Domicile Letter - Everything You Must Know

Domicile Letter – Everything You Must Know

A domicile letter for NYSC is a piece of documents all married female Corpers must submit to make NYSC management post them around their husband. Let me try to make the definition more simple.

A domicile letter for NYSC is a letter from your local Governments that clearly certifies and confirms your residential address. Before I answer your question about sample of husband letter of domicile, sample of domicile letter, how to write a letter of Domicile for NYSC and every question relating to Domicile letter for NYSC, let me tell you the relation of a domicile letter to NYSC. See also: NYSC Portal Relocation And Redeployment – Best Easy Guide

NYSC And Domicile Letter

The National Youth Service Corps management understand that whatever God has joined together, let no one put asunder and NYSC really respect the fact that a female Married Corper needs to stay close to their husband.

So the management will ask them to upload a domicile letter for NYSC as a confirmation of their husband residential address. This will then enable NYSC management to deploy them very close to their husband.

How To Get A Letter Domicile For NYSC

Getting this letter for NYSC is simple and am going to show you the procedure. What you will do is go to the local government very close to your husband residential address and tell them you need this letter for your husband.

You and your husband should go together because there is some information they will need to give the letter.

The information varies from local government, so you can go to a close one and ask for the requirement for a domicile letter. See also: How To Apply For NYSC Relocation Online

More Tips You Need

Here are tips that will help you get the best out of this letter for NYSC.

  •  Do not forge a Domicile letter because the verification is easy for NYSC. It’s not even good to submit a fake document in any case.
  • Take your husband along if it is possible. This is for fast and easy processing.
  • Get the letter from a local Government close to you because that local government area is where NYSC will deploy you to.
  • Upload the letter of domicile during NYSC registration and take it also along to camp. Just in case.
  • Use correct information for acquiring the letter.
  • Am sure you now have all the information you need about domicile letter for NYSC, if you have any other questions, just let me know below.

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  1. Thank you so much for this helpful and useful write up. You are really life saver. Thanks for this.

  2. Thanks so much . please can I get a sample of the letter just to have an idea of how it looks like.

  3. Do I need to take it along to Camp?

  4. When I did my own, my husband got it in a local government close to our house and I got posted to a school down my street. Just make sure the local govt is very close because that’s where you will be posted.

  5. Will the Local Govt ask us for money or is there a particular fee for it?

  6. Apart the domicile letter, is there any requirement one needs? I mean as a married corper.

  7. Gud morning, you are doing a great Job thanks for your help.
    I have a question to ask, I’m married, my statement of results is showing my formal name. I have done my change of name though,
    If I’m doing my registration, and upload my marriage certificate which of course has a different name with the one in my statement of results. Will it be accepted?

  8. good afternoon thanks so much for this wonderful information sis…. I was told that dey will need a call up number at d local government for the domicile letter, Is dat so?

  9. Good evening pls can declaration of marriage in place of marriage certificate

  10. Please is it possible to see a copy of the domicile letter

  11. Onyeananam chibuzo

    Can I get a domicile letter from my husband’s working place?

  12. Good day ma
    I uploaded every other document except a domicile letter.
    Please what is the implication?
    Will I be posted to another state aside the one my husband resides?

  13. I went to the nysc secretariat and they told me all I need for the domicile letter is a letter written by the company my husband works with their letterhead paper. And I’m seeing something different here. Pls guide me accordingly. Thanks

  14. Ma, I uploaded all the documents execpt domicile letter please what is the implication ma

  15. Pls my husband is a France base. What am going to do if I wnt to request for redeployment

  16. I don’t want to change my name and also I was asked to pay 2500 for the domicile letter.. Any issues?

  17. Good day,I was told to get the domicile letter from my husband work place using the letter headed paper of the work place.

  18. Good day,I went to the NYSC secretariat and I was told to get the domicile letter from my husband work place using the letter headed paper of the work place.

  19. Odukoya Rashidat

    Hi Lola princess, I have some questions please
    1 is a church or mosque marriage certificate accepted in Nysc and am I to upload during registration?
    2 is it possible to register as a married woman and still go to camp because I heard a married woman will only be posted to place of primary assignment without camp?

  20. Olaoluwa Mary aduragbemi

    Doing the process,is NEPA bill needed to prove prior to the address no

  21. Thanks for all the information, pls I registered as single when nysc open portal, it was after the registration that I got married. Pls what can I do so that nysc will post me to whr my husband is.
    I now have my marraige certificate, newspaper publication, affidavit of change of name. How will I go about it for Nysc to post me to my husband place

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