ASUU Begins Indefinite Nationwide Strike - Here Is The Full Story

Will ASUU Strike Afect NYSC Mobilization? – Satisfying Answer

Will ASUU strike affect the NYSC 2019 mobilization is the question that prospective corps members are asking or at least looking for an explanation to. That is exactly what this post is going to address so that you can know about the possibilities. See also: Let’s SOLVE All NYSC Questions & Issues – I reply In 2 Minutes Or Less

If you are actually looking for a Yes Or No answer to this question, am sorry I am going to disappoint you because the answer depends on a few explanation and circumstances.

While most of the clearance and NYSC Senate list compilation is done by the Division of Student affairs. The DSA is not among ASUU and we might think the strike will not affect but if all the results has not been sent to the ICT center by the HOD who are part of ASUU, it is going to affect your mobilization. See also: Which State Do You Wish To Serve And Why?

ASUU Strike And Mobilization Possibilities

If all your results has been released and you have done your clearance before the ASUU Strike, you will be mobilized because DSA will be in charge.

If all your results are yet to be released by the lecturers and HODs, I think there might be a delay a little especially if the lecturers are not willing to co-operate. See also: How To Make Money With NYSC Registration (Legit! Up to #270, 000)

If you are yet to do clearance and all your results has been released, you still have a chance of going with 2019 Batch A because the DSA is the one that will take it up from there.

The final possibility is that everybody might go for NYSC even if your institution is affected by ASUU. All it will require is a meeting with the lecturers and since ASUU strike only forbid them from lecturing and not from releasing results they can still release results and clear you for NYSC mobilization. See also: NYSC Registration Requirements

Your institution have no gain or profit for delaying you for NYSC. It will affect their own personal Timetable and that is why they will want you to go for NYSC.

The best way to find out about your respective institution is to contact your school and ask questions. And if you have any questions to ask, just use the comment box below.

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