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  1. What about those that school outside Nigeria, do we still need to do the jamb regularization.

  2. I really want to appreciate you Lola for this easy step and step guide. This really saved me of stress as I have done my regularization completely following the steps above.

    Thank you so much

  3. This #10,000 is too much ó. Just for regularization only. When it’s not that I want to register for another jamb

  4. Dear namesake, I love you so much for saving me some stress with this guide. God bless nyscnews.com

  5. Am just so addicted to this site for the quality information and helpful articles. Thanks so much and am so greatful

  6. I am the lazy type, so I will just walk to a jamb office jàre. Thanks Lola

  7. You just answered all my questions with this article. God bless you

  8. Thanks for this wonderful article. I am an HND graduate, i got admission from JAMB. But the news is just everywhere here that everyone has to regularize their admissions. My question is DO HND GRADUATES WHO GOT ADMISSION FORM JAMB DURING THEIR OND(ND) ALSO NEED TO REGULARIZE THEIR ADMISSIONS?

    Thanks, hoping to hear from you

  9. How long does it take jamb to process and bring out the pin ?

  10. Hello, I have done the jamb regularization, I have submitted this form to the school twice yet no admission given yet. I went to the nearest jamb office they told me probably the school did not bring it or it was omitted so I was directed back to school to go and resubmit. Though there is a mistake on my name a single letter is added, have thinking if that could be the reason have not been given admission. What can I do MA, how can this be rectify

    • Your school is in the best position to help you. You should tell them about the additional letter in the name. Your school will fix it for you. You just have to let them know about stress, how jamb directed you school and the mistake in the name

  11. good day. I have done the jamb regularization and everything for the past 3weeks now and submitted it to my institution but i haven’t gotten any notification in my email from the jamb yet.
    I don’t know what could be the cause of the delay.

  12. Please what about us that were given admission by our school during ND and going to another school for HND. Can we also follow those steps

  13. Is jamb regularization for people who already have jamb registration number difference from people who do not have jamb registration number? In terms of prices?

  14. I submitted my jamb regularization to jamb since December 2018 , till now no approval notification, I went and complain in their office on numerous occasions and they said I should be patient, am tire of waiting, can I do a new one

  15. The date of birth in my jamb regularization is 15th July 1994 and the date of birth in my waec, school and bvn is 16th July 1994, the difference is just the “day” 15th and 16th, the month and year are the same, will it affect anything during nysc registration?

  16. Hello ma’am I did my jamb regularization on February this year and I have submitted the printout to my school but since them they haven’t send my pin for me and I want to leave for service by June…
    They say they will send but when I’m so disturb ma.

  17. Good day mma, please I did my jamb regularisation since January till date my pin as not drop.
    Though there was mistake in my matriculation number. My matri number is 21182 but the person that registered me make a mistake by typing 21281.
    So therefore, I want to asked if there a way for express so my pin can drop so I can go for service next month.

  18. Is there any thing that i can do, i made a correction for date of birth on jamb meanwhile i use yahoo mail, i couldn’t get a message, i proceed with my normal details in school to submit my premobilization since then i haven’t seen my name on nysc list, i went to my school to complain and i was told that they have uploaded my name to nysc batch B, someone told me that jamb have sent my details to nysc and my school have also sent my name to nysc of which the details contracdict each other. What can i do to resolve the issue

  19. pls dear sorry if I may ask u this, i have a little issue bothering me,if I did my jamb regularization this month being 12th august 2019 will I still go for service on November this year.and how long dose it take for jamb to mobilize u

  20. Oluwatobiloba Fawole

    Good day, please if you’ve experienced this before kindly help out with how you did it. In 2010 when I was registering for WAEC, my principal shortened my name from Oluwatobiloba to Olutobi because on the registration form it was stated that names must not be more than 20 words. When registering for jamb, I did it by proxy submitted my credentials for the Cafe personnel, he used the name on my waec print out result for registering me for jamb.
    long story short, I was offered admission in another institution not by Jamb, then I did jamb regularization in 2018, when filling the regularization form I stated Oluwatobiloba but i used the my previous jamb registration number, when the admission letter came out it was Olutobi that came out not Oluwatobiloba.
    I’ve done affidavit to support, but I will be going for NYSC and I’ll be using my Jamb Registration number during NySC registration.
    is the name not going to be a problem when registering for Nysc? my surname and middle name are not affected .

    • The name your school uploaded on the senate list is what matters. And even if the error still show up during NYSC registration, there is a easy provision to correct it.

      • Hi, pls I need help have done my jamb regularization and have submitted the form they printed for me during d registration to the school where I did my OND bcox am in another school for my HND, so av gotten d approval msg frm the jamb buh the main issue now is on my jamb profile the name on it is Ayeni Ife Desola
        Instead of Ayeni Desola ife just d misarrangements hope this won’t affect my NYSC mobilization

  21. I switched departments but on the jamb matriculation list it’s still showing my former department. What do I do ???

  22. Has a direct entry students which i bought direct entry form from jamb n I have jamb registration number , do i need to pay for anything again in jamb to proceed for nysc?

  23. Hi blogger, i got admission through Direct Entry, and i have been given a Jamb number when i registered the Direct Entry, how do i sought myself out of these please?

  24. Thank you so much Lola… This article is for me oooo
    Please how long does this process take? Because I’ve been so worried, I was wondering if it was going to affect the timing for the Batch C mobilization cause i really want to go for service ASAP.

  25. Hello Lola, I checked my name on the jamb matriculation portal and was given an admission letter in Civil Engineering, but I changed my course in school to mechanical engineering, I have a school change of course document, please would this attract any problems towards mobilization for batch c?

  26. pls since July 8, i have not received the Regularization approval notification,what is going on… should i still have hope for the upcoming batch c mobilization?

  27. Hello jamb gave me admission to physics education but my school later screened me into microbiology , I am done with studies now.
    My jamb admission portal and matriculation list still says physics education ..what should I do

  28. Please how do I verify my jamb registration?

  29. Lola please help me. I have a jamb registration number and jamb admission letter but tHe jamb Matriculation list site keeps saying that I was not given admission

  30. Lola does a foreign trained graduate need to do jamb regularization because we didn’t use jamb to enter university

  31. I actually registered for a direct entry with my HND certificate. I choose ‘other diploma’ as an easy option to get registered since I wasn’t offered admission by jamb. I successfully registered for the direct entry and received a jamb registration number. I had already served the nation (nysc). My question is will this affect my chances of gaining admission?

  32. Please I’m yet to get my jamb regularization number and it’s over two months please how do I go about it?

  33. Hello, my own situation is that jamb gave me a different course from the one the institution gave me so I did regularization for change of course about a week ago, now the problem is, NYSC registration is starting and I don’t know whether to go ahead and register while my regularization is not yet processed

  34. Pls i am 30 years now,if i apply for jamb regularization will i still be mobilise by nysc

  35. Greetings lola, i graduated last yr and am 30 yrs now,i have jamb reg but my status was saying no admission offered by jamb,if i do jamb regularization will i be mobilise by nysc as regard to my age if no please what should i do

  36. damkas Pannan luka

    Hello ma, jamb gave me admission and I have confirm it.this is the reason why I did not do the regularisation. The confusion now is that my record is not found. What could be the cause?

  37. Ukawuike Jacinta Ijeoma

    Good morning Lola, plz how do I apply for my exemption certificate online in NYSC portal

  38. Is it possible for someone to do regularization twice? Or how can one correct ones middle name if forgotten to correct it in the first regularization

  39. Hi Lola, I’m not sure if I got admission through predegree or jamb because I passed both. How do I know if I need regularization. Thank you.

  40. Akinpelu Bolanle khareemat

    Hello lola, pls I did jamb regularization since July 2019 and jamb didn’t send jamb registration to me and my school have submitted the indemnity form to jamb!!! That’s the reason why I didn’t go with Batch c 2019!!! Any hope for me for this coming batch!!!

  41. hi Lola. i paid my school for the regularization. i checked my status just yesterday after confirming that others have received their Registration No and congratulatory message in their mail. my status was N/A. i called the school and informed them.
    just this morning, i realized they didnt submit my application, after the transactions had been done.
    can it still be submitted? can i still be mobilized with this ongoing set? what else can i do?

  42. Pls is it possible to do change of birth after regularization without using NYSC option.

  43. pls I did my jamb regularization on d 4th of dis month but later discovered DAT my name arrangement in my ond n waec result is Edore eseh faith but my jamb bear Edore faith eseh. do I still have a chance of changing d arrangement?? and I have a friend she did her ond at federal poly nekede n her HND at delta state poly ozoro which of d school will see put during her regularization.

  44. Olajide Oluwatosin

    This is Oluwatosin, please I need your help, I noticed the name on my jamb admission letter was not arrange well , my first name was input as my surname and the name on graduating list is well arrange, please can this affect my NYSC? becauseci have obtained mobilization form…

  45. Can i do regularization twice? Cuz there are some errors in my JAMB info. after regularization. Thanks

  46. Pls I have paid forarangement of name in jamb regularization but it have not being change yet

  47. Pls someone checked my admission status and discovered that I was given admission by jamb and I have done my jamb regularization n submitted to my institution. Should I go ahead and print my admission letter and submit to my school or wait for jamb pin I need advice pls

  48. Shuaibu Ribadu

    Hi, I did my jamb regularization in February and reason for the regularization is that my score was below cutoff because i wrote jamb in 2016. So I used that registration number. I used three names when I wrote my jamb. But when am doing the regularization they made a mistake and wrote two names only. I complained to the jamb staff and he told when the admission is giving I will go back for correction of name and put the name that I didn’t put. Another man told me that since I used three names when I was writing the jamb my admission will contain three names that is not a problem.
    Is a little bit confused and am scared plsss can someone help me and explain my problem for me plsss. Because am scared maybe it will resulted to dig problem for me or should I wait and see what will happen maybe since I used three names when I was writing the jamb so when the admission is out it will contain three names
    Maybe it will affect my life😭 please help me and answer my question

  49. Pls Lola, during my jamb regularization I did mistake in my year of graduation instead of 2017 I put 2016…pls hope it won’t affect me

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