Top 10 NYSC Highest Paying States

Top 10 NYSC Highest Paying States

It’s cool to know about the top 10 NYSC highest paying states in Nigeria. One of the things that drive prospective corps members is getting a deployment to state that will pay them a token apart from the NYSC allowance. We all know that the N19,800 is very small and just a token from the state will really be of great help.

This article will be useful for you if you have been looking for highest NYSC paying states in Nigeria. Either just for information sake or to give you an idea of where to process your redeployment to or for personal reasons.

Since many of us would want to collect extra state allowee to adjust the federal #19, 800, let me show you the states that will make you smile if you are lucky to serve there. Read also: [Top 10 Reasons You Will Remain Broke After NYSC]

Top 10 Highest NYSC Paying States

Here are lists of top 10 highest NYSC paying states in Nigeria. Once the NYSC management posts you to any of these states below, you will really serve like a boss.

1. Lagos State

Lagos State is one of the best states for NYSC in Nigeria with a lot of good things and opportunities. This state can really be a life changer if you are not carried away by the too many fun. See also: Top 10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC

Lagos State will make you happy at the end of every month with #15, 000. If the NYSC post you to a Ministry, you are very lucky. Some private schools and organizations in Lagos will pay you well even if you are not serving in a Ministry. Just that ministry is better.

2. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom is not only known to have beautiful girls and opportunities alone, but the state is also one of the highest paying. This state will pay you as a Corper #10, 000 at the end of every month. If you could spend all your allowance and saving this 10k every month, you will have 100k in 10 months. Wao!

3. Enugu State

Enugu joined the trend a little while ago as they don’t only pay Corpers in the Ministry alone. The Enugu State will pay #10, 000 to every Corps embers in the state. Corpers serving in Enugu always smile during POP because they are leaving so loaded.

4. Sokoto State

Another of the top 10 NYSC highest paying states is Sokoto. Although not as much as Lagos or Enugu, they still compensate Corps Members at the end of the month. Sokoto state always pays #9, 000 to Corp members serving at the State Hospital and pay regulars #4, 000. The money is little, but it’s still better.

5. Niger

Niger will pay #6, 000 and its very constant. Ask anyone who served in Niger, they will tell you the place make sense. You say how much is N6,000, I say, if you don’t want, send it to me. I will appreciate you.

6. Ogun State

Welcome to Ogun state, a place where every Corps members go home with #5,000 at the end of each month. If you say it’s too small, please be sending it to me. See also: Top 10 Reasons You Should Save During NYSC

7. Osun state

The state of the living spring always pays #5,000 to Corps Members. Apart from 5k mostly, you will get to enjoy the best electricity and low cost of living. I have seen a private firm paying up to 10k monthly.

8. Delta state

Delta state will always pay #5,000 at the end of the month. If you add this to your allowee, it can really do some magic.

9. Ekiti state

Ekiti state also will pay you N5,000 as a token at the end of the month. It might be a small token, but it can still foot some bills.

10. Add your own….

Am leaving this list open for Ex-corpers and serving Corpers to add to it. If you notice any error in the about very figure or you want to add your own to the list, just let me know in the comment box below.

Now you know the top 10 NYSC highest paying states, you can go ahead and port to anyone of your Choice.

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  1. Hi Lola, Ekiti state are not paying, 2016/2017 batch A stream2

  2. hlo lola,did u get my message

  3. Enugu state pay 1k only, Lagos don’t pay all their corps members, they only pay 15k to the first 100 corps members that first registered, the rest don’t recieve any thing from state govenment

  4. Anambra State pays 8,500 every month

  5. I appreciate this Wonderful Outline and Guide

    Please Anambra State is among the States that pays highest

    Anambra Pays #8000

    Please add to the above mentioned State
    Thank You

  6. U didn’t make mention of Anambra state, I thought they are paying 8k every month

  7. as a nursing mother who as no one to keep my baby with, hope I won’t be scolded at camp? what will be the management reaction towards that.

  8. plz I need an answer

  9. Doe’s rivers state pay coppers? Please I want to know.

  10. Pls what about they pay?

  11. Hello Lola please I am foreign student that just registered for the batch c service but I am yet to get my registration slip “green card” even 24 hours after registration do I need to go to the Nysc office ?

  12. Rivers State.. 15k to those serving outside Port Harcourt and 10k to those serving in Port Harcourt

  13. When you say first 100, do you mean first 100 for the while year or for each natch?

  14. What about abuja please

  15. Hmmmm I heard Akwaibom only pays 5k…how come am seeing 10,000 here? or has it also been increased? Even Anambra state pays 8k it’s not here as well

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