What To Do After NYSC Relocation

What to do after NYSC relocation is probably what you want to know now as you have successfully processed your NYSC relocation. In your NYSC-Call up letter, the NYSC Management sent you to Adamawa state and then during the orientation camp, you applied for relocation and redeployment and yes, it worked. The NYSC officials relocate you back to Lagos. Then the question is now what next. See also: NYSC Redeployment Letter Sample – Pictures

What To Do After NYSC Relocation

The next thing to do after NYSC relocation is to go to your new state and tender your relocation letter to them. They will then give you a Place of Primary Assignment or ask you to find one by yourself.


Don’t mind me, I love examples, just to make you understand fully. Lola checked her call-up letter and found Plateau state. She cannot serve for 11 months in Plateau state due to some reasons that are known to her, so she is planning to redeploy to Lagos during orientation camp. She took the redeployment form and it worked. The NYSC official just relocates her to Lagos. The question you are asking now is what is the next thing Lola will do after NYSC relocation. Read also: How to Print NYSC Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter

Just as I said above, Lola will travel to Lagos and go straight to Lagos NYSC secretariat to show the LI and officials her relocation letter. The LI will then give her a PPA in Lagos or ask her to find one.

To answer your question of what is next, you will go directly to your new state for documentation. You have no business with the original state again.

I hope my answer is clear and you get it. If you need anything else, feel free to ask me below. Am always here.

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  1. I apply for relocation in Kaduna back to Anambra and that is it, i have not done anything again since then. what should i do now? please Lola .

  2. I don’t know about relocation letter but we were told to print our PPA letter online to know where we are posted.

  3. Hello lola. Please I relocated from edo state to Lagos state and I got approved . Based on the fact that I am heavily pregnant and I am due to put to bed on the 10th of December . Now I had to leave the country in the 28th of November to have my baby abroad because of health issues and my return date is for 6th January that when it would be okay for us to fly back . What do I do. As in the relocation letter I’m seeing I have to report within 21 days . I haven’t even put to bed yet and Iv been on the hospital bed . What can I do .

    • Your own case is different. The 21 days might not be applicable to you but you will have to inform them at the NYSC Local govt secretariat first. Go to your Local Government and discuss with your LI. You will be given a permission.

      • Hi Lola
        I jst reloated frm kwara to Niger state
        Am yet to report to the secretariat at niger
        My question is,can i get a letter of acceptance frm an organization i want to do my PPA ? To avoid them taking me to a remote area

      • Please I got Nysc relocation approved and I downloaded it and print it but now is not on my dashboard relocation history record.
        Please want should I do.

    • 2day is my final day of d 21days and ave not done my documentation bt my state code have been changed. And I was told the person to do my documentation is not on seat what do I do

      • Hi Lola, I was posted to bauchi for 2021 batch C stream 1. I didn’t go to camp but my uncle went to camp on the first day to redeploy for me based on health ground. They told him my dashboard will change after camp. Camp ended Nov 9the and my dashboard has not changed. Nothing has changed in my dashboard and there is no relocation link. How do I know my relocation request is being processed?

  4. Lola plz i want to help Mayo. i mean the lady that ask u what she wil do abt her Aproved relocation letter. U knw i was worried abt mine bfore i finally printed it. Then yesterday being 6 Dec. went to my nyse state secretariat and submitted and we were ask to come back on 3 Jan. then, today. i recieve a text message which says that the date given to me to report to my nysc secret. is now INVALID and that i shuld report on 7 jan. I tod d sender dat i went yesterday and had submitted my document. He reply dat submission is nt documentation that i should strickly adhered for to 7 jan. Lola plz why is it dat i can no longer see pictures and comments?

    • Thanks for the beautiful contribution Dear Gift. Your picture have to do with your Google plus account. or maybe it’s just the network. But you should be sure you have a picture on your Google+ Profile.

  5. I mean the photos that u used to tell ur stories and comments that follows. i no longer see comments except i go to NYSC NEWS COMMENT FEEDS

  6. Hi Lola please how long does it take for online redeployment to be approved after three month of leaving camp and please can I apply before the three months?

  7. Congratulations!!! Your Application has been approved.
    However, to Print your Relocation letter, You are to get clearance from your State Cordinator.
    The question now is, which of the state coordinators? The original state or that of the new?

  8. akintunde bolanle

    Hello good evening…Once you are relocated to another state must you report there immediately or there is a time range of when to report.

    • It’s better you report immediately and do you documentation to avoid stress of getting a PPA

    • We left camp 16 April on Tuesday and relocated to another State, I read on the relocation approval letter that I’ve been relocated to bayelsa state with effect from 9th April and we were still in camp this period we only know our relocation status the very day we left camp which is on the 16th April and I’ve 21 days to report to the state and failure attract sanctions, my question is, is NYSC counting the 21days since on the 9th we’re still in camp or counting it after 16th the very day we left camp?

    • Hello Lola

      I called in sick at the camp at Edo state and the doctor recommended I should be relocated to lagos immediately. I filled the relocation form and the state coordinator wrote “instant relocation recommended” I was given an exeat form to go to Lagos and asked to report at the secretariat on the 9th of July. Am I supposed to report with the form at Lagos or I still have to go back to Edo state?. I have filled the Book of life at Edo state and also filled the certificate forms. Your reply would be appreciated.

      • Report to Lagos secretariat by 9th of July. You have no business with Edo again.

        • Thanks for your response Lola. So I just take the exeat form and the temporary I’d card I was given to lagos camp on the 9th of July or is there anything else I have to go with?

          • Secretariat is where you will go not the camp.

          • I’m sorry Lola, but this is the last one, I promise. I heard people saying the relocation might be rejected. But I think mine shouldn’t be since I didn’t exactly apply, I didn’t write a letter even, it was the doctor’s letter that is in my file where he recommended I be relocated back to lagos. Is it possible for it to be rejected even when the camp doctor recommends I be redeployed to lagos?. Also, how would my state change to lagos on the portal? Is it after I take the exeat form to lagos secretariat on the 9th?

          • It cannot be rejected dearie.

          • Thank you very much Lola.
            Is it the exeat form and the temporary I’d card I was given that I’d take to lagos secretariat or therez another document I have to get. Also when would my state change on the portal, before July 9th or after. Thanks

          • You will print redeployment letter from your dashboard

        • Hello Lola. I was with the#2019 batch c stream1 corppers,1 I was posted to niger, I tried to redeploy but it didn’t work out in camp and so i went to my PPA, they accepted me so i left to go prepare for resumption but to my greatest supprise the redeployment worked out the next year, do i still need to go to my former PPA (Niger)?

  9. OLASUPO adebimpe

    Hello Lola, thanks for ur listening ears and helping hands. I jst had an approval on my relocation but no alert yet. Some said it will b delayed for months bcos of the relocation. Pls how true is that?

  10. Hello Lola. I left camp on the 16th and did my relocation and documentation on the 18th. I am still waiting for my PPA letter to show up on the dashboard…does it usually take this long? I am considering going to request for it because I want to clear myself before the month ends as my status is currently reading absent forfrom this month. Thank you.

  11. Hello Lola, I went to the Secretariat today as I notice my state code changes to summit my letter of acceptance but getting there the man in charge of the file address me to the state coordinator said my posting will be pending till she approve my letter and after two weeks time is yet approve I shouldn’t come and beg for posting and this is my fear, I already summit my letter to the state coordinator today. What do you advice? Should I wait till when my letter of acceptance is approve Because is under probability or should I just tell them to continue with the posting to anywhere between my file is pending for the approval of the letter as at today I summit, I thought they accept acceptance letter from corp members because it makes their work easy but the reverse the case today. What should I do?

  12. Hi Lola; good morning.
    I redeployed to Oyo and I already got a request letter from a firm here in Oyo.. I have submitted my documents since Tuesday but I am yet to see any PPA letter on my dashboard. Do I have to go to the secretariat again or wait till I see it on my dashboard.

  13. hello Lola, I apply for relocated to Abuja, in my letter I saw Nassarawa what should I do

  14. Hi Lola, I am a male from and studies in anambra state and work with a firm in anambra state but want to serve in that same firm in anambra state to save my job. What should I do?

  15. What about my job, if I leàve, i will loose my job

  16. I applied for relocation on my portal and it was successful. Now, I’m not willing to relocate and the approval is more than 2month and someone told me I won’t be able to receive my certificate in my current state or else I report to the relocated state and my portal still displaying my current state of service. How true is this?

  17. Pls i printed my redeployment letter Dat have been relocated to lagos bt nw I just checked my dashboard again nd am seeing oyo state on my dashboard pls I am confused right nw….. Where shld l I report to.

  18. I printed my redeployment letter which I am posted to lagos state bt nw I am seeing oyo state on my dashboard again… Pls I am confused right nw….. What should I do

  19. Hello Lola I applied for relocation and I got approved but was written that I should go to my state coordinator for clearance… Is it the new state I would go or the previous

  20. Dear E, your relocation has been approved. Pls. contact your state cordinator for clearance and print your relocation letter.You are to report within 7 days…. Pls lola put me through whats to be done next m totally confused it came up today

  21. Dear Lola,
    I applied for relocation from rivers to Lagos.
    I already have a ppa here in rivers, do I have to see my employer and LGI for anything at all if I got my relocation letter to Lagos or I will just leave for Lagos?

  22. Hi Lola I was given a relocation letter by the camp clinic doctor, and a temporary id card to leave camp cos of my health issue on June 22 2019 and since then my dash board is only showing relocation application, I tried to click on it, it’s not opening…. pls will they approve my relocation…

  23. Plz Lola can I do my documentation after relocating,then look for my PPA den go back to the secretariat

  24. I relocated to Oyo on health ground (someone helped me with that) but I don’t have medical report, during documentation do I need medical report?

  25. Hi..my relocation was successful to IBADAN but am willing to go back to my state of deployment which is kano how am I going to go about that ano am trying to click on relocation on my dashboard it’s not going before it gets late

  26. Am not relocating twice…I want to cancel my redeployment from IBADAN back to kano. ..that’s all

    • You cannot cancel it. You have been redeployed to Ibadan.

    • Hello lizzy! i’m in the same situation too please what do you advise

      • my name is Adewale Ridwan,according to what my state coordinators says when I was on camp,he said if we applied for relocation bt we didn’t go there before 21days we would be brought back to the first place wic is where we redeployed.
        ma,I will like to ask u this ma,I redeployed from cross river to Lagos but am telling my state code hasn’t bn changed bt dat doesn’t look like issue to me bt I want to ask is our criteria submitted wen documenting going to be different from the prospective corps member that camped in that state.cause all what they are asking am having few.though I submitted where I want to do my PPA wth d document submitted bt NT knowing what to do cause I DNT HV d criteria they are asking for lik posting letter,nysc bio data,acceptance letter, and so on bt pls dz is my WhatsApp 08106077599…if there is any help or assistance u can render for me on that.

        • I relocated two days on arrival in camp base on health issues
          I relocated from Akwa ibom to rivers State,
          My question is,
          When should I report or get my relocation letter,

          Whn can I report to the state sect

          And will I get paid fro this month

          Though I opened account with access Bank in cMpt

  27. Pls I want to change my ppa lga to another one closer to me. How do I go about it. Thanks

  28. Visit the Local Govt for further advice

  29. Hi, after printing off one’s redeployment letter, I know the next step is to visit the NYSC Secretariat in the new State. My question is what documents, apart from the redeployment letter, does one need to take along when visiting the NYSC secretariat?


  30. Hi Aunty Lola. I have a few questions:

    1 Is there a way i can confirm the state I was relocated to before going ahead to pay the 1k for relocation and printing? cos most times i learnt they rather relocate u to a state nearby to that which u chose and i won’t accept that.

    2 On relocation, am I at liberty to choose my preferred local government and PPA?

    3 Would I still be receiving my allowee as at when due?


  31. good morning Lola, I was relocated from Bunue to Ogun. can I just go to any NYSC Secretariat in any local government in Ogun state for documentation?

  32. Pls how long does it take for my ppa to be updated after relocation.

  33. Hi Lola, please how can I cancel my relocation after it has been approved… I don’t want to relocate again… Pls reply me immediately

  34. Hello Lola, I just got relocated and I’m yet to report to my states secretariate because I am not certain about what documents to take there to get my new state code, I also have a place for primary assignment. My question is, do I go with a letter of “request or acceptance” from the company I want to serve with alongside “just” my relocation printout?
    kindly advice on the documents to take along and any other advice will be highly appreciated.

  35. Hi Lola, i relocated to Lagos state from Edo state i went to the secretariat at Surulere i submitted my relocation letter, id card photocopy,statement of result photocopy, a bio-data form alongside two passport. I want to ask if this is the documentation?
    Secondly i went back on the third day and all i did was at the account section, is it all i need to do or do i need to go back there because I’ve been checking for my ppa letter on my dashboard, actually this is the process almost all of us went through

  36. hi dear thanks for the good work your doing here please we where told we would get our ppa on our dash board uptill now we havent seen anything yet what do you advice me to do i relocated from katsina to nasawara

  37. hi Lola, I relocated from adamawa to Rivers State but I have not reported at the Secretariat yet. so I want to know if the relocation period of 21days counting from the day I left camp or before that day.

  38. Hi good evening. I relocated to Lagos but I haven’t gone to the Secretariat for documentation because I’m looking for a PPA. So if I get one and they are writing a request letter is it my previous state code that will be there(means of identification)

  39. hi Lola, I was relocated to Lagos base on health issue, I submitted my relocation letter last week Thursday and I have done account documentation. I was told to keep checking for ppa letter but I am yet to print it. What do you suggest I do because it is now more than a week? pls reply

    • You can go back to the sectarian and tell them you are yet to get a PPA. Tell your friends you need a PPA too incase they have a slot.

    • Hi good morning, I just relocated to lagos by wen I went to the secretariat dey told me due to covid restrictions I shud go to d local govt closest to me but u went dere for my documentation nd dey told me to bring my bio data form from my dash board but I can’t see any thing dere,I don’t know wat to do.although I haven’t gotten any msg to come for documentation nd it has been approved since 19th.wat shud I do?

  40. Hello Lola, please am a 19B Stream 1 Corper , I relocated from Kano to Ibadan but the ppa I was posted to is a school and I cannot teach, I explained to my LI but she told me there’s nothing she can do, now I’m even tired of Ibadan and want to redeploy to Lagos cos there’s a job there for me .. is it possible for me to redeploy again? Please your reply is needed urgently

  41. Hi Lola,
    After the documentation at the NYSC secretariat, I got a PPA and everything seems okay but on the dashboard for the month of September, my LGA clearance is still showing absent. Will this cause an issue or stop them from paying allowee for september? I just want to know.

    thank you.

  42. hello Lola, please i need solution to this. i applied for online relocation since 10th of september and it is still showing application in process. what should i do. batch B stream 1 corps member.

  43. Hi Lola, pls I applied for relocation after camping in kogi nd I was relocated to nasarrawa instead of abuja but I haven’t reported bcus it’s not d state I want, what should I do???? Bcus I haven’t done any documentation and clearance since I left camp. And they said clearance ends on 10th but my relocation was approved on saturday 5th

    • Go to the state you are deployed to do documentation or forfeit NYSC

      • thanks Miss Lola. My own Question is that I camped in Anambra, just finished camping this November 25. I applied to be relocated to Ogun State but they gave me Delta state when I saw the letter whereas I can’t go to Delta due to my health and Delta is close to Anambra. I didn’t go to Delta for documentation as it’s written I have 21 days to report to Delta. but please I still wish to relocate to Ogun state or nearby so as to be able to treat myself. what can I do please..

  44. morning ma’am pls i have a daughter who is one year old and i am unmarried, peradventure am deployed to another state what exactly should i take as evidence to redeploy back cause i obviously cant leave her to be in another state for a whole year please what would be the solution?

  45. Hi ma’am.. I’m currently serving in oyo,I just got relocated to Lagos based on marital, what is written on my portal is stated “however to print your relocation, you are to get clearance from your state coordinator … now my question is where am I to proceed to for clearance (oyo or lag) if it’s lag ( how do I print my relocation letter) pls am confused

  46. Good Evening!
    Please, i’m presently serving in Taraba State. My relocation was approved yesterday 28th of October 2019, From Taraba to Rivers State and I was asked to see the state coordinator to enable me print my relocation letter.
    1. Which of the State Coordinator do I meet before printing my relocation letter, Rivers State or Taraba?

    2. How many days do I have before reporting to the new State?

    3. Can I reject the relocation? How if yes?

    Thanks for your efforts, I appreciate .
    Expecting a swift response.
    Thanks again

    • Hello Chicode and Lola what was the outcome of your case? I am in a similar situation batch 20A corper. I want to know what to do after the lock down

  47. Hello, I was posted to Ekiti state, but I would like to redeploy mainly because I want to look for a good ppa but I can’t find a ppa that I like and that has to do with my field of study. What do I do and how do I redeploy

  48. 1:Do I have a better chance of getting an approval letter by applying for redeployment online or in camp?..

    2:And aside from medical report, what else would I possibly need for my redeployment to be approved….

    3:I have heard that Ekiti state has a lot of cultists and my parents do not find it safe at all. Is it possible to redeploy on security grounds.?

  49. 1:Do I have a better chance of getting an approval letter by applying for redeployment online or in camp?..

    2:And aside from medical report, what else would I possibly need for my redeployment to be approved….

    3:I have heard that Ekiti state has a lot of cultists and my parents do not find it safe at all. Is it possible to redeploy on security grounds.? Or is security grounds only valid for northern states?

  50. Please, is it true that relocation will cancel itself automatically 21 days after approval because I was relocated to a state that I don’t want to go at all and I don’t want to go to my initial state of deployment also. I just want to confirm if the relocation will truly cancel 21 days after approval because I want to re-apply

  51. Please have been relocated from katsina to Oyo state,when can I print my relocation letter,and when can I go to nysc secretariat for documentation, please note that am in batch c and camp is still on now, thanks

  52. Hi Lola, I applied for relocation from anambra to Oyo on health ground and I was given an exeat card. During the course of registration I forgot to fill the book of life will it affect my relocation.

  53. Hi Lola, I applied for relocation and redeployment together will it work

    2 what does no relocation records mean

  54. Lola, please I need your help. I was given this instant relocation form in camp and asked to leave the camp for proper medical treatment. I’m confused, should I wait till after camp to report to my new state? Cause I still haven’t recovered and camp is ending on Monday 25th

  55. Hi,I’m a nursing mother and I reported to Ekiti state which is my state of deployment and I did everything and wrote letters and I was given Exeat to leave d camp on that same day and was told to check my dashboard after two weeks to print out my PPA letter,it’s more than two weeks now and nothing is reflecting on my dashboard and the camp is ending of Monday 25th and my state of relocation is delta state…what do u think I should do? Should I keep waiting for the letter or go to the nearest Nysc sectariat on Monday? Another question is this I was told that immediately after the camp I’m supposed to report to my state capital with my PPA letter for documentation,I’m I to report to my state capital which is Asaba for documentation or report at any Nysc LG secretariat closer to me

  56. Hello Lola, please can I get an acceptance letter from a private school that has never had a corps member serving their before as my PPA?

  57. Please I just redeployed and was hoping to submit my relocation letter on Friday and was just hearing it that they will be leaving for camp tomorrow…. My question is can I still go and submit my relocation letter and will I meet some officials in the office

  58. hi is it possible to check your relocation status before payment , if yes how

  59. Hi Lola, I relocated to Lagos State but I am yet to get a PPA should I report to the Secretariat or should I wait till I get a PPA
    I was told if I don’t have a PPA yet they would just post me anywhere they like and I am still working on getting a good place
    Thank you for your time.

  60. I went to NYSC secretariat to submit the necessary documents neede and we were told to write a handwritten letter to where is OK for us for our ppa. But we were not told when to come back or when to check our dashboard. I’m Confused

  61. thanks Miss Lola. My own Question is that I camped in Anambra, just finished camping this November 25. I applied to be relocated to Ogun State but they gave me Delta state when I saw the letter whereas I can’t go to Delta due to my health and Delta is close to Anambra. I didn’t go to Delta for documentation as it’s written I have 21 days to report to Delta. but please I still wish to relocate to Ogun state or nearby so as to be able to treat myself. what can I do please

  62. Pls I have a serious situation here.. I applied for relocation online nd it got approved after one month..do I need to go back to my old state or I should head directly to my new state ?

  63. Pls Lola,can a corp member loose his relocation if he failed to print his relocation letter after 7 days?

    • Pls Lola, I applied for relocation to delta in camp but was given Anambra. I went and did documentation in Anambra. But now i want to cancel the relocation back to my initial state Ogun state. How can I go about it pls?

  64. Lola good afternoon, i was redeployed, please what happens if I dont go to the secretariat for documentation before the 21 day deadline elapses

  65. Please wheres the nysc office in lagos, where I will take my relocation letter to ?

  66. I relocated to Lagos from gombe and I have printed my relocated letter but some told me that I still need my call up letter which I have submitted at gombe camp and I have no photocopy with me.please what can I do

  67. My question is i got relocated to ogun state but just got to print out my relocation letter to see that it was approved on 10 December 2019 and i just printed it out on Saturday which is 21st December 2019 my question is ogun state secretariat going to work during this Christmas season because i have only 9 days to elaps my 21 days to report and it just fall on this seasson

  68. Hello
    I relocated to RIVER state, and my relocation letter was approved on the 18th of December 2019, I went to the Secretariat on the 20th of December 2019 and they asked me to come back on the 27 of January 2020 for documentation and registration. Please will I receive my January allawee because I asked them they said it will not affect me

  69. Please ma I apply for relocation and it has been approved but it was written under it that I have to go to my state coordinator for clearance before I can print it out. My question is that Is the new state am redeploying to or where I did my camp?

  70. Please what can I do to print out my relocation letter and I was given 7days to report and my relocation was approved on second of January 2020

  71. Please what can I do to print out my relocation letter and I was given 7days to report and my relocation was approved on second of January 2020,hope there will not be any problem of I report after the 7 days?

  72. Hi Lola
    Pls I applied for relocation last Thursday and was approved on Friday the next day. I used to be an Osun corper (19c) I was relocated to Lagos instead of Abuja which I applied for based on health grounds. I have two questions;
    1. Can the relocation be corrected to Abuja because I applied based on health grounds and I need to be close to my family but I was even taken farther to Lagos.
    Can I go to the secretariat here in Abuja and complain?

    2. Will my January allowee be paid because I heard clearance ends on the 10th and I haven’t reported yet since I have 21 days.
    Pls help

  73. my state code have changed..i went to the office yesterday and i was told to go to a close by local government office to do my documentation…my question now is that should wait for my PPA or go to the office first because now i am confused. thanks for your help always

  74. Pls what can I do?
    Monthly clearance is almost over and I haven’t seen my new state code and ppa
    Just did documentation last two days…will I still collect allowee?

  75. Hi Lola, Good morning, Pls I’ve applied for Relocation just 2wks ago and I got relocated to my preferred state, but they said I have to meet my state coordinator to be able to print my relocation letter, pls which of the state coordinators?

  76. Olukunle Damilola Clinton

    I’m a corp member of batch C stream 1, I got my relocation approval on 25th of November, 2019 from Plateau state to Oyo state. I visited the secetariat at Ibadan on 5th of December, 2019 and my state code changed on 17th of December, 2019, followed by a message that I should come for documentation on 13th of January, 2020 which is after clearance for January.
    My question is that hope that won’t affect my allowance? If No, Can I still get it back? If Yes, How?

  77. good day, I relocated from adamawa to ogun, and I have done my documentation, and I have been posted to a PPA on Monday 13th Jan, 2020. please how long do I have to report to my PPA.

  78. My relocation has been approved and I have done all possible clearance but I’m yet to travel to my state where I redeployed to and I have not printed my letter yet…..what I want to know is that is there a deadline for printing of the letter or anytime I wish I can just print it?….please I need reply asap

  79. I don’t understand, I have relocated am I not to report to the local government for documentation and then get a new ppa?

  80. I applied for relocation and got it but I didn’t print early and when I printed it’s one month from the date approved meaning 7 days late. What do I do and what is the sanction they are talking about in the letter

  81. Lola, my relocation has been approved,but underneath it is written that i should get clearance from state cordinator before i can print the letter,please is it the previous state or the new one?and if it is the new one..what do i go with,since i cant print the relocation letter on my dashboard..

  82. I hope i wont be told to go back to my previous state (jigawa)…my health isnt okay for that travel…i am worried..i am currently in lagos…

  83. Hi..please Lola
    What will happen if I don’t get clearance from my former state coordinator after 7 days that I was given to print my relocation letter..
    Please I am so worried

  84. Lola please, Am Batch A stream1 2020 corper, Iwas posted to zamfara, but cos of health/ security reasons I don’t want to serve there. have 2 questions
    1. Can I skip stream 1 and follow stream2?
    2. If I apply for redeployment will it be successful?
    3. How fast can the redeployment be?
    Please I need urgent reply sinx we are suppose to report in camp 10th
    Thank you

  85. Gud morning I apply for relocation from gombe to delta State and it was approved,ve reported and my state code has change and am being posted already,nw I ve a change of mine I want to go back to gombe bcus ve been offer a gud offer there what should I do please help aunty lola

  86. I want to change my PPA and the LGA because my husband is relocating from that LGA to another LGA within the same state how do I do that please.

  87. Hi,plz I was redeployed from kebbi state to lagos, and I hv reported to d secretariat but up till now my state code hv not changed yet and my 21days is today,plz wat could be the problem and how do I go about it

  88. Good morning Miss, My redeployment to Abuja was approved on the 28th of match, tho I learnt that we have 21days to report to the new state I haven’t reported yet, am still in search of a work place to get a letter of request so that I take it alongside with me to the secretariat. To get my PPA directly.. I would love to know if Saturdays and Sundays are included in the countdown of the 21days since they aren’t working days please Ma. Thanks 🙏

  89. Good morning ma,
    I had my relocation approved on 21 April, and that to print my relocation letter I must get clearance from my state coordinator, which I have done in the current state since on Wednesday. But up to date I still have not seen the link to print the relocation letter on my dashboard. And the 21days of approved will ends on 11 May, next week Tuesday. Should I travel to the new state? I mean what should I do now?

  90. Pls I was told to report 21days to my stew of redeployment osun state , but I have been very ill and jus getting my self , I jus found out out that today marks the end of 21days . I am planning on going tomorrow dunno if it’s too late or will my nysc be canceled pls help

  91. Lola please I missed the 21 days I supposed to report after orientation, will it effect me please. I’m going for the documentation tomorrow

  92. Hi.. please my relocation just got approved and it’s saying I have to go to my state coordinator for clearance before I can print my redeployment letter.. I can’t go back to the state. What should I do?

  93. Hi, miss Lola… I applied for relocation and it worked out, the date of approval was 3rd of December, I printed it out and now I’m back home from Bayelsa. The issue now is, I logged in to my dashboard only to see that the relocation approval date has been changed to 11th of December and I’ll need to collect clearance from my state coordinator… But I’m now in Oyo. I’m just tired, what I’m I to do now?

  94. Hello Miss Lola,

    I was redeployed from Akwa Ibom to Oyo which was effective from the 13th of Dec, 2021.

    However, printing my slip today, I noticed I have been redeployed again to Kano state.

    Is there anything I can do?

    I don’t want to go to Kano

  95. I relocated to Lagos where am I supposed to take the relocation letter to

  96. I have been redeployed to another state but still got a message from the former state to come for next month clearance. Should I be bothered?

  97. Good afternoon Lola, i was posted to yobe, so i applied fr relocate using insecurity. So i put Gombe as a state of choice. Lemme say deh hv posted to gombe state, will they gv me ppa immediately or will i meet th or wil i hav to choose th lga i want… Bcz i hv a frnd who stay in gombe and i wd love to stay with th person

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