Best Ways Avoid Hard-To-Rectify Mistakes During NYSC Registrationshare your registration experience

NYSC 2020 Batch A: Share Your Registration Experience

This is a thread for NYSC 2019 Batch C prospective Corps members to share their NYSC registration experience. Either you have successfully completed your online registration, still on it or yet to register. We want you to share the experience below. 

Although some institutions are yet to upload their senate list, some claimed to have sent the list to NYSC but it is yet to be on the NYSC portal and several PCM are still out there unable to find their names on the NYSC portal. Uploads will still be in progress. See also: NYSC Registration Requirements For Batch A 2020 – Official

If you are seeing “No record Found” just keep checking and don’t panic. You are not the only one.

This post is to enable Prospective Corp members to share their NYSC registration experience so as to know what they are passing through at their respective locations. See also: NYSC Green Card – Explanation, Details, And Sample

Specify your state or area and share how the NYSC registration has been going at your side.

If you have a particular challenge or facing some issues, share the experience below and maybe someone who is passing through such a situation might be helpful. See also: Best Ways Avoid Hard-To-Rectify Mistakes During NYSC Registration

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  1. I have successfully done my re validation this morning around 9-10am.
    The portal is fine and no congestion yet because some pcms were still in doubt maybe it’s today or not.

  2. If you are a foreign graduate, you need to be swift when you get to step 4 (uploading of documents) because the site will time you out fast and you’ll have to start all over from step 1. I restarted 4 times.

  3. If you name is noy correctly spelt on the Senate list.. how do one go about changing that

  4. I have Successfully done my registration.
    The portal was fine and going but making of payment was not possible

  5. Registration isn’t working

  6. I have also done my revalidation successfully around 8:20 a.m without any issues. I picked; Kano, Anambra, Taraba, Ondo ranging from 1-4. I’m from Bayelsa and I hope I won’t be given Ondo state because it is still South. I don’t want want South that is why I picked Ondo as my 4th choice.

  7. Iam yet to do my registration for batch A, my name was on the Senate list for last batch C but could not make it cause of late reg .. please what are the steps and requirements for the batch A registration.. tnx

    • I need clarity

    • I finished my registration on the 20th, and they have sent my call up later, but lately , i cant seem to view my dashboard because an error page displayed, with this information written
      “Opps, you are unable to view the page. It may be a temporary problem or the name of the page you are requesting has changed”
      Please what could be the cause and how it can be rectified. I havent printed my call-up latet

  8. Am lucky from Lagos.
    I have been trying to make payment since on the 22nd and till 23rd as I make this comment, I have not been able to do so.
    This issue is really frustrating.

  9. Pls who am I to contact for the nysc kit I want to buy

  10. Have done successfully done my registration as well, but I didn’t do revalidation and I was mobilized with batch C. I hope isn’t going to affect anything

  11. Pls ooo, while checking my name on the Senate list I can find my name on the list but while trying to register in the cause of lookup Senate, it gives a response that my name is not yet on Senate list or so

  12. having registered then i was told to go back to my school to proceed for my exemption letter but rather have the priviledge of my waec result that qualified me to be moblize after i was bought waec verification pin three day back no reply since three days what should i do before the date end

  13. what next immediatly i bought waec verification pin and place the request into the dadhboard and where its necessary to wipe up expemption letter pasted on my dboard that could enable me to be moblize as far as my waec date of birth was not outdated due to this therefore, the date supplied by my institution was above the limitations , besides three days back no reply from the quarters of nysc and what next

  14. Dear Lola I commend your great work, but pls help me out here, my school mobilized me for batch C last year, but they made a mistake, they inputed the wrong course, now I can see my name on the graduation list with that wrong course but can’t find my name on the senate list because my reg number is conflicting with the wrong course so please can dis be corrected and what should I do, should I go ahead and do my registration. Thank you

  15. I did my registration since on the 20th,till now I haven’t gotten my call up number,am worried,

    Am a foreign student..

  16. Pls oooooooo, I don register ND made payment successfully, in fact d green card have been printed but there is a mistake in d address. How can I make correction

  17. Plz oooooooooo, I’ve registered nd made d payment successfully but there was a mistake in d address. I discovered that after printing d green card, pls what can I do to correct it.

  18. furtunately, early this morning the correction had been rectify thereon my dashb. Having filled up my waec verifica pin appropriately, that why I was allowed to choose the state of my choice for deployment, imagine its obvious to me and as opportunity given by the officials of nysc as far, the Nigeria state of affairs is concerned, before given admission into any institutions that could ehancing the lateness of date of birth before service, everyone should considered waec exam as utmost that they could rely on thanks all officials of nysc and thank lola for your info through the platform of nysc whatapp.

  19. Good morning Lola, what is a green card?

  20. Hello,

    Please I am a student of Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, Our school uploaded our name on Senate list on Wednesday which means, we are just able to register but about two hours later , there is no state available for deployment.

    Please what is our hope on this ?

    Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Thanks .

  21. I did my registration yesterday but i haven’t choose any states because of the not available issues..pls whatsup with that?

  22. After completion of your information, it shows no more available slot, I have been getting this info yesterday

  23. Hello! I registered for batch A but with my phone, now I can’t thumbprint and when I get to the cafe I was told there are no more states available.. Hope am safe? And which batch am I going to be mobilized with. I haven’t paid

  24. “We are sorry” that is what my dash board say and it also says, “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed,
    or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable” pls what those that because I didn’t see anything except that pls help me out

  25. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed,
    or had processing error or is temporarily unavailable” that’s what my dash board says pls what those that mean or those it mean I am blocked pls explain to me ma

  26. Hello lola ,I did my online registration and I printed my green card already ,but at the column where its suppose to show my kit and sizes it didnt indicate it but just ruled a straight red line,I want to ask hope it wont affect my registration process in camp .

  27. I registered but there was no available states again. What should I do?

  28. I’m trying to buy WAEC verification pin in order to change my date of birth but I couldn’t purchase from first bank as instructed then I tried buying online, my money was deducted but the pin wasn’t given to me.

    Also, if I change my date of birth today, how long will it take to reflect on my dashboard, will it delay my call up letter or deprive me from serving with this Batch A stream one?

  29. Hi lola, I made a mistake with my contact number, how do I change it?

  30. I hand some issues not with registeration, i did mine
    Yesterday but no state for deployment that was the
    Issues, so it possible for it to come up again?

  31. Have done the registration and also printed the green card.. But the kits details are not showing. Hope its not an issue

  32. Good morning dear,I am a foreign student but I have been trying to complete my registration online but when i get to step 4 to upload my documents, it’s not uploading and the Cafe man is even tired of it . please what can I please

  33. I’ve registered but couldn’t choose state of deployment. ‘No available slot’ please what does it mean?

  34. I have registered and printed out my green card but my kit specification isnt showing its just ruled with a red line. Where is the problem coming from cos i was sure to select my kit sizes during registration

  35. They are both different things. Try and do the newspaper publication

  36. Pls am confused about something, my year of birth in waec is different from the one on my nysc portal,the one on my nysc portal is the correct one, do I have to change my date of birth on the nysc portal?

  37. The month and date used for date of birth in bank are different from the one I registered with.. Dou the one I registered with is now the correct one.. Hope there wount be an issue during opening of new account in camp

  38. Am finding it difficult to change my date of birth I have enter the waec verification pin and all the necessary info it open another page showing my name and date of birth but I could not edit it. Pls what should I do Lola.

  39. Greetings,I have done my registration as a foreign student but after uploaded my documents and just remain for me to select place of deployment, what I see is just no available slot . please what can I do next

  40. Good evening dear Lola pls I wanted to find out if it’s possible for me to use court affidavit for change of name in place of newspaper publication cus they’re telling me that I will get the publication by Monday which is the deadline for registration, pls what do I do

  41. Good evening ma pls I wanted to find out if it’s possible for me to use court affidavit for change of name in the place of newspaper publication cus I was told that I would only get the publication by Monday which is the deadline for registration pls what do I do

  42. A friend of mine registered on Monday.. She is married dou buh she haven’t see her call up number.. Wat can cause dat

  43. I’ve successfully registered my and I was allowed to pick only two States and the remaining two were no available States so I submitted, I hope there won’t be any problem?
    What will happen to the remaining two states?

  44. How can I process to the pin to change my date of birth on my waec although I haven’t been able to register it keep failing

  45. I want to purchase for verification pin to change the date of birth on my waec how do I go about it plus I have been trying to register but on e I get to the final stage which is to submit it doesn’t

  46. Pls Lola I want to purchase for verification pin to correct the date of birth on my waec how do I go about it pls
    And I have been having issues submitting my registration it keep failing after I have reach the final stage it won’t submit

  47. Hi Lola…have done my registration and have also uploaded my wedding certificate and all the necessary document but the problem I’m having now is that on my green card my initial surname is still showing and my marital status is still pending for approval I don’t know what to do

  48. Gud day sister Lola am finding difficult to register cus my status on d Senate list is showing dat I ve not been matriculated dat I can’t register, I went to jamb office and dey check dey said my name is on matriculation list plz wat can I do?

  49. Pls I revalidated and printed out my Green card, then i noticed my Kit specifications were not there. Pls what could be the problem ?

  50. Hi Lola, please I want to know if it is possible to register and upload my medical report tomorrow 2nd of march, my medical report was delayed, would I be able to get my green card after 24 hours even after the registration has closed. Thanks

  51. Hi Lola,I did my registration since on the 13th of this month and am yet to get my call up number,And print my green card.

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