NYSC Relocation After 3 Months Full Details

NYSC relocation after 3 months is a system made available by the National Youths Service Corps management to allow Corps Members to apply for NYSC relocation after 3 months in their current Place of Primary Assignment. This is also an article for everyone searching for NYSC relocation after camp.

Before things were made, Corps Members were only given the chance to redeploy from a state only during orientation camps. Once the NYSC orientation camp ends, there is no chance for you to redeploy no matter what. However, not long ago, the NYSC management decided to extend NYSC relocation till after 3 months. Meaning if you did not apply redeployment either in camp or online, and you are already working at your PPA. You can still apply for relocation after 3 months. Read also: NYSC Portal Relocation And Redeployment – Best Ways To Process Your Process Yours


Let me use an example to explain in details the meaning of NYSC relocation after 3 months. I am Lola, I checked my Call-up letter and I found Plateau state as my deployment state. My original intention was never to redeploy from Plateau. So during Orientation camp as friends and Corps Members are processing their NYSC redeployment, I was processing my stomach with Sharwama at Mammy Market. After orientation Camp, I went to my PPA and was doing fine.

After 2 months, I discovered that Plateau is not really a safe place as we are hearing rumors of Herdsmen and other crises. For the fact that I did not apply for redeployment during Camp does not mean after spending 2 and a half months in Plateau I cannot redeploy.

If I want to leave Plateau, after spending less than 3 months in the state, I can still apply for redeployment.

Reasons To Apply For NYSC Relocation After 3 Months

There are several reasons why you might want to apply for NYSC relocation after 3 months. But you just have to make sure you have a good reason for it. Here are a few reasons below:

  • Health
  • Security
  • War
  • Crises
  • Scarcity
  • Marriage

How To Apply For NYSC Relocation After 3 Months

If you want to redeploy from the state you are after spending less than 3 months, you will have to go to your Local Government Inspector and inform him with your redeployment letter. You can see a sample here. You can also apply online through your dashboard. Click here to see how to apply online.

Note that after 3 months, you cannot apply for NYSC relocation again except on some rare occasions.

Now you know everything about NYSC relocation after 3 months. If you have a question, just ask me below.

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  1. Oke-Akins 0sayanmon Faith

    I was suppose to follow 2018 batch C stream 1..I was posted to Yobe.. It was too far and my family were scared of releasing me to go there, stream 2 came I was posted to calabar unfortunately I couldn’t go all the same due to one or two issues.. I was told I will need to revalidate to join batch A. However I want Ogun to really serve in Ogun state.. Its safe and cheap how I start processing that?

  2. After getting relocation letter (After 3 months), what’s next? Do I still have anything (documentation) to do at the LGI of the original state or I just move to the new state for ppa posting

  3. Hello Lola. I am currently serving in delta state and have spent more than 3 months here. My traditional marriage is still being planned but I am already pregnant. Staying alone here has been a very tough one for me and I wish to relocate in other to stay with my mother in law. What do I do? Is relocation still possible for me?

  4. How many days will it take before online relocation could be granted

  5. Dear Lola please can a corper relocate more than once in a service year

  6. I applied for relocation while on camp on 2nd of July 2019 and whenever I check my dashboard, I keep seeing your application is being processed… Will this relocation still be approved?

  7. I applied while on Camp but i check my dashboard i saw is being processed

  8. My name is Emmanuel whenever I check my dashboard I only see insecurity but I want to redeploy under health but its not showing

  9. Or should I reapply after 3 months bcoz for now a have posting letter but I don’t like the state

  10. I came out of camp inJuly 8th 2019. At this time in late October and early November 2019 can i still apply for relocation?

  11. my relocation has just approved. however, I got a message on my dashboard that I needed clearance from my state coordinator before I could print my relocation letter. please how do I go about it?

  12. Pls can they still send me back to my state of origin after that 3months of relocation?

  13. Hi Lola, my wife did a relocation in camp from Kogi to Ogun in August 2019 and was granted, now we got married last month and I live in Lagos. Can we still do relocation base on marital ground cos she very heavy as we speak now.

  14. Melford Nyejieme

    Good morning,
    I left Camp on 18th December,2019 and was posted to a particular place for my PPA.But I applied for relocation on insecurity on 31st December,2019.My question is,can my relocation be approved since I have not spent a WEEK at my PPA nor the 3MONTHS in my PPA?

  15. Morning Lola, I was member of the Batch C (1) 2019 and I got relocated after getting PPA and proper documentation at the LG but I’m yet to resume or submit my relocation letter at my new state and it’s Clearance Week now… I don’t know if my Clearance will be done at my relocated state or my current PPA state

  16. My relocation has just been approved but the message says I need the state coordinator’s clearance to print the relocation letter, is it my original state coordinator or the state coordinator of the where I’m relocating to that will grant that clearance?

  17. Hello Lola. How true is the statement that relocating after 3 months of orientation, the relocated Corp member will not be paid for 3 months.
    And also for 2019 batch C 1 what month exactly are we supposed to apply for the relocation after camp

  18. What will you do if after u left camp u apply for relocation online but it is still saying it’s been processed.

  19. I thumbprinted for my clearance but it is still showing absent on my portal. And i already changed my local government to somewhere else. Will I get my allowance

  20. Adesanmi Omotolani Adebola

    I did my redeployment 3 months after camp due to my dad death and I’ve not received my January allowance and I did my clearance before I redeployed

  21. I Aregbesola Adeola I left camp on 25 of Nov 2019 and I apply for relocation on online the same day but it still staying is under proceed

  22. Hello Lola
    Although I did not follow any nysc relocation procedures but I paid someone to help me with the relocation, almost three months now and the person doing the relocation for me said he as done it but failed to reflect on my dashboard and I also tried someone else still failed to reflect on my dashboard but someone told me to wait after three month that it will surely reflect still it not reflecting. What can I do ?

    • Please ma why if I want to feel the relocation form on my dashboard it showing invalid reason and I paid someone to work for me is more than 2weeks now still showing empty of my dashboard, please ma do I still have hope to see my approval letter?

  23. Hello, l am viska perpetual Daniel
    Although I did my camp in Kasina state then I redeploy back to plateau state. So now I want to redeploy again is that possible?

  24. Good evening Lola. Please I am a 20B stream 1B Corp member and my relocation just got approved. And I have been able to print it out. Am I supposed to go for any clearance at my state coordinator before reporting to my new state?

  25. Hello lola, I relocated from Ebonyi to Jigawa state, and after three months I relocated again to kano (my state of origin) and got approved, will there be any problem in the future seeing that I have relocated twice, and to my state of origin?

  26. Hello
    Pls how long can someone wait before his/her online application can be approved?

  27. Good evening lola, my relocation has just been approved today but I’m currently not in the state I was posted to and the information I go on my dashboard is “to Print your Relocation letter, You are to get clearance from your State Cordinator.” do I need to travel back to the state for this? Or I proceed to the LG of the relocated state

  28. Hello . I’m member of 21A stream I corp member.
    We left camp on March 30 2021
    Please I applied for relocation on health issue through my LGI since may 17 2021, when I tried to do follow up, I was told that my application has been forwarded since then but my dashboard is still showing “your application is being processed” and I cannot visit the Secretariat again because I disturbed them enough before they can forward my relocation letter.
    Please , what is the minimum day that I have to wait for the approval.
    2. Do I have any hope for the approval

    3. Will all the relocation after camp be approved the exact day we clock 3 months of serving.
    I’ll be very glad if you can help me on these questions please.
    Thanks in anticipation

  29. Good evening, please my relocation has just been approved on Friday and it says : relocation has been approved ,however to print your relocation letter get a clearance from your state coordinator… please where will I get that ? Is it the state I am now or the redeploy state

  30. Abdulazeez Abdulmajeed

    I apply for relocation after 3 month and my dashboard is still showing my previous state but i was told to keep searching, my clearance is next month those it still mean it will still work out because i am a little bit nervous.

    • Opeyemi Oluwatosin

      Please ma.. I’m a corp member of batch c stream 2 of Year 2021, currently in akwa-ibom, I applied for the three months relocation based on health issue on 7th of Feb 2022… I uploaded my medical report from a government hospital in Osun state to redeploy me to Osun state.
      So someone told me my medical report must be from a government hospital in akwa-ibom. How true is this ma… And can I reapply to upload medical report from Akwa-ibom?

  31. Please can I still change my local govt after my documentation in my present local govt because I did not like my ppa for anything and they refused to reject me.
    Batch 21B

  32. Please i was posted to kaduna but relocated to imo state on health ground. Can i still relocate to another state like lagos after 3 months?

  33. Lola, peradventure 3rd month relocation is granted, will one still have to go for Clearance in the secreteriat of the former place of deployment? That is in order for the clearance period for that month not to elapse b4 concluding documentation.

  34. Pls I relocated in camp on health ground, and I want to relocate on marital ground now, cus we were told we can relocate after 3 month’s, my question is, is the 3 weeks we spent in camp included or d 3 months starts counting after we leave camp?

  35. Hello
    pls I finished my camp on the 15 of March /2022 & I redeployed to another state on getting there, they said I should come back by next month on the 8, and, on my relocating print out they wrote report within 21days, and the 21days will end by April 7, pls what is the way out !!!!!

  36. pls i would like to ask , if i want to do relocation 3 months after camp. does it start counting from the 3 weeks I was on camp or after the camp?

  37. Please when will the 3 months relocation start for batch B stream 2??
    If you don’t like where u are serving how can u relocate without health or marital ground

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