2 Vital Things Every Corpers Must Do Before Travelling For December

HEY! dear Corps members! December is right here and am sure not even the NYSC DG have the power to keep some people from travelling. You have the right to travel for sure, just make sure you do the two vital things am going to talk about below before you zoom off.

The mind of some of us has been at home since the beginning of November. Nobody want to miss the Christmas, family dinner, friends visit and new year food.

Before I will proceed, I will like to greet you all and commend your efforts and commitment to the National Youth Service Corps.

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2 Vital Things To Do

Straight to the reason why am writing this, which is to tell you two vital things you must do before you travel out of PPA for December. Please pay attention and forget the Christmas food and the sound of banger for now. Most of we girls hate banger, not because of the sound or whatever, it’s actually because we are scared of ermm.. You can complete the statement.

First Vital Information

The first vital thing to do before you travel for December is that you must do your November clearance which will take place by first week of December. On no account should you travel without doing the clearance for November. You shouldn’t be in so much hurry and then miss it. If you miss it, you are on your own and only God can help you. The stress of fixing it is always not worth it.

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Second Vital Information

The second vital information which I know a lot of you guys will disagree with me is to take permission at your PPA. If you are serving in a School and you are on holiday, this might not really apply to you, but for others, you need to take a permission. Even if you are in a School, try to talk to the CLO of the principal about your journey. They will kúkú not stop you from Travelling.

Not Vital But Advicable

This is not among the main point but I just want to chip it into it. Am advicing all of you to at least get something for Mum, Dad and your brothers and sisters. You don’t even know how a Dodo Ikire or a Sack of Onnions can make these lovely parents happy. You will all agree with me you can’t pay back one quarter of the care, but at least a little gift from your allowance can go a long way. No matter how small or little it is, get something to take home. Buy a pack of chin chin for the street kids and let them see that you care.

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This is what I have for you for this December and I will be so happy if you can share this with the below buttons.
If you have anything to say or ask, you can use the comment box below. If you also have a story to share, comment “I have a story” in the comment box and I will contact you asap.

Thank you all for reading and may God grant you a safe Journey as you travel for this December. The blood of Jesus is all over you and God shall protect and be the Driver.


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