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  1. What about those that school outside Nigeria, do we still need to do the jamb regularization.

  2. I really want to appreciate you Lola for this easy step and step guide. This really saved me of stress as I have done my regularization completely following the steps above.

    Thank you so much

  3. This #10,000 is too much ó. Just for regularization only. When it’s not that I want to register for another jamb

  4. Dear namesake, I love you so much for saving me some stress with this guide. God bless nyscnews.com

  5. Am just so addicted to this site for the quality information and helpful articles. Thanks so much and am so greatful

  6. I am the lazy type, so I will just walk to a jamb office jàre. Thanks Lola

  7. You just answered all my questions with this article. God bless you

  8. Thanks for this wonderful article. I am an HND graduate, i got admission from JAMB. But the news is just everywhere here that everyone has to regularize their admissions. My question is DO HND GRADUATES WHO GOT ADMISSION FORM JAMB DURING THEIR OND(ND) ALSO NEED TO REGULARIZE THEIR ADMISSIONS?

    Thanks, hoping to hear from you

  9. How long does it take jamb to process and bring out the pin ?

  10. Hello, I have done the jamb regularization, I have submitted this form to the school twice yet no admission given yet. I went to the nearest jamb office they told me probably the school did not bring it or it was omitted so I was directed back to school to go and resubmit. Though there is a mistake on my name a single letter is added, have thinking if that could be the reason have not been given admission. What can I do MA, how can this be rectify

    • Your school is in the best position to help you. You should tell them about the additional letter in the name. Your school will fix it for you. You just have to let them know about stress, how jamb directed you school and the mistake in the name

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