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NYSC 2019 Batch B Correction of All Errors – SOLVED Officially

This is to announce to NYSC 2019 batch B prospective Corp members that they can apply for the correction of whatsoever errors or mistakes in their profile right on the dashboard. See also: Best Ways Avoid Hard-To-Rectify Mistakes During NYSC Registration

The NYSC management announced this to make it easy for PCM to make corrections. Either your name contains an error or it’s not correct, or your class of degree, course of study and date of birth have a mistake, you can easily make corrections easily right on your dashboard. Read also: NYSC 2019 Batch B News UPDATES – NYSC Registration Portal Is Open


Read the official message below:


2019 Batch “B” PCMs are to make use of the links on their dashboard appropriately during Online Registration.

  1. Name Correction
    i. Spelling Error
    ii. Name Re-arrangement
    iii. Name Replacement
    iv. Name Addition
    v. Name Removal
  2. Correction of Date of Birth.
  3. Correction of Qualification.
  4. Correction of Class of Degree.
  5. Correction of Course of Study.

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  1. Good morning ND happy new month. I tried to reg during batch A even when av not been mobilized or see my name on Senate list does that mean I have created an account? Cos a msg was sent to my mail asking me to click to continue my reg ND now that I click on d link it came out as invalid batch. I want to be careful not to create an account twice since it a sound warning not to. Thanks
    AND when I click login it shows invalid email/ password

  2. Chukwu Beatrice

    My name is chukwu Beatrice please I want to know why Ebonyi state University Senate list has not been uploaded

  3. Plz, how can I correct my year of graduation. Due to the wrong year of graduation,i was scheduled for exemption letter in batch a,which was later sent but I didn’t acknowledged it because of the wrong year of graduation. My name is still in the nysc portal. I want to be mobilized with this batch b, how do I correct the year of graduation from July 2018 to April 2010.
    Do assist, this is a big dilemma to me.

  4. Good morning, Please what does it mean when you see your name on the list and you went for registration is says that your school has not provided valid documents for your registration, batch b this morning

  5. Good moening, ao this morning i tried revalidating, but it only brought out states of deployment, i aubmitted anx it said awaiting call up no….but it didnt require me to pay money like the 3k plus we r asked to pay if we want to get our call up no sent to our enail again, so i am confused

  6. my name is on the approved Nysc list in school but not on the Senate list. not only my name but the who graduate is not on the senate list. Federal polytechnic Bida.

  7. Having problem making payment, please is it a general problem

  8. I good morning Lola
    I’ve done my registration but i want to make rearrangement of my name it was an error made by my institute I mde my compliment which they didn’t correct it…how can I do it

  9. hi, am having a problem with my Date of birth through jamb. and now, nysc is using the same date of birth. pls, how can I correct this pls.

  10. hi, am having a problem with my Date of birth through jamb. and now, nysc is using the same date of birth outside what I filled during mobilization. pls, how can I correct this pls.

  11. I made my my registration today but was unable to pay online.
    Secondly the institution omitted my other name while uploading my details for senate’s approval and my statement of result bears my surname, middle and other name. I have also applied for additional of name while I was registraring
    I hope it will reflect so as my normal three names could appear as it is on my statement of result.
    And if it doesn’t reflect,what can I do so as they won’t say am impersonating someone else???

  12. I clicked revalidation but I can’t log in. Though I did not do my thumbprint in the previous batch, all I did was just to create an account and that’s all. What should I do?

  13. I registered with my yahoo mail to create an account and haven’t gotten a link up till now. Pls what should I do

  14. Hi princess so i have a problem i want to work my deployment but my name is spelt wrongly and I’ve requested for a change of name already..

    The question is;
    when I’m sending my name to the person that wants to work it, do i send the actual correct name or i send the name as it appears on the nysc portal.?

    • Be careful with working. A true person that will work it for you only need your call-Up number. And if the person need your name, explain to the person and let him or her tell you the name to send.

  15. during registration I found out that my state of origin was wrong. how can this be fixed?

  16. Nnabugo juliet onyinyechi

    gud afternoon..I jux register for my NYSC for batch B yesterday.but there was a mistake in my month of birth instead of July I saw September dia..I ask the cafeman to change it,he said he can’t change it..and also it does not matter… am jux worried pls help me out….pls reply me tanks

  17. My middle name was omitted. I tried correcting it through the online reg but made a mistake. Pls how else can I correct it.

  18. Hi princess, good evening , my sch made a mistake with my surname, instead of Aderelu it was Aderele, but ve registered successfully, and have applied for correction of name on the dashboard, and ve also sworn an affidavit, my question is how long does it takes for the name to reflect and can I be registered in camp with the Affidavit? Please reply me

  19. Nnabugo juliet

    pls wat will I do now..I went yesterday to the cafe he went to the dashboard but unable to change my month of birth….pls advise me..wat will I do now????

  20. I made a mistake of uploading the front page of a different ECOWAS passport (which has different passport number from the initial passport number I wrote). I’ve made the correction by uploading the one I used in school that has my residence permit. But I received a message from NYSC that I should upload my own residence permit. How can I resolve this?

  21. Benue


  22. Hi Lola, the year on my waec certificate is 1995 the mistake was from my school while d year on jamb is 1994 which is my real date of birth. Hope it won’t affect me in camp. Thanks.

  23. Hi, the year on my waec certificate is 1995 the mistake was from my sec school while on jamb it is 1994 which is my real date of birth. Hope it won’t affect me in camp. Thanks

  24. Please I have corrected my name on dashboard and has gone to school for corrections too. But but it has not been reflected and camp is tomorrow. Can I still go to camp?

  25. Hello Princess, so I just got a call from someone that helped me pick up my statement of result that the name arrangement on the result is wrong and camp is next tomorrow, I don’t know what to do right now. I’m so confused kindly help me out here. You can call me with this line please 07067843209

  26. What about a mistake in the graduation date?

  27. What about a mistake in the graduating date?

  28. Good afternoon,I filled in the wrong year of graduation during registration instead of 2020 I wrote 2020,pls how do I make corrections

  29. Asinaba favour

    Pls i filled in wrong year of graduation wat do i do

  30. I used 2019 instead of 2021 as my graduation year during Nysc online registration , pls will there be disparity on my call up letter since my graduation year on the senate list says 2021? And my cert carries 2021? Pls help

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