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What To Do After NYSC Relocation

What To Do After NYSC Relocation

What to do after NYSC relocation is probably what you want to know now as you have successfully processed your NYSC relocation. In your NYSC-Call up letter, the NYSC Management sent you to Adamawa state and then during the orientation camp, you applied for relocation and redeployment and yes, it worked. The NYSC officials relocate you back to Lagos. Then the question is now what next. See also: NYSC Redeployment Letter Sample – Pictures

What To Do After NYSC Relocation

The next thing to do after NYSC relocation is to go to your new state and tender your relocation letter to them. They will then give you a Place of Primary Assignment or ask you to find one by yourself.


Don’t mind me, I love examples, just to make you understand fully. Lola checked her call-up letter and found Plateau state. She cannot serve for 11 months in Plateau state due to some reasons that are known to her, so she is planning to redeploy to Lagos during orientation camp. She took the redeployment form and it worked. The NYSC official just relocates her to Lagos. The question you are asking now is what is the next thing Lola will do after NYSC relocation. Read also: How to Print NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter

Just as I said above, Lola will travel to Lagos and go straight to Lagos NYSC secretariat to show the LI and officials her relocation letter. The LI will then give her a PPA in Lagos or ask her to find one.

To answer your question of what is next, you will go directly to your new state for documentation. You have no business with the original state again.

I hope my answer is clear and you get it. If you need anything else, feel free to ask me below. Am always here.

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I am Lola Princess and am from Earth. I am from somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. I love making friends and blogging. Am your NYSC Google Assistant and am always here.


  1. I apply for relocation in Kaduna back to Anambra and that is it, i have not done anything again since then. what should i do now? please Lola .

  2. I don’t know about relocation letter but we were told to print our PPA letter online to know where we are posted.

  3. Hello lola. Please I relocated from edo state to Lagos state and I got approved . Based on the fact that I am heavily pregnant and I am due to put to bed on the 10th of December . Now I had to leave the country in the 28th of November to have my baby abroad because of health issues and my return date is for 6th January that when it would be okay for us to fly back . What do I do. As in the relocation letter I’m seeing I have to report within 21 days . I haven’t even put to bed yet and Iv been on the hospital bed . What can I do .

    • Your own case is different. The 21 days might not be applicable to you but you will have to inform them at the NYSC Local govt secretariat first. Go to your Local Government and discuss with your LI. You will be given a permission.

  4. Lola plz i want to help Mayo. i mean the lady that ask u what she wil do abt her Aproved relocation letter. U knw i was worried abt mine bfore i finally printed it. Then yesterday being 6 Dec. went to my nyse state secretariat and submitted and we were ask to come back on 3 Jan. then, today. i recieve a text message which says that the date given to me to report to my nysc secret. is now INVALID and that i shuld report on 7 jan. I tod d sender dat i went yesterday and had submitted my document. He reply dat submission is nt documentation that i should strickly adhered for to 7 jan. Lola plz why is it dat i can no longer see pictures and comments?

    • Thanks for the beautiful contribution Dear Gift. Your picture have to do with your Google plus account. or maybe it’s just the network. But you should be sure you have a picture on your Google+ Profile.

  5. I mean the photos that u used to tell ur stories and comments that follows. i no longer see comments except i go to NYSC NEWS COMMENT FEEDS

  6. Hi Lola please how long does it take for online redeployment to be approved after three month of leaving camp and please can I apply before the three months?

  7. Congratulations!!! Your Application has been approved.
    However, to Print your Relocation letter, You are to get clearance from your State Cordinator.
    The question now is, which of the state coordinators? The original state or that of the new?

  8. akintunde bolanle

    Hello good evening…Once you are relocated to another state must you report there immediately or there is a time range of when to report.

    • It’s better you report immediately and do you documentation to avoid stress of getting a PPA

    • We left camp 16 April on Tuesday and relocated to another State, I read on the relocation approval letter that I’ve been relocated to bayelsa state with effect from 9th April and we were still in camp this period we only know our relocation status the very day we left camp which is on the 16th April and I’ve 21 days to report to the state and failure attract sanctions, my question is, is NYSC counting the 21days since on the 9th we’re still in camp or counting it after 16th the very day we left camp?

  9. OLASUPO adebimpe

    Hello Lola, thanks for ur listening ears and helping hands. I jst had an approval on my relocation but no alert yet. Some said it will b delayed for months bcos of the relocation. Pls how true is that?

  10. Hello Lola. I left camp on the 16th and did my relocation and documentation on the 18th. I am still waiting for my PPA letter to show up on the dashboard…does it usually take this long? I am considering going to request for it because I want to clear myself before the month ends as my status is currently reading absent forfrom this month. Thank you.

  11. Hello Lola, I went to the Secretariat today as I notice my state code changes to summit my letter of acceptance but getting there the man in charge of the file address me to the state coordinator said my posting will be pending till she approve my letter and after two weeks time is yet approve I shouldn’t come and beg for posting and this is my fear, I already summit my letter to the state coordinator today. What do you advice? Should I wait till when my letter of acceptance is approve Because is under probability or should I just tell them to continue with the posting to anywhere between my file is pending for the approval of the letter as at today I summit, I thought they accept acceptance letter from corp members because it makes their work easy but the reverse the case today. What should I do?

  12. Hi Lola; good morning.
    I redeployed to Oyo and I already got a request letter from a firm here in Oyo.. I have submitted my documents since Tuesday but I am yet to see any PPA letter on my dashboard. Do I have to go to the secretariat again or wait till I see it on my dashboard.

  13. hello Lola, I apply for relocated to Abuja, in my letter I saw Nassarawa what should I do

  14. Hi Lola, I am a male from and studies in anambra state and work with a firm in anambra state but want to serve in that same firm in anambra state to save my job. What should I do?

  15. What about my job, if I leàve, i will loose my job

  16. I applied for relocation on my portal and it was successful. Now, I’m not willing to relocate and the approval is more than 2month and someone told me I won’t be able to receive my certificate in my current state or else I report to the relocated state and my portal still displaying my current state of service. How true is this?

  17. Pls i printed my redeployment letter Dat have been relocated to lagos bt nw I just checked my dashboard again nd am seeing oyo state on my dashboard pls I am confused right nw….. Where shld l I report to.

  18. I printed my redeployment letter which I am posted to lagos state bt nw I am seeing oyo state on my dashboard again… Pls I am confused right nw….. What should I do

  19. Hello Lola I applied for relocation and I got approved but was written that I should go to my state coordinator for clearance… Is it the new state I would go or the previous

  20. Dear E, your relocation has been approved. Pls. contact your state cordinator for clearance and print your relocation letter.You are to report within 7 days…. Pls lola put me through whats to be done next m totally confused it came up today

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