NYSC Call-Up Number

NYSC Call-Up Number – Everything You Need To Know

The NYSC Call up Number is an important unique code that you will get after the NYSC registration. The last part of the NYSC call-up number is very unique to you and it’s a serial number according to the time of your registration. A lot of people bear the exact name you are answering and your surname but you are the only one on earth that have your exact NYSC call-up number. It is your identity in NYSC. See also: Best States For NYSC And Everything You Need To Know

Below are the frequently asked questions about the NYSC call-up number and the best answers to them.

What is the meaning of NYSC Call Up Number?

It is a code from NYSC that is unique to you alone. This is a way for NYSC to be able to differentiate you from thousands of others. So the meaning of the number is that you have been called upon to serve your fatherland and here is a unique number for you to identify yourself. See also: NYSC State Allowee Amount In All States In Nigeria

How To Check NYSC call-up number

Before, you will be sent a text message from the NYSC which will include your call up number But these days, it’s always on the green card on your NYSC dashboard. To check your NYSC call-up number, login to your NYSC dashboard and open your green card. You will find it there. See also: Sample Of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate – See Pictures

NYSC Call Up Number Format

Let me use a friend of mine as an example. The NYSC call-up number will look like this: NYSC/IFE/2016/066627

This is not some mathematics magic, let me break it down

The Format is always in this arrangement:

  • NYSC: National Youth Service Corps
  • YOUR SCHOOL: This will be an acronym or an abbreviation of your institution. It’s always in 3 letters.
  • YEAR: This is the year the NYSC mobilize you for the Service
  • SERIAL NUMBER: This is your own unique number.

My friend is a graduate of OAU and his call-up number is NYSC/IFE/2016/066627

  • NYSC/ADO/2018/067542 If a person is a graduate of Ekiti State University
  • NYSC/UNN/2018/23462 is a graduate of theUniversity of Nigeria Nsukka.

Example Of NYSC Call Up Number

The example above should be enough but if you want more, I could generate enough for you. Just ask me in the comment box below. See also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

How long does it take to get NYSC call-Up number?

You will get your call Up number after your NYSC registration. It doesn’t take a long time at all. You complete your registration today, expect your call-up number as soon as possible. Some will even get it immediately after registration while others get theirs a couple of minutes or hours after.

It’s not something to worry about because you will surely get it.

I hope you now know everything about the NYSC call-up number. If you have other questions apart from the ones above, just use the comment box below.

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  1. How does call up number for Rivers State University look like???

  2. Ezemagu Onyinyechi Maryann

    Pls I want to know if there is any money a foreign graduate will pay to NYSC before registration

  3. If I do my medical fitness now will it still be valid to make use in camp or will they reject it
    And please how long does it stay before it become invalid

  4. Hi Lola. Am Taiwo. My School Uploaded Our Senate List Today. Tia Solarin University Of Education Ijebu Ode. My Name Was There. But In My State Of Origin There Was A Mistake There. Am From Ondo. But In The List. It’s Showing Lagos. Please What Can I Do To Change It. Thanks.

  5. I’ve tried making a correction to my name but it’s yet to confirm change

  6. Hello sir, please must one pay before he/she receive the call up number?

  7. Hello Lola, I am a man but I was given female on the senate list. So during the registration, Miss, chief and doctor is the only option available for me in the title menu.
    Now on my green card, female was written there

  8. Will my state of deployment change after revalidation?

  9. pls the pre-registration page displays (no details found, confirm that your details are correct. ensure your school provide the correct details) pls what can the cause be?? Am a funaabite ( federal university of agriculture abeokuta)

  10. Hi Lola, i am seeing my name and that of my colleagues who have been cleared on the graduation list on nysc portal but it still showing no record found on the senate list.

    • Senate list and graduation list are two different list. The graduation list contains the names of all graduates of an institution.

      The reason why the graduation list is on NYSC portal is just for NYSC to see if it correspond with the Senate list.

      The Senate list is the most important and if your name is not in that place saying no record found, you won’t be able to register.

      Senate list is the most important, so forget graduation list and contact your school to upload your senate list.

      • Adebola oluwamuyiwa

        I have registered since on Friday and pay on Saturday ..up till now I have not received my call up number…just saying awaiting call up number..what should I do ..ooo am not ok with that at all..

  11. Hi Lola, nice job you doing. Please I have a medical Fitness certificate I did in March cuz I was supposed to go with batch A but couldn’t go. I want to know if I am to do another.

  12. Hello Lola please help me with how much I can pay for transportation from Rivers State to kano or Taraba. This are the two start I hopefully wish to serve. Confidence from uniport

  13. Hey Lola, please I have done my registration and I want to confirm on my phone if the call up number is out for printing, how do I go about it plz.

    • Hello Lola.
      I had issues of my school mistakenly changing my admission mode from full time to part-time, that has been rectified after much letters sent to corps mobilization department @ Abuja.
      The issue now is that because of the mistake NYSC allowed me continue my register on wed been the 11th of March 2020.
      But since then I’ve been seeing AWAITING CALL UP NO. Please is there an issue or I should just chill bearing in mind that its not peculiar with me…

  14. Sadiq Halliru Dutse

    How can an international students apply for change of name( name rearrangement)

  15. Hi Lola, thanks for the information’s.
    Pls I want to enquire when the call up letter will be out?

  16. Hi Lola, I registered on Saturday but yet to get call up number till now, could there possibly be a problem somewhere? Every one around has got theirs. Help!

  17. Aisha Abdulrasheed

    I made mistake during registration. I forgot to enter the year i entered university. Please wont this issue be a problem

  18. Hi Lola. I’m Temi . I graduated from Federal university oye-Ekiti but in my call up no where I should have d abbreviated institution, I have FUT. Hope I am safe?

  19. Eyam Moses Ibrahim

    Good evening @Lola
    Please any guide on Steps to take if I Wanna Publish my search work.

  20. Hi Lola I’ve revalidated my profile since on the 1st and I got of text saying I should reupload my translation and certification and I’ve been mobilized in the former batch A but didn’t go and since I’ve not been evaluated what going the time I did it in batch I was evaluated every fast

    • Sorry I was typing fast so my phone was auto texting and I didn’t check before I posted that . I’ve been evaluated before and I revalidated my profile on the first and got a text from nysc saying I should upload my translations again and certificate which I did and I’ve not been evaluated since on the 1st and it’s freaking me out because i was evaluated the same day I registered in batch A

  21. Kamaludeen Zayyana

    Hi lola, I’m a foreign graduate, my friend told me that for the registration, My first initial passport in which i got my First Visa to travel is to be uploaded,m. Unfortunately I misplaced it a while ago and can’t find it anywhere. How do I proceed??

    • Can I go with stream 2 if I’m unable to get my complete documents after getting my call up letter ,my school actually delayed my clearance.

  22. Hi Lola, I printed out my green card today and the state of origin on it is different from my own state of origin, am from Odun state but on the green card am seeing ondo state what should I do and I hope it won’t affect anything.Thanks

  23. I mean Osun state

  24. I printed out my green card today and the state of origin on it is different from my own state of origin, am from osun state but on the green card am seeing ondo state,i hope it won’t affect anything and I hope NYSC will still correct it.

  25. Hi Admin d date of birth on my jamb admission was above 30,but d date of birth on my waec result was below,but during registration today d date of birth on jamb admission appears automatically but I bought waec verification pin to change dob which says being approved but not yet appear on nysc registration form.Is there any hope of correction .

  26. Lola,,I just got my call up number on my dashboard,, what next,and when will the call up letter be out?

  27. Hi Lola I av seen my call up number on my dash board,please what next?and when will the call up letter be out

  28. I registered since 2pm yesterday and also made payment for the card. It’s more than 24hrs now and I’m yet to get my call up number. What could the issue be?

  29. Hello Lola, how are you doing today? I am a foreign student, I studied in Turkey. I just did my registration yesterday and I am waiting for my call up letter, but someone told me I’ve to get an evaluation letter that its a new requirement for all foreign student, pls how true is this? I asked all my friends who we finished in the same Uni together and they already finished their nysc, they all said they didnt do anything like such

  30. Hi Lola, I’m Mary I registered yesterday but my call up number is awaiting, how long should I wait to see it?

  31. It’s being 3 days I registered and my call up number hasn’t appeared, could this be a problem?

  32. Rahman samsudeen seyi

    Pls have complete my registration since on Monday and my call up number is still awaiting call up number.i don’t no what is happening.

  33. I did my NYSC registration on Tuesday being the 4th of June, and am yet to see my call up number, what could be the problem, today is 6th of June already.

  34. Pls ma will they accept medical report in camp. Nd I did it since last month hope is still valid

  35. HELLO Lola i registered since 19th for d stream 2 and still i av not seen a call up number on my dashboard

    • don’t worry, you will see it

      • Hi Lola, thank you so much for the job you’re doing for us all. I have received my call up number but I’m yet to know the state. Also, I do not know what exactly is required of me in terms of check up and all that. What medical check up is necessary? Please help

  36. I registered since of 4th July and I can get my call up no till now what is going on..

    • Adebola oluwamuyiwa

      I am adebola oluwamuyiwa…I complete my NYSC registration on Friday and I pay on Saturday…up till now have not been able to print out my call up number..all my friends that I did before them have received there …and also on my dashboard is saying awaiting call up number..what ia the way out

  37. Hello i am a foreign trained and my call up number starts with NYSC/FRN/18 .What state am i expecting with this?

  38. How long does it take for someone to print call up letter

  39. Please lola I have been trying to login to my account that I just created on my mobile phone , it keeps telling me invalid email,what do I do.

  40. I did my registration yesterday buh my call up number hasn’t been issued yet should I be worried?

  41. Ajayi Omotola David

    Good evening Lola, thanks for giving everyone this much attention. My question is, does ones call up unique number determine his or her stream? For example your unique number is 277,994, does it mean you won’t be in the first stream ?

    My second question is, I finished from Uniben and on our statement of result surnames are Capitalised …
    So My name appeared as David Omotola, AJAYI.(surname indicated in upper case alphabet)

    On my green card and Nysc dash board it appears as
    Ajayi, David Omotola.( Surname punctuated by a comma)

    Hope it’s no issue?

  42. Hello Lola, I am in batch C 2019 and have been deployed to Ekiti but I don’t want to go to Ekiti. Is it safer to go for camp and apply for redeployment or just ignore this and revalidate with batch A 2020(when is batch A 2020). I am a foreign graduate, will I need to go for physical verification again when revalidating and will I be given a new call up number?, if I will how long will it take?. Because I registered on the first day of registration but only got my call up number 2 days to end of registration so it was already to late to be able to work it to get deployed to where I want. If I revalidate, will I have the same problem?

  43. Hi lola i am a foreign graduate i did everything in time but yet to receive my call up letter till late ours of Tuesday and i have been deployed to anambra state which is too far from my state am from kebbi state and i heard that registration in camp will be close on Wednesday can i still go there and get registered on Thursday?

  44. Hi lola i am a foreign graduate i did everything in time but yet to receive my call up letter till late hours of Tuesday and i have been deployed to anambra state which is too far from my state am from kebbi state and i heard that registration in camp will be close on Wednesday can i still go there and get registered on Thursday?

  45. Sholabi Christiana tope

    I had issue with my biometric while registering for stream 1batch c but have done another one for stream2 but my dash board is telling me am not in this stream I will be told when to print my call up lettletter. The stream is going on the 28th pls am worried

  46. Hi Lola, I have not yet seen my call up no. I revalidated this morning but nothing yet. Does it take this much time?

  47. Hi, good afternoon. My name is Olushola. I have don’t my registration since on Monday and am yet to get my call-up number. Awaiting call up number is what i get each time I check my dashboard. What can I do

  48. Hi I have completed my registration since on Monday & till now no call up number is there a reason for me to worry because all the people i registered with have gotten theirs what could be the problem.

  49. hi I registered yesterday and am yet to get my call up number does it take long


    How about if you schooled in Lagos State University?
    What will be the abbreviation of the THREE LETTERs

  51. I registered on Monday and I haven’t gotten my call up number yet.

  52. I have successfully been cleared in my verification center but I haven’t received my call up number

  53. Hi Lola, I’m a foreign trained student and I just got my verification clearance yesterday,my friend who also got hers the same time with me got her call up num yesterday but up till now,nothing is showing on my dashboard… Help!!!

  54. Adebola oluwamuyiwa

    I can print my call up letter ..and other have start printing there out..and my own on my dashboard saying I have not seen my own call up letter what can I do.

  55. I am Opeyemi … I registered yesterday and am yet to get my call up number ma …. am so worried … my friends have gotten theirs

  56. Pls Lola, if I have the link to login and complete my registration even after registration has be place on hold, can I continue or I should just hold on

  57. Should I be worried after disclosing my call up no,name and matric no to someone who promised to work deployment for me.

  58. Hi Lola I registered on Monday 19th of April, till today 21st of April 11:30pm I have not seen my call up no it is saying “awaiting call up no”
    I am worried please what do I do?

  59. Hi lola, I registered yesterday but my dashboard is still showing yet to be evaluated..m confused

  60. Hello Lola I did change of degree while registering on Wednesday but till now is still pending nd I haven’t gotten call up number plz what could be d problem

  61. Famous Emmanuella

    hi Lola, sorry to disturb but i registered since 30th June and till now 2nd June I’ve still not received my call up number. please should I be worried because i really do not know what to do anymore.

  62. Hey Lola
    I am a foreign trained, Please I registered around April, but I still haven’t received my call up number it’s saying “you are not yet evaluated” on my dashboard. But I went to the physical verification and I got a clearance letter already. Thank you

  63. When would call up letter for batch c begin to come come out ?

  64. Hi Lola!!! I’ve seen my call up letter and where I’ve been posted to but I’ve not collected my statement of result in school n other documents to be presented in camp, if I’m unable to get them before the specific day given to me on my letter ,can I still go for camp with the next batch which is next year?

  65. Hello please I did my registration on 9th October and today is already 18th and am yet to receive my call up number while others are already printing call up letter, how do I go about it ?

  66. Hi Lola
    I am a foreign pcm I registered last November batch C stream 2 but I got a message to upload my registration with medical council which I did but did not get my call up number.
    Well the portal for batch A just opened and I re-uploaded my registration with the medical council yesterday,
    But it’s still showing me not yet evaluated I have done my physical verification and cleared just asking will my call up number show because I don’t want to miss this batch because it depressing and frustrating!!!

  67. Chinonyerem agu Patience

    Am a foreign student,through with my physical verification and I have uploaded all the required documents. Have also print my cleared verification slip.but till now have not gotten my call up number

  68. I made a mistake with my name during registration
    I spelled fataimah instead of Fatimah will it hinder me from getting a call up number

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