Tips For Nursing And Pregnant Women During NYSC Orientation Camp

Tips For Nursing And Pregnant Women During NYSC Orientation Camp

Concerning nursing mothers and pregnant women, you would not be allowed to stay fully in camp for the 3 weeks. After your registration, you will be decamped because they feel that the camp is not conducive enough for your condition and state of health. See also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

The policy is done to forestall avoidable emergency that may occur to the expectant mothers during the 3 weeks orientation Program, which entails some rigorous physical exercises

Also the camp clinics are not equipped enough for pre and post-natal services and maternity emergencies and treatments. And the strenuous exercises in the Camp which may jeopardize the health of the mother and the unborn child. See also: Top 10 Reasons Why Serving In The Village Is Awesome

The clinics on camp are emergency clinics some hide to stay because they want to enjoy freedom from home maybe or just do not want to miss out on the fun. As I say it is once in a lifetime experience o.

Well for some pregnant corper that are not that heavy and who insist they must be on camp and doge officials who would want them to leave, they can be given exemption letters from the camp clinic to be excluded from rigorous activities and some stressful exercises. See also: Top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC

Serving with pregnancy is definitely not an easy adventure because you cannot compare yourself to a fellow corper, who is not pregnant.

For those who want to stay, pregnant women are given priorities in some things like the almighty queuing up. The environment of the camp though conducive is not suitable for nursing mothers while pregnant corps members cannot go through the various exercises and other rigorous programs. see also: Top 10 Scam Methods Prospective Corps Members Should Not Fall For

So my candid and sincere advice is that pregnant and nursing mothers should just abide by the decamping rules. Have a lovely time.

If you have further questions don’t forget to ask below.

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  1. please I have a child of 2 years old and I want to go to camp with her bcoz there is no one she will stay with, can I be allow to stay?

  2. Please if you are pregnant do you need to go to camp with a pregnancy test report?

  3. can I be allow to camp with a four months pregnant

  4. Pls I’m a single mom, and my daughter is a year and 4months and I just can’t leave her and besides my mom is old. Seriously she can’t take care of my daughter at all. Now d issue is if I’m posted to abia for instance, can I redeploy to Bayelsa where my mom and daughter are cos that’s where we leave. I mean Bayelsa

  5. My baby is a year and some days I don’t want to camp,hope I will be allowed to go after registration

  6. I have a two year old boy, there’s no one to take care of him. Will I be excused from camp after registration?

  7. I have a 11months old twins girls, pls can i be allow to stay in the camp bcos i just don’t want to miss the fun?

  8. Hi! I’m married but I’m not pregnant and I’m not breast feeding can I still be exempted from camp?

  9. Pls I was suppose to go with stream1 but couldn’t because my result wasn’t ready. Is there any other thing i need to do to be able to go with stream 11 apart from re-printing the call-up letter

  10. Hello Lola,I was granted exeat from camp and I equally applied for a relocation,pls ,what’s the next step now?

  11. Hi lola, I am pregnant and I left the camp immediately after my registration. I registered with batch c stream 2, we ought to leave the camp dec 18 but I left due to my condition. My question is I heard we will also be paid same salary as those in camp. But I need to be in camp on the 11th. While some said is till the last day in camp I.e 18th dec, please shed more light

  12. Hello Lola I’m from rivers state and I school in Rivers since I’m working now is it possible to transfer me to Rivers after camp?

  13. Hi lola, since nursing mothers are decamped after mysc registration, do they still need medical fitness report.

  14. Please Lola will a baby sitter or nanny be allowed into the camp?

  15. My date of birth is 11/07/1990.
    I got admission in 2014-2018.
    Due to strike,we graduated in 2019.
    Our statement of result was approved 09/02/2021.
    Can I still serve? I am 30 now

  16. I’m 3 weeks pregnant, can I go to camp?

  17. Pls is pregnancy test required in camp aside the medical of fitness cos my bump isn’t too obvious yet..Will I explain it to them or What should I do

  18. Please can I be allowed to enter camp with my 2 years old child and also apply for exit and leave camp same day.

  19. I am 8 months pregnant and I am going to camp this May 2021 but I don’t have marriage certificate. Will they redeploy me automatically to my state of residence or do I need to provide the marriage certificate for them to decamp me.

  20. I am a nursing mother am I still entitled to allowance before leaving camp

  21. Jimoh rashidat

    Will a nursing mother still go with a domicile letter?

  22. Please lola, I don’t have my marriage certificate because I haven’t done my white wedding but I have my 10months old baby, will it be possible for me to be deployed to where my husband is without the marriage certificate.

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