18 Camp Quick Guides For Every Prospective Corp Members (PCMs)

This is a guide for all PCMs out there. An orientation camp can be one of the best experience in your life, and it can also be otherwise.

If you are a PCMs and you are reading this, keep reading, this will help you later at the orientation camp.

When u get your call up, print your call up letter from d Internet, and make 5 Copies or more. It’s better if its surplus than not enough. Make sure its colored printer. Read Also: NYSC Zoning – Full And Complete Guide

You will be asked to submit the original copies. Do not laminate.


Now, pay attention to the following special information. Do not say you are not told.

1. Be Fully Prepared

A Popular saying goes like this; Proper Preparation prevents Poor Performances. You have to prepare yourself, your body, soul and spirit.

Orientation camp is not a place of conveniences, you will be trained so hard that you will be able to stand every challenge you can ever come through during your service year.

Do not be scared, it’s going to be fun, yes.. Really fun. See also: Sample Of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate – See Pictures

Do not go there with a Mindset that you are going to be comfortable like you are at home. Just get that.

2. Itemize

Make sure you itemize all your Needs Using A Scale Of Preference (very important ones first):

Very Important Ones

These are the very important and mandatory ones. You cannot forget any of these. Do not say you will print when you get to camp.

Make sure they are in your box. Check it when you are leaving the park. You just cannot forget them at home.

  • Statement of Result
  • School ID card
  • Passport photographs (10 copies or more, Surplus is better than inadequacy)
  • Call-Up Letter (DO NOT laminate it please)
  • Green card (Do not laminate)
  • NYSC Medical certificate
  • A Clear Bag file (To house the above items)

Make sure they are all printed with a colored printer and do not laminate any of them. See also: 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

Important Ones (For your Convenience)

You don’t like to be stressed? I do not like to stress you too. The following items are for your conveniences.

They are not mandatory, they are just for you, and they are for your conveniences sake. If you really like to be stressed, just jump this list.

a.  A waist Purse to house all your valuable materials.

B. Two or three white T-shirts and shorts (You will be given two sets but you may not like the quality, the size and the color.)

C. Two or three pairs of socks and white rubber tennis shoes. The Fulani style white waterproof shoe might help, its rainy season.

You would be given in Camp, but trust me, you might not want to rely on that because of quality, size, and type.

D. Bathroom slippers and Dettol (Do I need to preach on this?)

E. One plastic bucket (You can buy it in the camp but it will be more expensive) and a permanent marker because some things can really disappear.

F. Sponge and its case, bath-soap and detergent (Do I need to add this?)

G. Bedspread, towel and wrapper and two pairs of casual wear (yup)

H. Mosquito Net (It’s advisable you get one. Although, there will be too many people in your hall, that Mosquitoes will die of overfeeding. You know your health and you know what you need.)

I. Small-sized Torchlight/Rechargeable lamp (small one please)

J. Your ATM card(s) as there will be POS where you can withdraw. (Charge rates by the owner of the POS)

K. Cooler cup and spoon (You can get at camp. You would even prefer #20 disposable plates)

L. Phone and charger (You need to create memories)

M. Beverages (Now some people are happy)

N. Ladies could add any other few conveniences. I believe you understand me *wink*

O. Money! Money! Money! Hold good cash please depending on how you spend

3. Go Early

Please go to where you are posted early. Even if you would go by flight, make sure you go a day before. You will be allowed into the camp.

4. Screening

The screening starts at the gate, where your loads are open and thoroughly search. They don’t want you to bring in prohibited items like iron, knives, bombs, etc.

5. Registration

The first registration will certainly be for hostel/bed space, where you’ll be given tags to identify with. Then the paper registrations proper follow.

Try as much as possible to make everything available. Look out for information posted on walls. Follow instructions strictly.

6. Your Kits

During the registration, you will get all your kits (shirts, shorts, and shoes). Use the marker to write your Code Number (CN) on them ‘sharp-sharp” You will also be given a tag that will show your CN.

That will be your ID Card temporarily. You take it everywhere in camp. You will be given a meal ticket. Misplace it and forget about NYSC food and bicycle allowance.

7. Duration

You will be at the camp for 20 full days. The 21st day is the day you will be leaving the camp. Read also: Official NYSC Orientation Camp Addresses – NYSC 2019 Batch A Stream I Must Read

8. Dressing

No Room For Casual Wears except Sundays till 2 Pm

Immediately you have your kits, only your T-shirt and shorts with the tennis shoe are allowed on you.

No room for casual wears. Parade/marching training starts immediately. The soldiers will not give you breathing space at all. You will have the first one that same Day One.

Watch Out! People could be fainting on the Parade Ground. You won’t faint, calm down… So eat well. It’s the stress that causes their fainting.

9. Morning Regimented Programme

A small trumpet wakes you at 4am. Everybody gathers at the Parade Ground (PG) at 4:30am. You have your praise, worship and prayer the Christian and Muslim ways. After the morning admonitions, by 7am, breakfast follows!

After eating, you will be called out again for the series of programme lined up for you. Then you have your lunch.

Rest a little and you are out again for evening parade.

Then later your dinner. This will repeat itself everyday perhaps except on Sunday.

10. Food

Hate The Food And Feed Yourselves At Your Costs. You may not like the food. You can always go to the Mammy Market (MM) i.e the Camp Market to fill your ‘tank’ with delicacies at your cost.

11. Stealing

Stealing is prevalently prevailing at the Camp. They can steal anything. Be wise.

12. Soldiers

Please, I beckon on you all to respect and obey them. Although they are not permitted to beat you, however, they can punish you. No walking, it’s all jogging when they call you. Don’t prostrate or kneel down greeting a soldier. Do it the soldier way. They could be friendly anyway. Always add “Sir” to every word.

13. Allowee

Your first allowance (#19, 800) will be given to you in the camp, and it will be in cash or deposited to your account. You will also get a Bicycle Allowance.

14. Photography

Photographers are going to be everywhere ready to snap you, please be prudent in spending. (Wait till last day before you collect your pictures, it would be cheap.

15. Place Of Primary Assignment

You will be posted from the camp to where you will work. The place you work in is called your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Hear this: most Corps members, I mean about 90% of the Corpers will be posted to schools (especially primary and secondary schools). Only VERY FEW will be posted to the universities, polytechnics and Colleges.

Please! Don’t lobby for your posting. Don’t pay anybody for assistance.

Pray rather than pay. Gone are the days when Corps Members are posted to Banks and Co. Receive the shocking or expected postings as you receive your letters with joy. It’s a clarion call to service; that’s what they call it.

16. Transportation Out Of Camp

When you get your Posting Letter, the first place to go to is your PPA. If you are identified with the Fellowship in camp, you may first report at the temporary lodge they will provide.

Then you could report at your PPA later same day or the following day. Please, when you leave the camp, home-sweet-home will be on your mind, having been used up in the camp. But please, don’t go home straight.

Please! Very few of your employers (i.e. PPA) will send down vehicles to convey you from the camp to their workplaces.

Private and some Government higher education institutions do.

The Fellowship too make arrangement for you at your cost. Commercial transporters will likely be available at the gate too. Be wise.

17. Accommodation At PPA

You don’t know anybody in Benue or Kogi! Where will you sleep on the first day? The Fellowship may give you a temporary accommodation pending the time you will have to get yours.

You could be lucky if your employer gives you a room. Many of them don’t give Corpers accommodation anyway.

So be prepared to rent one at your cost. Your first ‘allowee’ which you received in the camp is already going down!

18. Clearance

This is why you don’t have to go home straight. Your registration (clearance) at the NYSC Office in the Local Govt you will be posted to is important. Failure to complete it before going home is the beginning of your problem.

He may begin to have problems with his subsequent, monthly allowances. Do all registrations first.

Then you can take permission to go home. Long process! You will know why it’s so.

Well, I hope these few tips will go a long way to help you In order to ensure a seamless registration process, printing of call-up letters and so on, prospective corps members are urged to visit NYSC site frequently.

Now Your Turn

Do you have any question so far, let me know below. I am right here waiting to answer your questions.

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