NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-Up Letter

NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-Up Letter – Finally Out

The NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-Up letter is a letter that will contain some important information about your state of deployment. This is a letter that will tell you point-blank which state you are going for your NYSC year.

Any state you find in the letter is the place you will spend the next 12 months of your NYSC year except you are relocated. Let me use this chance to tell you that the call-up letter is not the final say because you can still apply for relocation but it’s not that easy.


NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-Up Letter Is out

This is to announce to you all that the NYSC call-up letter for Batch B stream I is coming out as some people have seen and printed their call-up letter.

There is something important you need to know before you start worrying or even panicking. The NYSC system is not yet stable. Lots of people have been seeing their call up letter only to check again and can’t find it there again.

It’s appearing and disappearing. While some are not even seeing anything at all. If you check your dashboard and you find it there, then you can print. If it disappears, don’t worry, it will come back.

If you are not seeing anything, for now, chill and wait till 7th which is the official date of the call-up letter release. You don’t need to worry yourself, you don’t need to panic. The NYSC system is not that stable for now.

You can click the button below to use the fast login to check your NYSC dashboard.


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You can CLICK HERE to read helpful articles that will give you a better understanding of how to relocate in case you want to.

This is to announce to you all that the NYSC management has officially announced the NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-up letter printing date. A lot of people have been asking the question of when will the call-up letter be out and the management has answered the question.

NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-Up Letter

According to the official announcement, the NYSC 2020 Batch B stream Ia Call-up letter with be out by 7th November. See screenshot below:

NYSC 2020 Batch B Call-Up Letter

Below are helpful articles.

Below are helpful camp articles.

You should all remember that NYSC 2020 batch B stream Ia orientation camp is still on the 10th of November 2020. A lot of people have been asking if camp will still hold in the midst of all these curfew and unrest. You should all know that for now, nothing has changed and if anything will change, you will be the first to hear about it.

Now Your Turn

Where will you like to serve and why? Comment below and let’s read from you. Also, do you think it’s wise for the orientation camp to still hold during all this unrest in Nigeria at the moment? Comment your view below.

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  1. Please Lola you mentioned camp date to be 28th of November and not 10th. I would love to know if it was postponed. Thank you for you assistance so far.

  2. Commence 10th or 28th cause am seeing 28th on the article

  3. Are we going to redo any of our documents like medical fitness

  4. Please my dashboard is still showing me that am not in that stream that they will notify me when to print my call up letter.i was suppose to go with Batch A stream 2 what’s happening?

  5. Hello. 10th was said to be the camp resumption. But on our call up later there are different date to report.. Are we to report to camp on the date on our call up letter?

  6. Hello Lola, my medical fitness test of March is still with me, I was meant to go with Batch A stream 1 but I was not mobilized with them. Hopefully my call up letter should be out with this batch. Can I still use the same medical fitness report of March?

  7. Lola when is nysc doing another registration for another batch?

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