Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B

Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B – Vital Action

The Covid-19 Protocol for 2020 batch A & B is a mandatory action every batch A 2020 Corps members and Batch B prospective corps members must take.

The NYSC program was halted since the pandemic broke out and since then it has been delayed for safety reasons. Now that camp is resuming on November 10th, some precautions have to be taken to assure everybody is safe and this covid-19 protocol for 2020 batch A & B is one of the safety measures put in place by the NCDC to ensure safety.

So you all have to take a vital and mandatory action which is to fill the protocol form from the link on your dashboard. [See also: 55 Things NYSC Members Should Not Leave Home Without]

Don’t be in a hurry because I will show you the form and show you the printout you will submit in camp. Then I will give you a link to login into your dashboard. No rushing!

At the end of this article, I will show you a step by step guide on how to save it on your phone as PDF and then print it later.

So read to the end. Another thing to note is that you must print this slip before the printing of Call-up letter.

Please before you rush to fill any form or do anything, kindly read the information below. Pay attention and read. Everything you are about to read is highly important. [See also: Best Guide To Locate Any NYSC Orientation Camp In Nigeria]

Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B (P)CM

All prospective Corps members/Corps members are to note the following for strict compliance during the Orientation Course:

* Prospective Corps members/Corps members are expected to go to their Dashboards and fill in the COVID-19 test self-reporting format before printing of call up letters

* Corps members are to download and print the code and slip generated, for presentation at the Orientation camps.

* All prospective corps members/corps members must adhere strictly to their assigned date of reporting to the Orientation Camps.

* No prospective Corps member(s)/Corps member(s) will be allowed into the camps if they come before their appointment date.

* Upon arrival at Camp, prospective Corps members/corps members must subject themselves to COVID-19 test.

* Prospective Corps members/Corps members must report to camp with at least two (2) washable facemasks.

* Wearing of facemasks on Camp at all times Is mandatory.

* Corps members must take responsibility of their own safety And ensure strict compliance with all COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

* All foreign trained prospective Corps members/corps members must arrive the Country two (2) weeks before the commencement of the Orientation Course.

* Frequent washing of hands at the wash hand points And use of alcohol based hand sanitizer.

* Physical distancing must be observed in all Camp activities.

* Avoid touching of face with unwashed hands.

* Number of worshippers will be regulated at the approved religious centres.

* All Corps members must attend the sensitization on Infection, Prevention And Control (IPC) of COVID-19 to be conducted in the Camps.

After this, you will see a text like this below.

“Kindly click on this link to register for COVID19 test/print your registration slip”

You can’t click it here. You have to click it right on your dashboard just below the instructions above. Make sure you click it from your own NYSC dashboard.

After clicking on the link from your dashboard, you will see this:

Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B

Then click on the CONTINUE button. Then you will see this:

Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B


After your details, here comes the form to fill. Carefully read and tick the box that corresponds with you and the questions. Some people have been asking us if they should just tick No, No, No. Please read and give an honest response.

Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B

Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B

After carefully filling the form with honest and true information, then hit the SUBMIT button.

After that, you will get a verification slip that you should print and take to camp. Remember, you have to print this slip before Call-up letter is out.

Below is a sample of the form you will print.

Covid-19 Protocol For 2020 Batch A & B

After arriving here, the next thing is to print the slip. But since most people will be doing this on their smartphone, I’m going to show you how to save it as PDF on your smartphone and print later.

Once you get to this point, click on print.


How To Print The Slip On A Smartphone As PDF

Follow these steps below to save your slip as PDF and print your slip anytime. I’m using an android smartphone and google Chrome. I haven’t tested this format of other browsers but am sure it should be pretty thesame proceedure.

STEP 1: Click the print button

STEP 2: Click on this circled triangle facing down sign

STEP 3: Click on Save as PDF


STEP 4: Click on Download PDF button

STEP 5: Select where you want to save the PDF file. In my case, I want to save it on internal memory in the documents folder. Click the folder.

STEP 6: Scroll down and click done.

Then your PDF file will download.

You can then go to the folder you selected earlier to save the file to confirm its there.

If you click it right there, you will see your verification slip.

You can then go to the cafe or anyone who have a printer to print your verification slip.

On the other hand, you can just go to the cafe straight, login to your dashboard and print it straightaway. I think I like this one. Which ever one you like or want to do, just make sure you print it before the call-up letter is out. Thats the instruction.


Now Your Turn

Firstly, please share this article so that as many people as possible can see this vital information. Secondly, If you have anything to say, just use the comment box below.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

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  1. Hi I am David, I registered with batch A stream 1 earlier this year but I didn’t report to camp for some reasons and I assumed that since I didn’t go and I didn’t apply for REVALIDATION then I will not be valid to go with the next batch which is this Batch B 2020. So I concluded I will have to wait till March.
    But I saw on my portal that I am in Batch B 2020 Please is this a mistake or I am actually going with this Batch?

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