How to Print NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter

How to Print NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter

How to Print NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter is always the questions of fresh Corps members after applying for the NYSC relocation

1. Log in to Nysc official website

2. Log in with your email and password

3. Go to “Manage Relocation” and click on it

4. Make a payment of #1000 and wait for it to redirect you after successful payment

5. Print your payment receipt. It’s your evidence of payment in case any unexpected issue arises latter

6. You will be redirected and now allowed to print your Nysc Relocation letter online

7. Do not forget to make copies of the letter and keep for reference

If you still have anything not clear about this topic, u can use the comment box to notify us so we can help you out with reasonable information on how to go about it.

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  1. I relocated to Abia on the 3rd day I got to camp.Based on health issues.I’ve been on treatment since then.I need to know my next move.PPA,can I get redeployed? What’s the difference between redeployment and relocation?

  2. Hello, my relocation request was approved and I was asked to get clearance letter from the state cordinator before I can print my relocation letter. What do I do?

  3. Good afternoonTo print your relocation letter you are to contact your state coordinator…pls I don’t understand this statement which State Coordinator will I contact ….thank you

  4. Ezeja Okwudili Valentine

    I did relocation and exeat from camp base on health ground. Now am yet to see my ppa latter on my dashboard. Am i supposed to make the 1000 naira payment before it’ll reflect? Or how do i go about it. Thanks.

  5. Hello. After my relocation was successful. I paid the fee for processing N1,000 as that I can print my relocation letter. But instead, my dashboard was wiped. No record of me was there and I couldn’t print my letter too. What might have go wrong? Though I’m a foreign student

  6. I applied for a relocation on line it has been approved but it says on my dash board I need a clearance from the state coordinator, before I print out. Why is mine different

  7. Pls wot if u have filled d redeployment form and u wish to collect it back showing no interest on it again is dat possible.pls help me out.

  8. I was given instant redeployment by the state director from imo to oyo but on my dashboard I was redeployed to Ekiti what can I do?can I stay in oyo state

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