NYSC Monthly Clearance Schedule Is Out – See Date & Time

The NYSC management has officially announced the clearance schedule for 2020 Batch A stream I. So if you belong to stream I 2020, you should know that you already have a clearance date and time scheduled for you.

NYSC normal clearance has to do with going to the local government secretariat with a clearance letter from your PPA, your NYSC ID card,  your CDS and you dress in your NYSC full kit. Note that I said a ‘normal’ NYSC traditional clearance.

However, things might not follow the normal protocol because of all the issues on the ground. So if you don’t have any of the things I listed above, you can still go. You will have no issue. See also: NYSC Management Finally Speaks On Viral Resumption Date – Official

Lots of people are yet to get a PPA, lots of people are yet to even find their PPA and a lot who already have a PPA have never attended for once all because of the covid-19 pandemic. So you all have nothing to worry about.


There is something important you have to pay attention to about the clearance schedule. There is a special date and time for each person. Your date and time is different from that of another person. So do not be confused when you hear a different date from your friend.

NYSC Monthly Clearance Schedule Is Out NYSC Monthly Clearance Schedule Is Out NYSC Monthly Clearance Schedule Is Out

Make sure you check your own date and time to be sure of the exact date.

To check your clearance schedule, all you have to do is login to your dashboard and you will see it under your passport on your NYSC dashboard. Make sure you follow the instruction and print the schedule. See also: Important Notice To All Prospective Corps Members About Resumption – Updated

You can CLICK HERE to login to your dashboard and check out your clearance schedule. After you checked the date and time, you then click print and print this slip. See sample slip below.


Before you go, share this post, comment your state of deployment and let us know your clearance date and time so that we can compare it with others.

Stay fine and stay connected.

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  1. I’m still having issues with my documentation, I haven’t done it yet because I did nt get any message, it’s still showing on my dashboard dat it has been approved but I ve nt been called for documentation wat shud I do?

  2. But I also saw the clearance schedule on my dashboard o, am 2019 batch C2, I don’t know what next to do cox mine is tomorrow and I don’t I can make it to my place of service before tomorrow ooo

  3. Good morning please what if I’m unable to meet up with my date given to me due to the distance can I still be able to do my clearance with other people before it closes.. thank you

  4. I am batch C1 and i saw mine as 7th of October

  5. Called my LI today to confirm this and all she said was to disregard the news as no info is out yet concerning that

  6. I hav issue in login my dashboard coz my phone was stolen and the person try to change my password. Now I hav issue
    What can I do ma

  7. Peter ndifreke Monday

    Am having issues with login ever since I changed my phone am having problem with my password

  8. Good morning ma, I’ve never gone to my PPA since I was posted in August and my clearance is tomorrow. I’ve been in contact with my boss…….can I take my acceptance letter and clearance letter tomorrow cause my clearance is tomorrow

  9. Please I didn’t get the time and date for my monthly clearance for Batch A-stream 2 2021, what do I do. I’m for Ogun state

  10. Can i go on a later date for my clearance?, mine was yesterday but i wasn’t able to make it

  11. I did rearrangement of name on my dashboard and it has been effected, but the issue bothering me now is that whenever I print my clearance schedule slip, the correction were not effected there…

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