NYSC Clearance Schedule Officially Suspended

NYSC Clearance Schedule Officially Suspended – 2020 A Stream I

This is to announce to you all dear NYSC 2020 Batch A stream I that the clearance schedule that appeared on your dashboard has been officially suspended.

Earlier yesterday, we all woke up to the shocking news about clearance schedule notification on all our dashboard stating the date and time of the monthly clearance. See also: NYSC Management Finally Speaks On Viral Resumption Date – Official

However, the NYSC management has just suspended the clearance until further notice. The clearance schedule message has been removed and replaced with this text below:

“The monthly biometric clearance has been suspended. We shall communicate the new schedule via this same medium.”

See the image below

If you have been getting prepared to travel or you have been worried about the whole clearance issue, you can relax now because there won’t be clearance again until further notice.

Either it was an error from the management or a change of mind, we don’t know. All we can say is there is no more clearance. See also: NYSC Data Subject Consent Statement – Agree or Disagree

You can CLICK HERE to go directly to the NYSC portal and check your dashboard under your passport photograph to see the announcement.


We have been hearing a rumour about the suspension since morning but we had to wait for an official confirmation before we can publish this. And now its officially confirmed that there is no more clearance.

Also, remember that for now, there is no latest update about resumption. We are still waiting for the green light. Stay fine and stay connected. As long as you are here, you will not miss out of any important information.

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Now Your Turn

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  1. Does that mean that for batch A 2020 corp members, we can stall our resuming at our PPA’s?
    Since the national body is yet to give us go ahead on resumption?

  2. While good news 4 batch A 2020 stream 1, it does not affect me at all but what boarders me is that no update for stream 2 at all.

  3. We went home straight from the camp we have not been to our ppa hope we don’t have any issue, or are we to report to our ppa now that schools has resume

  4. Any News on Batch C stream 2

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