen I printed it, it was written dat documentation is currently on hold,how tru is dat?

  17. please i want to be informed on any latest news on 2020 nysc as we are looking forward for reopening of camps, pls keep me updated, thanks.

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