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Man Beats His Wife To Death And Stuffed Her Body In A Box

Man Beats His Wife To Death And Stuffed Her Body In A Box – Graphic Photos

By Ada Nma

This is not a film tricks, not one of the scenes acted in Nollywood movies. In a real-life situation, she was beaten to death by her husband, who stuffed her body in this box and was caught on his way to depose her.

Now listen, I have been married before. Blessed with two adorable children, something that was supposed to be a very happy marriage, going by the way it started. Got so soured to even bear with. That’s by the way.

One thing I realised in those times was that your family will never ask you to leave, though you decide to leave, they will not support you in your decision. And when you summon the courage to even finally leave, don’t expect to count on their support. Only a few kind-hearted and understanding ones would extend a helping hand towards you and your children. Others would claim, “were you not the one who decided to leave? Carry your responsibility naw”.

The truth is, these things shouldn’t bother you. Don’t even give thoughts to such, think beyond every form of human help. Perceive yourself as a Conqueror, and visualise yourself being alive in the future with your children. It is more important than answering a WIFE whose life could predictably end up in this way. Thereby forcefully abandoning your children for another wife that will replace you within 1yr or in the hands of well-wishers.

This gory images are that of a woman who refused to walk away when she had the chance to. Apparently she doesn’t want to be called a single mom, a divorcee or a woman who can not stay under a man. So, ya na nwoke ahu ga n’emeju ihe afo, so that she will continue to answer his wife.

Does it really worth it?

I mean looking at these pictures, would you still encourage couples who have fallen out of love to continue managing? Love spells everything in a relationship, but the absence of love breeds things like this. Either the woman stabs/poison the man or the man beats her to death.

Just hold it there, don’t preach to me couples have issues, it’s normal. I know very well they sometimes do, and I also know that if it’s an act done mistakenly, no man who truly still love his wife, would squeeze her in this manner with her pregnancy, and try to throw her away with his own baby. This is wickedness, this is an act borne out of prolonged HATRED.

Take a walk out of that abusive relationship, give yourselves time to breathe, heal and see if planning a comeback will make things right again.

What you don’t know is that, If you keep forcefully get stock there, your kids get spoilt. You spend your whole time quarrelling, fighting, depressed, planning a counter-attack and you’ll never have the time to teach your children right from wrong, no time to show them love or tell them how much you love them. Nor teach them how to love. I mean, can you give what you don’t have?

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