The Best Solution For All NYSC 2019 PCM Now – MUST READ!

There has been a lot of confusion on ground and am here to offer the best solution that might make everything straight and fast. Please i need you to pay attention and read in between the lines.

The NYSC management released a timetable a while ago and the date for the NYSC registration on the official timetable was 18th February which was yesterday. See also: NYSC Senate List For 2019 Batch A In Progress – Check Your Name

On a normal occasion, whenever a date is fixed for NYSC registration, the portal will be open that exact date and if there is going to be an issue od postponement, the NYSC Official will make an announcement.

However, in this case, nothing has been normal at all because there is no official announcement about postponement and the NYSC Portal is still closed after a day it was suppossed to be open. See also: NYSC Registration Form Sample (Educational Purpose Only)

The hard truth and fact is that even if the NYSC Portal for registration was opened yesterday, no 2019 Prospective Corps members will be able to register.

The reason is that before you can proceed to register for NYSC, your name must have been on the NYSC Portal through your school Senate list. See also: JAMB Matriculation List For NYSC Mobilization

Since many institutions are yet to send their NYSC senate list and even the ones that released their senate list only pasted it and it is not yet on the uploaded on the NYSC Portal.

So in short, if the portal was live yesterday, you still will not be able to register. So the problem now is not really the NYSC registration, the problem that needs solution now is your school uploading the Senate list. See also; NYSC State Allowee Amount In All States In Nigeria

If the portal is open now, the only people that will be able register are those that were mobilized last year. You won’t be able register because your name is not yet on NYSC Portal. See also: Sample Of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate – See Pictures

What every 2019 Batch A NYSC prospective Corps members should do right now is call their school and hurry them to release their senate list.

Call your school or visit your Dvision of student affairs and ask why is it that your senate list is still hanging. Worrying about NYSC Registration portal is pointless when your school is yet to send a senate list.

If you have anything say, use the comment box below.

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  1. I called the woman in charge of my department that works in students affairs and asked her if there’s a problem, she shouted at me that I should stop disturbing her…..


  2. Ogunyemi Emmanuel Gbenga

    Does it mean that as I have registered last batch and I was unable to show up at the camp ground as soon as the portal opens I can make another registeration to remobilize

  3. Good evening Ma,i was supposedly to go last year But something nasty happened which made me unable to register.So last two weeks I reached out to the students affairs,but was told to go and check out my name on “Net” which supposed to be there and behold my name is still appear. Trust I can make registration immediately NYSC portal opens.

  4. Good day Lola,please the date of birth I used to register for jamb is already 30+and I suppose to serve this year hopefully 2nd batch but I learnt that if you are above 30 you will not be allowed to participate,please how can I sort this out.

  5. To begin my NYSC registration, where do I click after opening the portal/website?

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