nysc november 2018 Allawee

NYSC November 2018 Allowee Update – 5k For A Lucky Corper

Hello dear Gallant Corpers, how has it been and how is your various PPA. Am sure you are already enjoying your various places. In case you are having an issue or you need anything, nyscnews has got you covered. All you have to do is just ask.


The NYSC is actually delaying this thing too much o and am sure they are sorry about that. The latest news and an update about the November allowance is that you should be expecting it any moments from now.

It shouldn’t take more than today and infact, it can come in anytime. Some people have been waiting for an alert and if MTN send one of their annoying messages, they jump up in action. Just give it some time, you will get it today.

Am here to give you guys an update about the NYSC November 2018 Allawee. The gist is that today is 26th of November and we still have 4 more days to go. At least from tomorrow or day after tomorrow, you should start seeing alert. Just stay fine and keep flexing.

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November NYSC News 5k For A Lucky Corper

We are thinking of giving out N5,000 to a lucky Corps member every month. We know this is small and does not add to anything but we are sure the 5k you don’t work for might foot just a little bill or sub for you. We are still small for now and that’s how much we can really maintain. So we are starting it this month just to give any Lucky Corper a little raise.

The selection for this month will be random so all you have to do is comment about what you can do with N5, 000 and we will contact you through your email if you are the lucky one and send the money to your account.

By next month, we will publish the winner and screenshot the debit alert.

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  1. I will add the 5k to the one i already have so I can get a sewing machine and continue with my saed. Thanks

  2. onyenwe chinedu lilian

    i have a small farm,i will use the 5000 to buy more seedlings to plant so that it will yield more for me to sell.thanks

  3. If you give me the 5k, i will add it to my monthly contribution bills. To start something with the career am pursuing at the end of my service year.

  4. Will add to what I have to buy candle gun n some bead tools

  5. If you give me the 5k, i will add it to my monthly contribution to start the career am pursuing at the end of my service. Thanks.

  6. What of we that are yet to know our PPA. I mean those that are still in camp. Are we free to comment. If yes hmmm. if no,Lola u better dash me 1k ooo.

  7. I will use it as transport from my ppa to my house
    Because here, only my allowance can not do me for a month, I will appreciate if you do

  8. Oyejide Tope Dorcas

    Is of three tins ,I can use that five thousand to start baking of pufpuf, fruit selling and recharge subscription for a year .but if u ask me for one I will definitely go for selling of fruit………..

  9. Siantebe Raptured Kare

    With this free 5k, I’ll add it to my allowance to cover for my transport fare to and fro my PPA just because my PPA is quite far from my house

  10. I will use that money to start of a fruit business

  11. Sonoiki yewande oreoluwatayo

    I will add it with the money I am saving to pay for my fashion training

  12. Ayemi faith Tamaraupreye

    5,000 will go a long way for me……. Add to my allowance have been saving to start a petty business. Cos my ppa before u see things to buy u have to spend like 500 for transport and its really exhausting…. Thanks

  13. Am the first born, have 5siblings. If am chance to have the #5000. Will add it up to my brother school fees cos 80% of my allowee goes to them. Will realm appreciate. Thanks

  14. Abdulaziz Aliyu Usaini

    I will use it for buying this incoming harmattan stuffs.

  15. if you give me this 5k I will use it to buy jewelry immediately and start selling it infact i will be very happy cus it’s been a while I’ve been dreaming to start this business but no money

  16. Getting this 5k will help me in so many ways.

  17. GM, for me 5k will go a long way, I will use it to buy more recipes/ingredients for my catering business (saed) for puffpuff, buns,chinchin, cupcakes, fruits etc to sell at my PPA so as to make more money for upkeep. thanks…

  18. Firstly this 5000 will go a long way, because I will add it to my business budget, which I want to start by January, I want to start making chin chin, cup cake and so on to enable me for my 1year program… I will be glad of my request is granted… Thank you

  19. Getting accommodation is my uptomost pirioty now, and d worse is dat I was posted to town and getting a room dere is like getting 3 bedroom flat
    Biko dis 5k will go a long way for me in sorting out my accommodation


  20. Will use it to fill my gas and also transport to my SAED program

  21. I will add the #5000 to my November alawance to enable me complete my balance fee of the SAED training am attending.

  22. If am given 5000 naira today, I will simply go get food stuffs with it. That’s the most fulfilling thing that will count for me.

  23. I will add the 5k to my savings for a sewing machine

  24. I will add it to the money i have saved to start my business

  25. #5000 will definitely go a long way, I will add it to the money that I will use to obtain masters degree form

  26. I’ll use it to support my folks at home.

  27. Lekia, Barilugbene

    I will use it to support myself in my professional course

  28. As a copper, for some of us serving in interior Rural areas, 1k is equivalent to 1m. So 5k for me is like adding 5m to my allawee. So 5k will comfortable get me 50-100 seeds of Yam for next year planting. My target is 500 seedlings, so assisting me with maybe 100 seedlings is a boost to my entrepreneurship desire. I will plant and make a bumper harvest by his Grace come next year

  29. If am given 5000# I will use it to pay for my debt in church and reserve my 19800 for d remaining personal use

  30. Akinlabi Folashade O.

    I joined Barbeing class for my SAED training class. if am giving the #5,000 I will use it to get Clipper and so I can practice on my own as I will continue the training and also serve as means of income for me as a Female Barber which is one of my goals am achieving. Thanks

  31. I will use it to buy banger because my November and December allawe is for banger and knockout…..

  32. I’m still on my primary needs oo. i will find some other money to add to it and buy screentouch phone to do WHATSAPP, TWITTER E.T.C. Because the phone i have now can be use for only facebook and google.

  33. I sell recharge cards n pure water in my corpers lodge…and am planning to add other things like soft drinks… So 5k will go a loooooong way ooo…..my name is random😂so pick me

  34. I am serving in ogun state and here the state does not pay any stipend and also nothing as stipend from the public school I am rendring my service too. I rented an apartment on my own. The #5,000 will help me cover my transportation to work daily. Will be very happy if I am part of the chosen one.
    Thanks for the consideration

  35. If am given the 5k i will join it with the 15k am told to pay for my post camp training @ cake plannet in kaduna camp and start my cake training happily.

  36. I will add the 5k to my 19,800 and use to buy a nice thing to at least appreciate my sponsor who is not my parents this Xmas feast.

  37. I will be use these 5000k to my family

  38. I will use the 5k to buy exercise books and pens for the students who can’t afford enough exercise books for their lessons…

  39. Okoro onyinyechi bernancy

    If given 5k i will use it to warebill my crafish i bought here in Cross River to River State so that my mum will sell it for me

  40. With 5000 I can be able to sell bow-bow juice for children in a nursery/pupils school with buscuits, so to save the stress of getting outside during break. Then will advance.

  41. Kwembe Samuel Zever

    I add to my N19800 to start small scale business

  42. Kwembe Samuel Zever

    I will use the 5k and keep my N19800 save

  43. It will help me a lot to assist less privileges am assist at IDP camp Jos.

  44. To increase my assists the less privilege at IDP camp Jos.


    I will use the 5000 to sow new corpers uniform and add it to the one I already have so I will keep looking decent each time I dress on my khaki because am an ambassador of NYSC anywhere I go. So people will always have good impression about NYSC.

  46. Good evening ma, if I’m being given 5k I have a keen interest of elaborating my turbans, fascinators, autogele work, I can use the money to buy more materials and construct more turbans, fascinators and sell in my neighbors shop, I have a dream of opening a big beauty shop were I can teach more youth thereby reducing the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Thanks and goodnight ma

  47. With N5000. I will invest it in my recharge card business that I learnt during SAED and it will yield more profit .

  48. Irene Ezenga Oluchi

    If you are to give me 5k, I will add it up a start a entrepreneur business that will back me up in my service year. Thanks and God bless

  49. I will use the 5000 naira adding to another 5k from my allowance and learn post camp photography editing of my saed venture since I was able to purchase a camera already all I need is to learn the editing part in photography of which the post camp training is 10,000 thanks

  50. I can use use 5000 to purchase 5 power banks abroad, at the comfort of my home with my phone and sell to friends @ #2000 and above

  51. If am lucky to win this 5000 I will give it to my mum to add to her recharge card business because she is depending on me as the first child of the family

  52. If am lucky, in my place of PPA to buy recharge card is a problem, i want add 5k from my allawee and stat my small business of selling recherge card

  53. I will add 5k from my allawee and stat small business of selling recharge card because in my ppa to buy recharge card is a problem wehave long distance

  54. Good morning, if am chance to win the #5,000 i will be using it to sell groundnut and plantein.

  55. if i get the 5k, i will use it to support the money for my marriage

  56. Lola pos pos pos, If I’m been giving the 5k, I will add it to the contribution of women empowerment I’m running in rural areas. The 5k contribution monthly will make women not to face domestic violence in their various home, no woman will be a liability to her family. And at the end of every year, we will do a banner of you through out where the 5k has touched.

  57. with the #5000, i would want to start a mini business within my lodge where i can be selling egg and recharge card.

  58. I will use the 5000 To support my personal CDs on girl child empowerment in my locality…..

  59. I forgot to add that i came to know this site and have been veiwing it everyday for a month now because someone shared a content of it in my timeline on facebook. since then, it has been my favourate place of seeking NYSC important information. Whenever i open this site i would see, FOLLOW US ON TWITTER OR JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP i can’t join because am using this small phone and Several times when i read information here which i wanted others to know too, it pains me alot because i can’t share it with others becos of phone. If am chance with 5k, i wil beg for some money and straight i go to buy phone.

  60. I will add it to my Dec upkeep!!!

  61. I will join it to all the allowee that I have been saving to start a provision store.

  62. I can use 5,000 to buy more beads and bead tools(like i don’t have flat nose tool currently); it will help my bead making business, this is festive season… no dulling jare

  63. Small plans give birth to bigger visions, i discuss ambition not Vision so, the 5k will be part of my vision.

  64. I will add the #5,000 to the money I planned to get foodstuff and clothes for the less privileged in my state.

  65. I’ll save it since it’s not part of my budget.

  66. Bada oluwasanmi Victor

    I will be a sole distributor of Gino max product.

  67. Am queen from enugu state. will use it to buy underwear’s. I have two set of underwear’s am managing, I will use it to increase the number of my underwear

  68. Ahmed abdulaziz abba

    Will add it to my recharge card business

  69. I will use the 5000naira to buy drugs for my asthma

  70. I will use the money to buy inhaler for my asthma.

  71. If am opportune to be the luckiest corper, I’ll divide the 5k into two. I’ll sacrifice the 1st half to the poor and needy because this season is a season of ‘ Giving Willingly and Sacrificially ‘. And I’ll use the 2nd half to buy some things for my three kids. God loves and bless a cheerful giver, and I believe He’ll bless me again and my allowee to start a business soon

  72. If am choosing and given 5k, I will use it to start Ankara business I will buy small Ankara since am rounding up very soon with service.

  73. Glory Edwin Bassey

    I will use the money to buy a sewing machine to start my own business

  74. if am lucky enough to win this 5k…i’ll just donate it as my own contribution towards the xmas carol my ppa is planning to do for the kids

  75. I’ve been hanging on a thread since av bn posted to ikire in osun state where there is no electricity for months now…if am lucky enough to win, i’ll just add the 5k to the money am saving to buy a ‘i better pass my neighbour’ generator. Thanks

  76. Ogunyemi blessing

    If I happen to be among the lucky winner I first pay my tithe and add the remaining balance to the little have saved to construct a local oven for baking

  77. Uliagbafusi Chukwuma

    If I am lucky, I will add it to the one I am saving to buy a new wheelchair. The one I am using now is discomforting me and making it hard for me in my PPA.

  78. I will partner with pure water company/industry to buy and supply daily at morning and evening

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