NYSC Official Update On Portal Closure & Re-opening For Stream I & II

NYSC Update On Batch B Stream II – Official

This is to inform 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream II PCMs who are yet to register including those who could not complete their registration that portal will be opened for Online Registration today 19th June, 2019.

PCMs who were mobilized in 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream I and did not go to camp will be notified when to re-print their call-up letters. Those who were mobilized in 2019 Batch ‘A’ and previous batches should revalidate.

The portal is also open for part-time graduates.

Previous UPDATEs

This is an update specially to our dear NYSC 2019 Batch B Stream II prospective Corp members to know the latest happening and have the information on ground about Stream II.

Either you have found “You will be notified when to print your call-Up letter.” on your dashboard or you are intentionally skipping Stream I thinking the NYSC allowance will increase by the time Stream II will hit camp. In as much as you belong to Stream II, this update is for you.


According to the NYSC management:

“The portal will be open for Stream II on Wednesday 19th June 2019.”

The portal will be open again for Stream II registration on the 19th of June 2019. If you have been unable to register or complete your registration, you will be able to do so once the portal is open.

Senate List

The NYSC management has confirmed that the Uploads of senate is still in progress and institutions are still compiling and uploading names to the NYSC Portal. If you are yet to see your name on the NYSC portal for senate list you can contact your school for information.

Orientation Camp Date

There has been rumors all around but the fact is their is no official date for stream II Orientation camp date for now. After registration, a date will be announced by the management and it will be communicated to you.

For now, just relax and stay connected.

Previous Update

The NYSC management’s has announced the date that the NYSC registration portal will close for Stream I and also when it will be open again for Stream II. See also: NYSC 2019 Batch B Orientation Camp Date – Official Announcement

This information is contained in an official announcement by the NYSC management. READ the exact announcement below to find out the date for the closure and Opening of the registration portal.

“This is to inform 2019 Batch ‘B’ Stream I PCMs that Online Registration ends tomorrow 12th June 2019. The portal will be open for Stream II on Wednesday 19th June 2019.” See also: NYSC Batch B 2019 State of Deployment Prediction – 84% Accuracy

This is a confirmation by the Management that there is no extension for NYSC 2019 Batch B stream I online registration. The portal will be closed for registration tomorrow 12th, June 2019. See also: 5 Reasons You Should Not Carry Your Laptop To NYSC Camp

Once the portal is closed, the next thing will be to wait for the NYSC call-up letter and be ready to begin the service year.

On the other hand, prospective Corp members who fall to stream II will be able to start their own online registration by Wednesday 19th, June 2019. If you belong to stream II, just cool off and wait for your turn. See also: Tips For Nursing And Pregnant Women During NYSC Orientation Camp

Stay connected and stay with us. More helpful tips and a lot of benefits are still coming up. If you are yet to drop your details for me to predict where you are going to serve, CLICK HERE and let me show you the future.

If you have anything to say or you need any information or you are still having registration challenges, use the comment box below.

Please share and thank you for reading.

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  1. Edo
    Kano Enugu osun kwara

  2. Azidiegwu Chukwuemerie Chibueze

    If I buy the waec verification pin to change my date of birth, will it have effect immediately?

  3. my state of deployment is only showing the 1st and 2nd state the 3rd and 4th is not opening what should I do

  4. Edo
    Kogi, kaduna delta, enugun

  5. Adene Titilade Sunmade

    Pls, I registered on 8th of June and uploaded all the necessary document for married pcm . but the status approval is pending as well as the comment.my callup number is NYSC/UAA/2019/163813.

  6. hi Lola…I have gotten my call up number and green card but i applied for concessional deployment but it’s not approve yet..I registered since on Saturday… please do I still belong to stream 1

  7. hello,will i be able to go with stream 2 just incase if i didn’t show up in camp with stream 1.

  8. Hello, does that mean we’re entering camp on 18th June?

  9. Please I m having issues with my name and I ve already apply for correction but up till now it has not reflect, since on Friday

  10. Hello Lola. Thanks for your help all along. Please my consension deployment is yet to be approved. Any idea why the approval is pending?and what should I do please

  11. Please how do we know which stream one belongs in this batch?

  12. Said Abubakar Sulaiman

    Pls. Can I apply for change of name twice because I made mistake on the first one.

  13. Said Abubakar Sulaiman

    State of origin Kano, Institution Kano, State chosen: Benue, Osun, Gombe and Akwa Ibom. Pls help me predict.

  14. I haven’t started my registration for batch B at all, can I still qualify to register for stream Il

  15. Dan'azumi Bello

    Hello ma, I want to ask question about the senate approve list if you open it today you would able to see the names and when you come tomorrow you will not see it again what is happening ma, thanks

  16. NYSC just sent me a message saying my passport photography is not clear that I should recapture it now

  17. I am having issues with the spelling of my name.instead of ike uchechi Linda.it was spelled as Ike Uchechi Linka.please I want it corrected soon.

  18. Good evening….. I’m from Enugu state
    Graduated from UNN,
    First choice = Taraba state,
    Second choice= Ogun state
    Third choice = Sokoto
    Fourth chouce= Ebonyi state

  19. Ifediora Ifunanya

    Please should I still go ahead and register or wait for stream 11 registration to begin? Thanks

  20. please, will there be fresh registration for stream 2 ie. new senate list

  21. So all stream 1 that have registered are going!!! Not that some will still be waiting for stream 2

  22. Hello pls I need your assistant on the issues of my Nysc registration am just 31years old and am not qualified to be mobilized and I wished to serve what should I do thanks.

  23. My name is on Senate list but I can’t register due to my jamb registration as been use by none and I can’t proceed with my registration and I which to go for the stream 2 if I should do another regularization will nysc mobilize me again or what should I do thanks

    • Odiete Akpaisiri Dennis

      Hi Lola, thanks for your regular and timely updates…I did not see you will be notified when to print your call up letter on my dashboard… and I couldn’t print my call up letter from stream 1. Please what do I do, as I’m not sure if I’ll be in stream 2 . I did my stream 1 registration few days to the closing date and had printed out my green card

  24. Abiodun Oladosu

    Wen i registered it was only 2 slots available but i did it like day,n i got my call up number,but wen i check my dashboard around 2a.m dz morning,i saw enter ur 4 slots for state of choice.I did it n sent it n it says completed.Later i checked print d call up later but says u re yet to be deployed try later.Can i still go wt dz stream 1 or 2.Tnk u
    Origin Osun
    Choice- Kano,Akwa ibom,Nassarawa,Abia.

  25. Oluwatosin omotosho

    PLEASE READ: Gooday, while i was registering as married for batch B,i got logged out and i had not uploaded all my documents, i tried loggin in again, n d site had already updated my status as single,i went to nysc office at surulere to make the complaint and i was told the documents i was able to upload before i got logged out, is visible at their back end,that there was an ongoing work on the site at that time and it affected me and there is nothing they can do about it, i am going with stream 2 and i am a nursing mother, please is there anyway to rectify my status. P.S, i would have done redeployment on getting to the camp but My baby is just 7months old and i cant travel with him.pls what do i do?

  26. NYSC have sent me the approval of date of birth , but upto now I didn’t see any information in my dashboard, pls, this what is meant, your suggestion.

  27. Institution-Unilag
    Origin Osun
    Choice Kano,Akwa ibom, Nassarawa,Abia

  28. Egwu success chidimma

    Pls i heard unec. university of Nigeria Enugu Campus list is out. yet i can’t find my record in nysc Senate list for stream 2.

    • Ask your friends if they have seen theirs

      • Hello lola please i need few information from you..I was to go for nysc batch A but didn’t complete my registration then i went for revalidation for batch b stream 1 still did not get any info on my dashboard saying you have not yet been mobilised upload all valid document and all my documents has been uploaded now i’m still waiting for a reply for stream 2 and my dashboard still says same thing.. ok i wrote Neco last year and added it to my waec to get 5 credit as requested i don’t know why i haven’t been mobilised..The cafe guy uploaded my documents more than once..I’m a foreign student my friends have gone for nysc in same school and department..but mine is taking really long Thanks..

    • Abiodun Oladosu

      Mz Lola u haven’t replied my comments.
      State of Origin -Osun
      Choice -Kano,Akwa ibom, Nassarawa,Abia
      On my dash board it showed u re not yet bn deployed, check later,am I going wt stream 2.

  29. Plz lola I registered early but I was not I stream 1from abu, Zaria my question is that when are starting print the call up later of bacht b stream 2?

  30. Masud Munirat Akajewole

    Good morning aunty Lola,pls I have seen my state of depoly,but I haven’t print my green card and call up letter.Can I follow stream II ?

  31. I’m skipping batch b stream 1, do I have to revalidate to go with stream 2 or what do I do?
    Tank you

  32. please when will stream 11 registratiin end

  33. Nysc portal has not been opened for stream 2 yet ma

  34. Please aunty lola,my date of birth on the Senate approved list is different from that of jamb,pls what should i do ma?

  35. Please for those who have completed their registration before but see *Sorry you will b notify when to o your call up letter*. And now I can see on the site that they will do a fresh registration again please are we paying another 3k to NYSC to print our green card again? Thanks 🙏 🙏

  36. Lola gud morning, pls I want to know d indices used by NYSC management during the selections of PCM who falls under stream 1 and 2. DIz is bcos I did my registration on d 1st day of june, as at 11:16 AM. which is d very first day d portal was open 4 d registration. But I was nt short listed among stream 1 PCM. Rather some of my friends we did d registration together and even those who registered a week later were able to print their Call up Letters. Pls let me know why. Thanks

  37. I must say a big thank you for all the information you share here. Lola, you have saved me a lot of stress and I really appreciate your effort for making things clear for us. Thank you so much.

    Please I’ll like to know the following.

    1) How do I know I am in Batch B stream II since I don’t know if my name was on the verified senate list before the Batch B stream I set?

    2) Today, I visited the NYSC portal to commence registration for Batch B stream II but I saw “NO ACTIVE REGISTRATION.” Please what does it mean?

    Thank you so much.

    • Thanks dearie, you made my day.
      1. We’re you able to complete your registration?

      • Ok…update on my question. As at the time I asked you the question, the portal was not yet open for registration so I couldn’t create my account. But immediately I asked the question, I decided to try again and it opened.

        I have been able to do my registration and I am now awaiting my call up number and green card (and subsequently my call up letter).

        I was also able to select these areas for deployment:

        1. Abuja,
        2. Lagos,
        3. Cross River and
        4. Kaduna

        Though I know it may not matter eventually. I hope it does.

        Thank you once again LOLA PRINCESS. Keep up the good work you are doing.

  38. Pls I have all ready print my call-up letter and I can’t go bcos my 8months baby is very ill and I was posted to bayelsa state why am living in Abuja pls I can I still go with stream 2

  39. Good evening ma, pls ma my birth date complete 30 in April 2019 can I still go for service?

  40. Good Evening lola,pls Dont Say Our Wahala Is Too Much Ma.
    My? is dis,i will lyk to know ur take on taraba state based on d following
    2.social lyf
    4.employment opportunity
    my pals re giving me negative vibes abt d state on security palava,i did not believe dem nt until d recent security issue of d fulani herdmens killing pple,burning building etc.
    infact i had to skip camp becuz of it.

    waiting for response ma.

  41. Good evening Lola.. Please I tried doing my registration yesterday and it said you are in stream 2 and will be able to register at a later date.. Don’t know what’s wrong

  42. Good evening ma, I wanted to correct my date of birth during the stream 1 registration bt could not and now it’s no more appearing on my dashboard. Pls what do I do?

  43. Evening ma pls regarding my question on the mistake in my date of birth I have completed my registration and submit and I have a call up number and I just saw a notification that am in stream be on my dashboard, do I need to do the correction again?

  44. Good morning ma, please ma I just finish my registration yesterday and have summitted it and is showing that I should print my call up number please ma can I still make correction on my dob even when have summitted it already??? Thank u ma

  45. Good evening Ma, I was supposed to go for Nysc batch B, but circumstances beyond my control happened. Can I go with any other batch? Do I need to do mobilization again? My name is already on my school list

  46. Gud morning and Sunday to my dearest princesses Lola. my challenge now is dat b4 d portal was open 4 registration. I checked my name from d graduation list of my institution on NYSC portal and it was correct. But wen d Senate list was updated my name were wrongly place. I decided 2 visits d student’s Affairs unit 2 5n out why but d officer was nt there. There after d portal was open 4 registration & I proceeded 4 it. after d registration my name still comes up as d one on d Senate list. I later apply 4 correction of name online & it was effected later b4 I print my green card which carries my normal name. But now d issue is dat I have collected my certificate from my institution which still carries d wrong name from d Senate list. I belong 2 stream ll & I have applied 4 d correction of name in my certificate & I’m told it Wil take some months 2 correct it, that I should go 2 camp with it until I return. pls I just want 2 know if d certificate will be accepted in d camp next month. if not what should I do. pls I really needs ur advice thanks.

    • The certificate will be accepted in NYSC camp but I will advice you to do one thing. Can you try to contact your school to give you a “To WHOM” that you can use temporarily with the certificate till they fix it.

  47. Goodevening, please I did all my registrations with stream 1, I printed my green card and was deployed but didn’t print my call up letter. Now I want to rejoin stream 2, what should I do??? Will I do another registration???

  48. Good evening princess Lola, thanks allot for the information so far please the icon for the correction of my date of birth has still not appear on my dashboard o, pls what do I do?

  49. Good morning Lola, guess you’re doing great.
    Is there going to be another senate list for batch B stream 2 and when please?

  50. please when will Nysc give order for schools to upload new names for stream 2?

  51. Good evening ma I ought to go with batch b stream 1 but due to the place I was posted to (kano) I couldn’t go but have already printed my call up letter and I went to revalidate yesterday,state options wasn’t brought for me does that mean I’m still going to kano or what please I need reply

  52. Good morning ma…
    I have been trying to check my call up number for batch B stream 2 but I have not seen anything like that on myj dash board. Please what do I do?

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