NYSC Relocation Procedure

NYSC Relocation Procedure Step By Step Guide

The NYSC relocation procedure is very important especially if you are planning to apply for relocation either during NYSC Camp or through your dashboard. If you follow the NYSC relocation procedure properly, it will hasten the duration for the redeployment. If you are here looking for the NYSC relocation procedure, how to apply for NYSC relocation, The process of NYSC relocation, this short article will give you the answer you need.

NYSC Relocation Procedure

You should know that the following relocation procedure has a long role to play in a successful NYSC relocation. Below is the full procedure you must follow if you ever want to change your state of deployment to a new place.

1. After you have seen the state on your call-up letter and you conclude that relocation is the option.

2. Determine the reason for your deployment. You will need a very strong reason. You should read this article for more details on that.

3. Go to the orientation camp of your current state.

4. During Camp, the officials will make the NYSC relocation form available. Pick the form and fill it with the supporting documents for the reason of your relocation. Read here for more details.

5. Submit the form in camp and wait for the relocation letter to be out. You can read about the duration of NYSC relocation here.

If you are applying online, Click here to read how to.

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