NYSC 2019 Batch B questions

NYSC 2019 Batch B Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less

You are welcome here dear NYSC 2019 batch B prospective Corps Members. I am going to be your NYSC Google assistance for a while. All you have to do is ask all your pressing questions and I will try my best to provide an accurate answer with lightning speed. See also: NYSC 2019 Batch B News UPDATES – OFFICIAL Timetable is Out

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  1. did National Open University Started participating for this batch B service?

  2. Please what can I do to change my date of birth from JAMB?

  3. my question is is there any solution for my brother he applied since last year during d course or registration for jamb he made mistake with d aged and dey serve him exemption letter bcoz of dat age mistake he made is dia any solution or anything to do to enable him go for service?

    • If it’s a mistake in the age, tell him to visit any close NYSC secretariat and tell them in details. They will direct him on how to fix it.

    • Morning maa,am a marriage woman must I write that domicile letter? My husband reside in abuja and all the local government are not close to us..if I didnt write is there any problem?

      • If you don’t write it, NYSC will not be able to confirm your husband residential address and they might post you far. It’s better you get it Ma. There have to be a close local govt

      • I lost my ND result on transit. Though I have a photocopy of the result, I have sworn affidavit in high court and have also gotten police report. Can I go to camp?

  4. Benjamin benson

    Is their going to be batcb b stream 2,

  5. Ifediora Ifunanya

    Please I want to ask, what about batch B stream 11 mobilzation/orientation? I have planed for orientation towards July. Please help

  6. I’m a foreign student and I’m quite confused about the process and the different streams. If I want to join the second stream for Batch B, do I need to register now?

  7. Enyi Cynthia chinasa

    Good evening
    Pls my name in jamb matriculation is ENYI CHINASA CYNTHIA but in the senate list and probably in my certificate too it is ENYI CYNTHIA CHINASA.
    Pls will the different formats of the name affect me
    If yes , pls what should I do about it?
    Thank you

  8. I was among d pcm batch A, but unfortunately I couldn’t register because it was saying my jamb reg is incorrect and dat I could contact my institution. I did and I was ask to wait 4 batch B. But now d question is, is d correction possible?

  9. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    How will I go about the registration, I want to serve in the state where my husband is, what do I do?

  10. obiora ozoemena

    What is the official date of this batch B because I saw something like “unofficial nysc time table”.Which one is official please,20th or what ?

    When will Batch B mobilization start?

  11. Anastasia Bridget

    I don’t know how to go about revalidation.

  12. Is there any implication for redeployment?

  13. The date of the orientation camp is not included in the timetable. When is it?.

  14. Mustapha Yahaya

    An admission was given to me by JAMB in a Polytechnic but a different university gave me an admission which I finished from. Is there any problem of not having a JAMB admission letter for the institution I finished from?

  15. Please am planning of doing my domicile any time soon in the LGA where my husband reside but my fear is that what if they post me to a town that is far from my husband resident but the same LGA because there are some towns or villages that one have to board a bus to reach though is within that LGA..do I have to specify the closest town or villages to my resident in my domicile?

  16. Dabira Oluwawande

    I am a foreign student I registered with Batch A but I couldn’t go because on my dashboard I kept on seeing you’ve not been validated yet please upload necessary documents even after uploading everything. What do I do? I don’t want to miss this again

  17. is there any penalty for someone who is yet to upload his/her result cuz he used awaiting result?

  18. the filling and submitting of nysc mobilization form, is it compulsory to do it if your not sure about going for batch B

  19. Good morning ma, to register for NYSC, is it compulsory to use either statement of result or original certificate? if it is compulsory, what will I do? because the institution I finished from the statement of result is not even ready and registration will soon commence. please any remedial solution concerning this issue?

    • If that same school mobilized you, they will get your statement if result ready. It is compulsory and without your statement of result, you won’t enter camp. Let’s just hope your school will release it.

  20. good morning. please does D.O.B in WAEC can in anyway affect the NYSC stuf? thanks

  21. Pls am revalidating wit this batch.. Do I need to re-do a biometric verification? ?

  22. Pls my in bank bvn is Micheal ty oguntola while in certificate name too is Micheal oguntola can it affect?

  23. How is a domicile written? Guide pls

  24. Pls when will the 2018Batch B p.o.p be because on the 4th July they will still be in camp

  25. Pls will there be another online registration for batch B stream 2

    • That is kind of rare. The only exemption will be if the number of Corps members for stream II is not enough with is really hard. On a normal case, you have only got one shot for both streams. If you don’t register now, thats next batch.

  26. Will my name appear in this 2nd batch list? Having appeared in my school’s senate batch A list, but I couldn’t register due to jamb regularization issues. I had to rectify the issue, and submit my details back in school..
    So am asking whether I should be expecting my name in this batch B or still check the batch A?

  27. I’m a foreign student, please how do I get posted to Lagos or Ogun State. I’m based in Lagos but would not like to go anywhere far. How I improve my chances of getting posted to Lagos or Ogun State?

  28. I did my BSC as a foreign part time student, will I be exempted from serving?

  29. Good morning, pls doe NYSC consider people with sickness like ulcer before posting them to camp for 3 weeks

    • Not really because Ulcer is not a big issue as long as you follow the rules of food to eat and the ones to avoid. But if the ulcer is the extreme type, get a medical statement to prove it and you will be posted to a city where you will have access to goo medical facilities. You can even redeploy if its extreme and have a medical backup

  30. Please my name on my statement of result and jamb is the same but my name on my bank details is different i have my change of name and newspaper publication when can I effect the change of name on nysc, is it during or after registration?

  31. Emmanuel Mathew

    Good morning, I’m by name Emmanuel Mathew from Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru, I apply for BATCH A, and my name was uploaded in the Senate List for BATCH A but unfortunately i was trying to register but having issues of No Available Slot. My question is did i need my school to still upload the Senate list so my name can be there or what will i do?

  32. Hello,
    I want to be sure how I can do my registration without making mistakes, especially with uploading of necessary documents. I was a foreign student but I lost my passport before I finished there but I have a police report on it, I also have a scanned copy of my passport front page…. But i am not still sure how to upload my documents when the time comes. Thank you

  33. I have Aniamaka faith on all my certificates. WAEC, O. N. D and H. N. D but i have Aniamaka faith Ewele which is my native name on my Jamb Admission Letter. Will that pose as an issue?

  34. i was mobilzed in 2018 batch A, and I’m yet to register. can i register with this 2019batch B?

  35. Okay thanks, I also want to know if my details from jamb can affect me. My name from jamb z Adebo funmi o. But the one from my school z Adebo funmi omolara. Pls is this a problem?

  36. Will there be 2019 batch C?

  37. Please when will I make correction on date of birth on my jamb regulization
    And also how can I change my surname to my husband surname

  38. I was mobilized for batch A by my school, but I was unable to register because of jamb regularization. Now it has been rectified, what do I do?
    Do I need to inform them or should I just wait for the registration

    • Just wait till registration start. You will just revalidate and you are automatically with batch B

      • I tried checking my name on the nysc portal just now but it’s telling me no record found
        Should I just wait until registration starts

      • Lola, good morning. Please, my name was among the Senate list my institution published for nysc batch A 2019.After my registration, I found out there was a mistake in the year of graduation which led to nysc forwarding exemption letter instead of mobilising me. I complained to my school, they gave a procedure to follow; which I did to effect the correction. I was told that my name will be in the school senate list for batch b. I checked my name in the Senate list of my school at the nysc portal yesterday ,my name was there but it still has the wrong year of graduation. My institution is UNN. And I know if this is the school’s list for batch b or the previous batch. What do I do?

        • You will still have to visit your school so that the last mistake they made don’t affect you again this time. Go to school or call the DSA and let them know the error is still there.

  39. @Lola, I’m a foreign trained graduate, there’s an error with my D.O.B printed on my original WAEC result. Hope it won’t affect my NYSC registration? And what can I do to resolve this? Thanks.

  40. Gained admission in 2014 using awaiting result ( waec/neco result)when he wrote jamb 2014 but is yet to input the result till now. is there any implication or something he has to do?

  41. Good evening! My name appeared in batch A but I did not register because I was processing my JAMB regularization. Now that I have completed the regularization and gotten a new JAMB range number, how can I register since the jamb range number uploaded to NYSC site by my institution is no longer what I will use?

  42. Hi, is there a way I can avoid doing the 3 weeks of camp, I heard some people avoid it if they have health issues.

  43. Gud p.m . Pls do I have d option of choosing which stream I will go with during registration. I plan going with stream 2 nd not 1

  44. Hello
    I was a foreign student and I have a valid passport but I was unable to do my resident permit due to some unexplainable issues …. Will Nysc registration not be affected , Because I heard resident permit is necessary while uploading documents as foreign graduate ?

  45. Wrong jamb nunber was uploaded for me during batch A mobilization I was unable to register I went back to DSA of my school to report I was asked to wait till second I called my school last week they said the issue has been forwarded to Nysc abuja pls how long would it take them to rectify this I DONT want to miss this batch

  46. my name that appeared in d Senate list is Omife Jennifer ifeoma but what I have in my married cert is Omife Eucharia Ifeoma though I have done change of name …will it affect me?

  47. Good morning, pls is it school DsA that can correct wrong jamb number uploaded or Nysc abuja? Bcos my school said the issue have been forwarded to Nysc abuja pls how long would it take them to rectify this

    • They are the only shot we have, so we have to wait till the correction take effect. Wait till they upload the names and see if the error is still there. If it is, you will have to inform your school.

  48. Good morning. Pls there is a mistake with my age during d jamb reg but I leave it,thinking dat it will not affect I finished since 2017 but my age Dan is 29.I did my clearance early dis year.BT I did not c my name in batch A.wat can I do.or if it is exemption at did I need to do.

  49. Aliyu Abdulhafeez

    Hi, is it compulsory for you to present your school ID card in camp and incase I don’t have ID card will my admission letter be acceptable in place of the ID card?

  50. Will there be Senate List For Batch B Stream 2? Or Till Batch C

  51. how would nysc know someone is above 30? cus I used neco for admission and DOB was not written on it.

  52. One senate list, What names would be on the stream 2 then is it the scheduled senate list of stream one and remaining names that would appear on stream 2

  53. Aliyu Abdulhafeez

    Hi, please i want to know if I can present my admission letter in place of my ID card in camp, I misplaced my school ID card

  54. Ezeh Nwanneka blessing

    I was mobilised to follow batch A but I was unable to register due to jamb regularisation issue. After doing the regularisation, I was congratulated that my name is now on the jamb matriculation list.
    Then I checked the Senate list today and the status says my jamb number is incorrect. please what should I do

  55. how do nysc know that one is above 30?

  56. I have a waec result, science but my course in the university is a social science course. So can I serve with it?

  57. If my school do not meet up with 25th deadline to submit Senate list, does this mean that we can’t register for batch B stream 1 and 2?

  58. Hello,
    please how much is Yobe state government paying pharmacist and doctor coppers aside the regular allawee

  59. Amaefule Tochukwu

    Please I tried checking the senate list but the option for year of birth won’t click

  60. I graduated 2016 at the age of 30yrs and my result was approved 2017 but in my jamb ,I used 1989 instead of 1986,going with my jamb I graduated at the age of 28.which age will nysc use the one on my jamb or I used in entering school.

  61. good evening,pls I had issues during my clearance in school and I was unable to finish the clearance until on the 29th of this month.pls I am worried if I can still make it with batch b stream 2

  62. Hello Lola,
    Greetings to you dear, please when exactly will nysc portal for registration open ?

    I’m hearing 20th and 27th of May..Please kindly tell me the right date.thanks

  63. please..my DOB on my jamb is different from my waec…will it affect me on d nysc mobilization? though I used dsame age in both my sch and waec except jamb

  64. Amaefule Tochukwu

    Got a message “No record found
    Contact your school for the verification of the approved list”

  65. Good evening please as a nursing mother did i need medical certificate

  66. Can someone that graduated at the of 30 on dot,still be able to serve.

  67. Good evening,Mihz Lola… My School just released their Senate list and i found my name on it. I have been checking the NYSC portal for same, but it keeps showing me No Record Found. How about, if my name is not uploaded befr the Reg. Date will i have a problem with the Registration? Thanks

  68. Onyeka Michael

    I did my ond and hnd in the same school and I have gotten the statement of results for my upcoming registration,do I still need a transcript?

  69. Onyeka Michael

    What are the requirements for my registration, I did my Ond And Hnd in the same school and have optained my statements of result, do I still need transcript? Especially for the registration.

  70. Good morning ma,I want to ask if an exemption letter can be printed online after registration?

  71. Pls my school rejected forms that there names are different from jamb surname they have on their admission form, some was because of d punctuation mark included in their name on the result is quite different from that of jamb,, it was said that jamb rejected those forms, pls what do we do in other for us to be among batch B?

  72. there was a DOB mistake on my jamb and I requested for the change since I have not received any notification from them, now my name is on the senate list, should i go ahead and register? hope it won’t affect me

  73. Greetings,pls can a married lady fill the nysc single registration form online and go to the orientation camp and present the necessary documents(marriage certificate,letter of domicile etc)and still be redeployed bk to where her husband resides?!! Is it a must for she to fill married online doing registration before she can be redeploy?

  74. Greetings pls the age in my jamb and weac is different..but I did age declaration during my clearance in year one..so now will it affect me

  75. Good morning, my name on my WAEC result is Temilola Oluwalanu Ore and on my other results and passport it is Temilola Olulanu Ore. Please I would like to know if this will affect me. Also do I require an affidavit for this or newspaper announcement.

  76. Good morning. 2 questions
    Is it true that the medical fitness certificate must not be older than 3 month? If true, how do they determine that?
    How many passports are needed for this NYSC process? and how much does the registration?
    Tnk u

  77. Pls I graduated last year but didn’t follow Batch A due to regularisation stuff,but have done it now.Do I still need to submit that new admission letter to my institution?

  78. First question ma, Please what’s the best time to do medical fitness certificate before camp?

    Second question ma, There was a mistake in my LGA on my school portal, I’ve written letter to my school ICT but changes is yet to be made. Will this affect my NYSC mobilisation?

  79. Faith Aniamaka

    Pls what are the requirements for online registration.?What documents are to be uploaded?

  80. eluoyibo nwabueze

    good evening ma, i used 1983 my jamb direct entry. but i later submitted an affidavit wit diff year, 1986 to my school and it is the 1986 i saw in senate list. please wat should i do. i graduated 2015.

  81. First question ma, Please what’s the best time to do medical fitness certificate before camp?

    Second question ma, There was a mistake in my LGA on my school portal, I’ve written letter to my school ICT but changes is yet to be made. Will this affect my NYSC mobilisation?

  82. Hello please what kind of marriage certificate is acceptable in registration required for married woman? Box the one I have is given by religious body..is it OK to use?

  83. My school mistakenly uploaded my jamb reg no for. My twins during batch A mobilization both of us couldn’t register now we are remobilized our names came out with second batch hope the first error won’t affect us during registration

  84. Pls ma, I want to do change of name to that of my husband name, can I still attach my surname to d name…I don’t if nysc will reject d name..tanks

  85. hello,i was mobilized during 2018 batch C and i did registration then, but i couldn’t go to camp due to personal issues. Now i want to join this 2019 batch B. pls i need full details on what i can do, thank you.

  86. Do I need to go to Abuja to collect my exemption certificate as a foreign student

  87. Or can it be printed out online since I’m a foreign student??

  88. Hello lola, my name appeared here https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/CheckInstitutionCoursesPCMs.aspx
    but when I check the Senate list https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/VerifySenateLists.aspx, I get no record found.

  89. It’s because your school is yet to upload it… Don’t worry, they will

  90. please I did regularization last year of which I have printed my jamb admission letter and submitted to DSS department for NYSC mobilization, but up till now, my name is not on the MATRICULATION list and my school is about to send the list tomorrow or next. please what shall I do to be on the matriculation list?
    and again, since is regularization I did, do I need to print any jamb slip again?

  91. good morning. pls my name is still not on the matriculation and my school is about to submit list to NYSC today or tomorrow. hope it will not affect me.

  92. sorry ma, in the case where my bank name is Yaro Liasu Okpanachi and the name on my certificate is Yaro Liasu. what is the implication pls. thanks

  93. Good morning Lola,

    Please who is responsible for posting copers (doctors) to their various PPA. Is it directly from Abuja or at the state of posting level?


  94. good evening ma. now that there have postponed the registration. is it ideal to start processing our medical fitness now. thank u

  95. how can I check the Senate list

  96. Pls my name in jamb matriculation and the senate list is OFFOR CHIGOZIE SAMSON but in my statement of result it is OFFOR SAMSON CHIGOZIE
    Pls will the different formats of the name affect me? If yes , pls what should I do about it?
    Thank you

  97. Good morning Lola

    Please are male corp members who’s wife deliver entitle to paternity leave?

  98. Aliyu Abdulhafeez

    Hi, if I want to be posted to a specific organization for service do I need to collect any letter from the organization I want to serve in, and am I to bring the letter to camp or after camp?

  99. I can’t find my name still showing record no found.
    But I saw my name @ graduation list

  100. I saw my name on the Senate list since yesterday but I checked now its saying no record found again

  101. please ma,how will nysc be able to detect someone’s age since we are not going to upload our waec result during registration.

  102. I just want to know about the list of states that pay NYSC incase I want to do the registration

  103. Ali Abubakar Audu

    Madam, I have checked my name since yesterday but they wrote that “the jamb number does not exist ( you can not register, contact your institution)”, please what is the way out

  104. Pls can i register at midnight and do my biometrics in d morning

  105. Concerning the camping issue, I don’t have my school ID card again, is the ID card really compulsory because even if I apply for an ID card in my school, it’s not certain that it will be ready within a month.

  106. Ali Abubakar Audu

    Madam, I have checked my name since yesterday but they wrote that “the jamb number does not exist ( you can not register, contact your institution)”, please can you help me

  107. Aliyu Abdulhafeez

    Good evening, please has ABU upload their senate list?

  108. Pls I just want to ask this particular question the date of birth on my school records is a little bit difference from that of jamb records is there any implication on that

  109. Pls is it my matric number that i will input or my jamb reg number to verify my name from the senate list

  110. Pls I will be 29 by June, hope am eligible to go for service

  111. I dint choose oou in.jamb …i.got d post utme form , did d exam n i ws given admission by school n.my detalis are on jamb site too…i av my admission letter wt oou n.d course i did written on it m also on the matriculation list but oou inst on my jamb result slip bcos i dint choose it its d schl i chose dats on my result slip…bt my admission letter is intact n i av jamb reg num….do i stl need to do regularization?

  112. Please ma’am is there stream 2 for this batch when when is stream mobilization starting

  113. My name is on d graduation list…d senate list of oou is nt out yet

  114. My name is on tue graduation list…senate list fr oou is not out yet

  115. My name is on the graduation list….d senate list fr oou is nt out yet

  116. Do i need regularization??? I dint choose oou in jamb i sat fr d post utme n was given admission…i av my admission letter wit me wt oou wch i graduated frm n d course i did on it…m on d matriculation list….i checked my admission status on jamb site n my correct details are der…bt oou is not on my jamb result slip its d schl i chose dats in my resuly slip….do i need regularization??? Bt my name is already on graduation list senate list fr my schl is not out yet

  117. Vincent Goodwin

    please my question is dis ” our names appeared on the graduation list but naw dy list is blank n d
    the sanet list is showing no record found please why is it so

  118. Please help me contact Ambrose Alli University,
    To know if the Senate list on NYSC is out.I have been checking is saying no record found contact your institution for validation of verification list .But my name is on graduation list.

  119. Hi Lola, I graduated bin 2006 and I was just 24 years old then. Will I be given an exemption letter or told to serve?

  120. Please I saw a comment about NYSC mobilization form,what is that exactly? because my name is already on the senate list and I was thinking the next step is registration

  121. Good morning ma,when anambra state university will upload they senate list?


    Please i need an assistance on what to fill as Qualifications in the registration form before it starts officially on Saturday
    I await your immediate response

  123. Please how much are we paying for call-up letter??

  124. please madam,I saw a post where u said that ,we shouldn’t laminate our statement of result but I have already laminate my certificate. hope it will not be a problem, when I get to camp.

  125. Hi Lola, if I want to do my online registration at home using my laptop, how do I go about the thumb print? Is there any special machine for it?Secondly, are we expected to pay anything during the registration?
    Thirdly, my marriage documents, scanning them and then uploading them, is that the right thing to do?

  126. Hi Lola, can I start the NYSC registration on my phone and then go do the biometrics at the cafe.?..Thank you

  127. Hi Lola, in batch A, I was about creating an account but didn’t complete it since they said my details cannot be found but I got automated message from nysc for email confirmation and a link that said continue ur account creation here which I did not..is it assumed I have an account already? Or should I go ahead and create a new account.? I tried to recover password but it said my details cannot be found.

  128. Hi, I have an email from nysc and link that says continue ur registration using this link from my first attempt to register with batch A..but I did not register and did not click the link. Am I considered to have an account? Or do I create another account?

  129. please can I get mobilised for NYSC batch b stream 2 this year 2019? Cos I had jamb regularisation issue and I’m awaiting jamb response from Abuja’s head office. My name is on senate list, should I still go ahead with online registration while waiting for JAMB’s response to my reg number regularization ?
    or what should I do?

  130. Dear Lola please reply me na… please

  131. Anastasia Bridget

    Pls is it compulsory i add my middle name on my nysc detail even though all my certificates has it?. because i left it out while doing my registration.
    How easy is it to get it added by the ict units on camp?


  133. How can I reprint my relocation approval

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