NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II Details And Facts

NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II Details And Facts

This post is just to provide you all with details and facts relating to NYSC 2021 Batch A Stream II that you should all be aware of.

One important thing about NYSC is getting accurate information and once you have it, you will know what action to take and what not to worry about.

Either you already have some information before or you don’t know anything at all about Stream II, senate list and others, this post will give you all the information there is.

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On Registration

The NYSC management made a big announcement earlier today and I won’t lie to you, it’s good news. The official NYSC Batch A registration portal will be open on April 19, 2021.

What does this mean? This means that everybody who is yet to do their online registration will have another chance to do the registration.

For instance, some PCMs institutions did not upload their senate list and because of that those PCMs could not register. Now that the portal will be open again, they will be able to do their registration once their school uploads the senate list.

It also means that those who were unable to complete the online registration during Stream I will have another chance to complete it.

Some people had payment error issues, biometric error issues, and some other challenges that hindered their online registration. Now that the portal will be open again, they will be able to complete their online registration.

If you are out there, reading this, kindly know that the official registration date for portal opening is April 19th, and it’s official and legit.

For now, we don’t know when the registration portal will close as the management did not release date on the deadline. If I were you, as soon as the portal is open, I will do my registration as soon as possible.

On Senate List

I assume you all know what the senate list is, and if you don’t remember, you can click here to read more on the senate list.

The senate list upload has been in progress since the management announced the date a couple of days ago. This means that some institutions who were unable to upload their senate list before now have a chance to do so.

If your institution is yet to upload its own senate list, it will be a good move to call them to make inquiries. This is because if your name is on the senate list, you will not be able to do your NYSC online registration.

Already Registered?

This is for those who have completed their NYSC registration before Stream I went to camp. I’m here to tell you that you will not re-register or do anything.

If you have successfully completed your NYSC registration and you were not in the stream I or could not go with Stream I. You don’t have to do anything again. Just wait for the Call-up letter.

Don’t click revalidation, don’t click Remobilization, In fact, don’t click anything. During registration, just fold your hands and watch movies and stay on our Whatsapp group. All you will do is wait for call-up letter printing and print your letter.

Foreign-trained Graduates

The Foreign-trained graduates’ physical verification has been going fine and if you have attended, you should not have anything to worry about by now.

Once you went for physical verification, you will be cleared and go with Stream II.

ON those Who Skipped Stream I

To you out there that skipped Stream I for one reason or the other, we don’t have confirmation yet on your status.

Normally before now, once you skip Stream I, all you have to do is wait for Stream II Call-up letter printing and then re-print your letter, and boom! You are Stream II.

However, a while ago, the NYSC management released a public notice that says “If you skip Stream I, you will not go with Stream II. You will go with next year’s batch.” In plain words, if you skip Batch A 2021 Stream I, you will not go with Stream II. You will go with Batch A 2022 stream I.

That was what the NYSC management said. We have been trying to get information if that statement will be effective or it was just a diplomatic threat to make everybody go with his or her Stream. I won’t lie to you, for now, we don’t have an answer to that.

My advice for those who skipped Stream I is that they should chill and wait till call-up letter printing is out and check their dashboard if it’s there or not.

I’m sure by now, you now understand the details and facts about this whole Stream II thing.

However, if there is anything I’m still missing, you can ask me in the comment box below. I will try my best to provide an answer to every comment below.

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  1. Please I didn’t register at all with stream 1 because my name came out late, so can I register with this stream 2?

  2. Kurotimi Benjamin

    I registered in stream one and received a call up no. but no call up letter, so I didn’t go with stream one. Do I need to do anything to get my call up letter in this stream 2?

  3. Pls, because of covid 19 protocol , will Nysc still leave out some pcm who register fresh for this stream 2 by not releasing their CALL UP LETTER?

  4. Pls help oooo, i checked my name on senate list ,it is there but the status is “has not been matriculate ,cant register” and i checked jamb site to fetch my detail , my name is there. What should i do pls any advice?

  5. Can I start the registration with phone when the portal is opened at 12am and complete it at the cafe later in the morning or I should just wait till morning to do all the registration at the cafe(

  6. Hi, lola please I have gone for my verification on Thursday and I noted that I’m cleared but I haven’t seen my call up number till now.

  7. Thanks a lot for the info.
    How do I check if my name has been uploaded and ready for registration?

  8. Please my name has bin pasted at school but yet to be uploaded on Senate list and it’s on graduate list… Does that means I won’t be able to follow batch A stream2

  9. Pls I ave question,I graduated in 2019 but our result was approved by senate on 6th Jan 2021 nd also on the nysc senate list uploaded by my school d year of graduation is 2021 my question is d course of d registration Wich year should I fill as year of graduation is it 2019 or 2021

  10. Hi Lola, I registered with stream 1 foreign students and i’ve been cleared from physical verification but my call up number has not come up. should i be worried?

  11. Pls hope name rearrangement won’t affect my call up later

  12. Chidinma peace Agbo

    Please I registered on Monday been 19 April 2021 and the registration was successful but the problem now is that when I want to select state I keep on seeing no available slot state for deployment up till now please what can I do

    • It’s general. Keep checking

      • I’m a foreign student, and i have completed my registration. Where in Lagos can i go for the physical verification exercise pls

    • oliveth abukare

      Hi Lola, please can’t NYSC bodies help us it is really painful I graduated since 2019 August 2nd after waiting for service all this years quit my little job where I get I my daily living not that I had extension in school only for me not to be deployed we all know that our country today one can’t get a any meaningful job without NYSC discharge letter friends and relative I graduated before have all gone. After the rumore that gave us hope of going next three weeks only for NYSC to say we should wait till July habba this is not fair pls NYSC should please stop frustrating us please and please if they can help us they should please consider most especially we that have been on ground since 2019 please July is too far please am begging the shame is too much.

  13. What’s the fate of foreign pcms who haven’t gotten call up number?

  14. Please is it necessary for a married pcm to go to the camp with domicile letter?

  15. Please i have a question, camp is 18th May and I’m yet to see my call up letter on my dashbpard, please what does that mean?

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