Top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC

Top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC

Top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC is a very powerful list that will give you some real time hacks to save During your National Youth Service Corps

It’s easy to save when you are making up to N50,000 and above every month. But when all you are getting is the N19,800 which is not even enough in the first place, then saving becomes a little complicated.

The Never Enough Mentality is one of the obstacles that makes it hard for Corps members to save During service. I know you have a lot to do, you want to be comfortable, you want to do this or do that, but the fact is that you can still save out of that token. And that is exactly what this list is all about. Read Also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

Top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC

I already told enough of my story and friend’s on this blog just to show you that you don’t need a super power or ability to save from your N19,800 monthly allowance. If you have been thinking about saving during NYSC and you need ideas and tips, this article will definitely give you a head start. Below are top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC

1. Determination

Determination is a strong will to do something and you are going to be needing it to save During NYSC. A guy told me, he said “Lola, I determined to be saving 10k every month during NYSC but I ended up saving nothing” I told him his determination is not strong enough.

I know some people have a flexible heart that is easy to change, but that is again because your determination is not strong enough. When you consider the reasons to save During NYSC, you will have some aggressive determination that will make things work.

There are lots of things that will want to make you finish your NYSC allowance on the go, but always remember that Lola said “When your determination is really strong, you can achieve the impossible” The first step to a successful saving habits during NYSC is a strong determination. Read also: Top 10 Reasons You Will Remain Broke After NYSC

2. Start From 3rd Month

Saving from the little N19,800 from the first month might cause a K-leg in this saving habit because you really have a lot to do with the first and second allowee. You are in a strange state, a strange PPA and you need money to put some things into place and get comfortable.

One of my friends that I forced to save 10k every months finished with the 2017 Batch B Stream II with over N100k called me and said “Lola, you made me do it and am glad I did”

The point am driving at is that I told him to start at the 3rd Month. Although it was a bit struggle for him, but now, his all good happy he did it.

The first two months might be neck breaking and discouraging if you are trying to save from it. But once you make up your mind to spend the first 2 allowee to balance up things, from the 3rd Month, you could start saving. Another tip to save During NYSC is to start around the 3rd month. Read also: Top 10 Reasons You Should Save During NYSC

3. Money Is Important Consciousness

If we no make money wetin we gain o.. Wetin we gain?

You know that song right? That is the money is important consciousness. As a male Corper especially, you have to cultivate the mindset that money is very important and you need to save as much as you have the capability.

Money is very useful and you cannot just be broke after NYSC* because the journey is still warming up. You will face a lot of challenges early as you just finish your NYSC. But when you have a little saving breathing in your bank account, you will feel less stress. You need money and more money in life. To help you build up the saving habit, always remind yourself that you need money.

4. Investment

Another of the top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC is to invest. Invest in a business or your own personal career. Investment is like saving for the future. I have a couple of business ideas both online or offline in my Be a Boss section and you can find anyone to invest on.

Do not wait for After NYSC before you start investing. If any opportunity shows up while serving, you should take it. I started investing online while I was serving and that’s what is paying me now. So charging you to invest in legit business and opportunities. Read also: Top 10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC

5. Look For Extra Source

While Corps members who are serving in schools don’t have any excuse not to have another source on income because they have all the time.

I know of a female Corper Who make up to 12k every month from extra lessons, coaching and tutorial and personal teaching. She arranged the date and time so that she don’t over work herself. Making soft 12k extra every month will make saving allowee more easier.

Your school did not allow you to extra lesson or they over work you? I wrote an article about things you can do during NYSC to make extra money, just check it out. Instead of having all the freedom and having all the fun, you can spend part of the time to make extra cash. Read also: 10 Things You Should Do During Your Service Year

6. Try Saving N10k

One mistake most Corps Members make in their decision to save is saving more than they can bear. You say “Lola, I can save N15,000 or even save everything” I will tell you that you are only kidding me. Remember you have a lot to spend money on, you have a lot of bills to settle.

If you start saving 10k from N19,800, you will have N9,800 to spend every month. Before you subscribe, buy food stuffs, and do some other things, the N9,800 will vanish. So the idea of saving 15k or more should be out of the bucket. Start by saving 10k.

7. Try Saving N7k Or More

While no 6 might be a little bit gross, you can try Saving 7k or more. I was saving 7k during my service and it was easy. So if you cannot save up to 10k from the 3rd Month, you can try with 7k or more. You can even save as little as 5k or 4k.

It’s all about saving an amount from the NYSC allowance. You might have a tough time saving 10k and above, but I can assure you that 7k is not a bad idea. If you are saving 7k every month, in 10 months you will have N70,000. That is enough money for whatever next after NYSC.

I served and have friends who are serving and saving, so this is not impossible. Read also: Top 10 NYSC Highest Paying States

8. Acquire A Skill

My number one recommendation for every Corps members is to acquire a skill during the NYSC service year. SAED is one of the best thing in NYSC and you should take a very good advantage of it during the orientation camp.

A lot of smart Corps members always choose their particular aspect of interest during SEAD in camp and then proceed to acquire the full skill after NYSC Camp. One of the ways to save During the NYSC service year is to acquire a skill.

A handwork, a professional skill and more are always very cheap during NYSC and you should take advantage of that. Save for the future by acquiring a skill that can fetch you money after NYSC or become a big things later. Read also: Online Jobs In Nigeria That Can Make You Very Rich

9. Cut Down Expenses

Expenses are something you can never do without, they will keep coming until you finish your NYSC allowance. A friend of mine always say, it’s like NYSC allowance is a blood money because they way it vanishes, only God understand. It’s not blood money, it’s just that there are more expenses to cover.

To help you save some money during NYSC, you need to cut down expenses and save for the season to come. If you are a type that buy a lot of beverages, food stuffs, drinks and others, you could cut it down a little to balance it up. While enjoying yourself, you can still cut down some stuffs.

10 Have A Record

Has it ever occurs to you that you get alert today and by next week, you already spend 10k from it without anything to account for. That is the spirit of money. One way to save During NYSC is to keep track and have a record of the way you are spending your money.

I know these top 10 Killer Ways To Save During NYSC might not be easy at first, but they are something you can do. Just try as much as possible to have some savings.

Please share this article and let your friends get these tips to help everyone try Saving. NYSC Allowance is small, I agree. The fact is you can still save part of it.

Thanks for reading.

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