NYSC Next Batch - 5 Reasons You Might Miss It

5 Reasons You Might Miss NYSC Next Batch – Batch A 2022

This 5 Reasons You Might Miss NYSC Next Batch is an article that will show you major obstacles that will not allow you to follow this coming NYSC batch which is batch A 2022.

The NYSC Next Batch is almost here and to your surprise, a lot of graduates will not be on the Mobilization list due to the reasons am going to state below.

The NYSC next batch is NYSC 2021 Batch C and am sure you will be happy to see your name on the Senate list which is the first step of the NYSC mobilization.

Before you start saluting yourself through the mirror or trying to learn how to March or even downloading the NYSC Anthem to know the song, you should give a few minutes to read this post to the end.

Please, read with attention and read to the end. I don’t want you to miss this next batch and I’m sure you don’t want to miss it too. Read on.

5 Reasons You Might Miss NYSC Next Batch

Below are a few reasons and common things that always affect graduates from seeing their names on the Senate list. What I’m saying, in summary, is that these reasons below can make you miss the next batch. Read carefully and ask questions later.

1. Your Institution

This is not even a thing to bargain with because it’s as important as it sounds. There is no way you can go with the NYSC next batch if your institution did not say you are qualified by clearing you. You have to make sure you don’t have any leftovers or issues with your institution.

Even if you do have an issue with them, you should try all your possible best to resolve it if you want to go for NYSC next batch. Your school will be the one to mobilize you and if you have an issue with them, they might just skip your name.

Another thing is to make sure you confirm if you will have to fill the NYSC mobilization form in your institution. Some higher institutions require graduates of their school to fill the form at the DSA. Not all schools do this, but you should just confirm to be on a safe side.

2. JAMB Regularization

It’s now JAMB Late Application but was formerly referred to as “regularization”. This provides an opportunity for candidates that are in any institution but with no JAMB registration number to regulate between Jamb and their institution. I have an extensive simple article about Jamb Regularization you can read here. The article will also teach you how to apply for the regularization.

So if you do not have a Jamb registration number for any possible reason, your name will not be on the Mobilization list. CLICK HERE to read the helpful article on jamb Regularization. That article will solve all issues about regularisation.

3. You Are 30 Years Old

Am sure you already know that once you are 30 years old before you graduate from your institution, you cannot go for NYSC next batch.

Your exemption letter is what you will get. AN exemption letter is a letter that will tell you that you have been officially exempted from the national youth service corps program.

The exemption letter is equivalent to the NYSC certificate. So no need to feel bad. The only difference is that you will not get to experience the NYSC one year service thing.

If you are already 30 before you graduated from your institution, you won’t be spending the next 12 months in a strange land. You can go ahead and apply for a job or start your business or do anything you want with your exemption letter.

You can CLICK HERE to read more about this whole NYSC age thing.

4. Statement Of Result

If you are already a graduate of an institution and you don’t have your certificate of result unlaminated and original, you will not be able to go with NYSC next batch. The statement of your certificate is very important in NYSC and if you don’t have it, you will not be allowed to stay in the NYSC orientation camp. You can read this article about mistakes you should never do to your NYSC documents.

5. Your Village people

If you don’t have any issue with those four points above you will surely go for NYSC next batch and nothing can stop you. However, there are the village people aspect, but you don’t need to worry about the village people.

God pass your village people, so you will go for NYSC next batch apart from the first 4 Reasons above. If you believe and agree that God pass your Village people, use the comment box below to type “God Pass Your Village People” to anyone that will read it.


If you have any questions, use the comment box below.

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  1. Pls ma, does this means the next mobilisation will be b4 election?

  2. Lols. This site is just wonderful. many people feared their village people, but as for me. my village people fear me kai. no be small

  3. Pls ,when is the next batch going for service??

  4. Onyechere chidimma

    Sorry ma what are the requirements for letter of domicile, thank u

  5. Thank you lol. God bless you real good…my name has been on the Senate list since last year November but for some reasons I didn’t register.. ..now do you think there’s any thing to do before I can register…just asking?

  6. @Lola…. #God pass ur village people…. Lol

  7. HEY Miss Lola , i register for Batch A but for some reasons i couldn’t make it down to Camp , do i need to do anthing special to Join the next batch B coming !!!

  8. My God gat my back…thunder fire any bad belle village people

  9. Adeola Samuel Abiola

    God bless my village people

  10. Muhammad Bilyaminu Abdullahi

    Good sirs/mas. I was 29th when I graduated since 2917 but due reasons beyond human control,I was not able to be mobilized for NYSC.Should I keep my hope for doing NYSC alive even as we are now in 2019? Mind you this problem of late mobilisation is not only me but my entire mates affected.

  11. Inlaminated my SSCE certificate, will that cause any problems for me as regards NYSC?

  12. God pass your village people

  13. Anyanwu Scholastica Chiamaka

    @Lola lolz #God pass ur village people

  14. I was 28 years old in 2018 when I graduated,but now am 30 in 2020; will it affect my nysc registration

  15. I will be 30 years old by April, can i still go for service

  16. God pass my village people

  17. Orji Emmanuel Kalu

    Good day. Am really happy with the good works you are doing here.
    Please, when is the registration for 2021 Batch A going to commence?
    Secondly, if it commences, and our institution is yet to upload names to Senate list, but we are sure we’ve met all the necessary requirements (clearance etc) , can we still go ahead and register? Thanks as I await your answer.

  18. Orji Emmanuel Kalu

    Please if I register for NYSC 2021 Batch A, and I happen not to go again, will the registration still be valid for second batch or I need to register again? Thanks

  19. “God pass your village people” i love this site.. God bless u LoLa and keep up the good work.

  20. Pls do you have an ideal if Nysc revalidation has started I was to serve 2019 but couldn’t report to the camp as it was said so I missed it so I don’t know if I will be opportun to serve again pls I really need your assistant

  21. I heard that registration for batch A 2021 will commence on the 18th of this month. Please how true is that?

  22. God pass my village people!

  23. I graduated in 2018, mobilized in 2019 and couldn’t go to service due to financial limitations, l’m 30 plus now and i want to serve. Please is it possible to serve without collecting exemptation letter?

  24. Hi Lola, my mum laminated my statement of result both original and photocopy 😂💔… will it affect my registration?

  25. Hi Lola nice work, I graduated in 2019 at the age o f 29yr, but my name is on batch A 2021 am still eligible to serve. Thank you

  26. Good morning Lola , i did my registration since yesterday around after 3pm. Up till now haven’t gotten my call-up number… pls how many days does it take for the call-up number to be out, how many days does it take for the call up letter to be out too? Thank you.

  27. Hi LOLA, pls I have two questions concerning Nysc 2021/2022 mobilization.
    1) will this Batch A 2021 have .more than one stream?
    2) When do you think batch B 2021 reg will start (bearing In mind that 2020 batch B last year started late due to covid19)- since previous batch B set need to pass out, am thinking the normal batch B JUNE reg will not be possible
    . pls what’s your Experienced Opinion..?

  28. Khadija kaku Bulama

    Good day sir, our graduation list is out but my name was not included but for our school they already placed the Senate list and my name was there

  29. Abdulazeez Sherifdeen Olatayo

    Pls my question is that on my jamb admission letter the name on it is two same as jamb matriculation list while on my notification of result the name on it is three as well as my school Senate list e.g Abdulazeez Sherifdeen on jamb while on notification of result and internal Senate list is Abdulazeez Sherifdeen Olatayo. My question now is that hope my name will be out on NYSC Senate list and will I be able to register?

  30. Please ma I have my original school certificate and not my statements of results. Will having this prevent me from serving

  31. God pass your village people

  32. Agwu, Ukpai Olughu

    I have applied for jamb regularization since April 2021 and I have submitted to my school and no approval what will I do now?

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