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NYSC Relocation Approval

NYSC Relocation Approval – Details You Should Know

The NYSC Relocation Approval is something that will be determined by the reasons and evidence of your NYSC relocation. If you have done your homework by applying for your NYSC relocation the right way, Your NYSC relocation approval should not be a problem. Reas also: What To Do After NYSC Relocation

NYSC Relocation Approval

Most NYSC relocation and redeployment applications always receive approval from the Official NYSC management and except on rare cases or invalid reasons or for the sake of a fake document.

The NYSC relocation approval is the job of the NYSC official and it always takes place almost immediately after you submit your application. Read this post to know the duration.

Reasons Why You Might Not Get NYSC Relocation Approval

There are some reasons why the NYSC management might not approve your NYSC relocation application. Below are just for of them:

  • No important reason. You will need a good reason. Read this article for information about that.
  • Fake Documents is another thing that might block your NYSC Relocation Approval. Most people present an obvious fake medical certificate. If they catch you, you are on your own.

Those are the two I can think of now, I will add later.

Aside from the issues about documents and fake information, the approval is not something you should worry about.

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  1. good day ma , I was redeployed due to health ground, although my fellow nysc are still in camp, pls I want to know when the redeployment will be visible on my dashboard for me to print

  2. Hello Lola, good afternoon, am supposed to be in camp now batch c stream 2,but I collect exeact because am pregnant, was posted to Kwara state, but filled redeployment form to Lagos, please when will it be approved or available in my dashboard

    • You will see it anytime before the end of this week. It might come anytime. Your case is special and it’s not supposed to be long at all. Don’t worry, just be expecting it anytime. Am coming to eat naming rice o

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