How To Serve As A Ghost Corper During NYSC Service Year

How To Serve As A Ghost Corper During NYSC Service Year

I have been running away from this topic for a long time because I am not totally in agreement with running away from NYSC service. I have got so many emails about this and I was not ready to change my mind until I got a call from someone who said I should just publish a post on this topic for Educational sake. So that people can have the idea, learn and also be able to educate others.

He actually has a good point. So I decide to do this for an only educational purpose.

If you are thinking of Ghosting your service year or thinking of having the knowledge about what a Ghost Corper is, this article is your answer.

A Ghost Corper is someone who is not serving in any PPA but getting monthly allowances and will also get an NYSC Discharged certificate after.

Some people call them run away, some call them absenting Corpers. But they are popularly called Ghost Corpers. Whatever they are called is not our problem. All you need to know is that they are very far away from their duty post. They are not even in their state of deployment not to talk of going to their Place of Primary Assignment.


Let me give you an analogy: A Corp member deployed to Plateau State to serve his/her fatherland refused to stay in Plateau but chose to go to Lagos. No PPA, No CDS, No Clearance except on some occasion and yet they get paid and will collect their certificate at the end of the service year.
Did someone just say…’that is cool?’ Yes, it is cool but not as easy as it seems or as fun as you might think.
Let’s pause and take a look at something.

Some of you are thinking of this being is an act of cheat, corruption, and wickedness.

‘Why would some people be working day and night in a strange non-conducive environment and some will just go back to their comforts and yet collect their allowance and also the certificate for doing nothing’

I understand you, I can feel it too. But before we place tags on Ghost Corpers, let me give you 3 a and half reasons why people operate as Ghosts throughout their service year. Most of them don’t just do it for fun or for no reason.

3 And A Half Reasons Why People Operate as Ghost Corpers.

I call it 3 and a half because the fourth reason is not worth it.

1. Jobs Or Other Official Assignments

Supposing you waited for a year or two before you were mobilized for NYSC. Suppose during the two year period of waiting, you got a very good Job due to some connections or whatsoever. While you were enjoying your work and earning good cash, NYSC call up letter came out. You took permission for 3 weeks from work to attend the orientation camp. Will you take permission for 11 months of service also? If am the owner of that company, I might get you arrested. 11 months no be beans. See also: 10 Important NYSC Terms You Must Know

So many people will have no choice than to Ghost their service year so as not to loose the Job at home. They leave their state of deployment and continue their work. They would have forfeited NYSC but they need the discharge certificate.

2. Marriage

Marriage can sometimes also be the cause for this, especially among the females. Many of them have tried so hard during orientation camping to get deployed and relocated to where their hubbies and family resides but wasn’t successful. And because they have to be with their family, they may decide to completely ghost the service tinz

3. Health Challenges

Health challenges can also make a Corper absent from their PPA. This is rare because if someone have a serious health Challenge, he or she must have been redeployed. But in case of sudden occurrences or maybe redeployment failed, Ghosting is another option.

And now the half….

4. Lazy lazy

Laziness and difficulty of some people to leave their comfort for service also make many want to serve as ghost corpers.

You see, it’s a half point indeed

Like I said from the beginning that am not totally in support of the idea of Ghost Corpers, but since this is just for educational or for people interested, I will advise you to pay close attention to this article so that you don’t hit a Soldier with a wheel barrow. See also: What Happens When A Corper Misses Biometrics/Clearance

How To Work Serving As A Ghost Corper

It can be done in several ways, but I am going to briefly discuss the surest way you can go by it. I will show you different ways and also how effective each style can be.

Let me chip this:

Serving as a Ghost Corper would mean that every activities that you are supposed to perform as a Corp member is being carried out by someone else, someone you are paying. And this person performing all these activities for you must cover your PPA, CDS meetings, head counts and the monthly Clearance.

Any of the deal below must cover those above. That is, :

  • PPA
  • CDS Meetings
  • Head Counts (usually once in a Service year)
  • Monthly Clearance (Optional) in most cases, you have to come and do that by yourself especially with the introduction of Biometric verification.

1. Make a Deal With Your Local Corper Liaise Officer (CLO)

Every PPA especially where you have more Corp Members and mostly schools and big organisations always have a local CLO to see to the affairs of the Corp members at that particular PPA.

One way to go by this is to discuss business with him. Tell him you need him to cover you in every aspect and you will pay him a certain amount every months. If he agrees, you are clear.

This idea of the Local CLO is less effective. Because a local CLO might have the ability to cover for your PPA while others maybe challenging.

2. Make a Deal With Your Local Government CLO

Just as we have a CLO for a PPA, there will also be a CLO at the Local Government level. Talk to him and if he is interested he will be of help.

This is also less effective because while a Local Government CLO will be able to Cover for you the monthly clearance and even head counts, it may be difficult for him to cover the CDS Meeting and your PPA.

The above ways can be really effective if you contact both CLO to work together. And if none of them are sure about CDS meeting, bring in your CDS excos and ask for their help. With these 3 in place, Ghosting is unstoppable.

3. Strike a Deal With Your PPA

If you are able to negotiate well with your PPA by explaining things to them, they may permit you to be away from the PPA and just be on your own. You will tell them to keep any local allowance you are supposed to be paid. If there is any.

They will be issuing you the monthly clearance letter without even staying to render any service for them.

But it will still require you to be coming down to the NYSC office for the weekly CDS meeting and also to sign your monthly payment voucher which is always signed once a month. If you can also settle your CDS excos, you won’t need to b in CDS. They will always mark you present even when you are not around at the meetings.

Nevertheless, only very few PPA will allow you to leave them and go away just like that.

Most times, it doesn’t happen except money is involved.

This can also be effective when you include the local Government CLO and the CDS excos

4. Approaching NYSC office

Another way you can go about serving as a ghost corper without needing to talk to your PPA, the local CLO, The Local Government CLO, and the CDS excos is approaching your Local government Inspector (L.I) and discuss business with him/her. It’s not a strange thing to them though.

You guys will agree on a certain percentage of your monthly allowance and the job will be done.

This is the most effective way and often the easiest way, because with this, you may not even need to be coming down to sign the monthly payment voucher (P.V) neither will you need to worry about any CDS issues. The Boss (L.I) will settle it all. Money is involved.

These are just the ways you can get your service done without you being there in person.

Wait before you go… on.

You need to be very careful about it. Be careful of who you meet to discuss business, so that you don’t go about waking a sleeping Lion over yourself. If you do, the scheme will set up monitoring to watch over you closely in case of any absence from you.

Penalties Of Getting Caught As A Ghost Corper

1. Extention

It may cost you an extension. Where you will be penalizeby extending your service year by additional months or even a year. And mostly with half payment or even without payment in rare cases. And you will be required to be reporting to the Secretariat everyday.

2. Delay or loss of monthly allowance

You will not be paid your monthly allowances and that can be dangerous for you.

3. It may earn you a query from the NYSC office

And of course, it will deprive you of the sweet service experience you should have had.

That’s all you need to know about serving as a Ghost Corper. You can check out Ghost Service Frequently Asked Questions

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