How To Cancel NYSC Relocation

How To Cancel NYSC Relocation

How to cancel NYSC relocation is another question that many new Corps Members ask and am going to solve it in this brief article. If you have mistakenly applied for NYSC relocation and you are looking for how to cancel it, just keep reading. Or maybe your application is still in processing and you then want to know how to cancel the NYSC relocation, I have got an answer that will satisfy you.

Straight Talk

NYSC relocation is not something you apply for because your friends are applying for it. It’s not something you just do for fun and that is why you have to ask yourself the reason why you want to relocate. Most of the people you will meet in camp applying for relocation have their reasons. So please before you apply for it, think very well. Read also: How To Apply For NYSC Relocation Online

How To Cancel NYSC Relocation

Let’s assume you finally made a mistake or after applying for NYSC relocation, you discover that you are in love with the state and then want to cancel it, here is what you will do.

If you applied for NYSC relocation and you are still in camp when you decided to change your mind, all you have to do is go to the camp commandant through your Platoon instructors or just go directly. You will need a good reason with a lot of Daddy please, he might cancel it for you.

If you applied online after the NYSC Orientation Camp, you should go straight to the L.I and inform him or her about the cancellation of your NYSC relocation. With a lot of Daddy please or Mummy please, you can get lucky to cancel it.

Most of the time, it doesn’t work out. Once you apply, there is no going back. But with the above tips on how to cancel for NYSC relocation, you can give it a shot.

In addition, if the redeployment letter is already out with your new state, and you want to cancel it, you will need your State Coordinator. The process can be stressful and in most cases, it’s hard to cancel it.

Am sure I answered your question, and if you need anything else, just let me know below.

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  1. Can I relocate more than once

  2. Will my relocation be cancelled if I don’t report to my state of redeployment within 21 days

  3. Will my relocation be cancelled if I don’t report to my state of redeployment within 21days.

  4. Hi there! My relocation application was approved and i did paid and print done necessary things but then i didn’t want to relocate again please what should i do? plus it’s stated on the approval that failure to comply will attract sanctions what could that be?

  5. hello please i did my relocation after camp but it hasnt reflected and i dont want to relocate again what should i do

  6. Gud evening pls what if I mistakenly pressed cancel relocation when is still undergoing processing will it cancel

  7. Please can I cancel my relocation online, it’s yet to be approved.

  8. I was posted to Imo state and i want to redeploy back to niger state but I was redeploy back to Akwa ibom please can I still redeploy again

  9. I came online to my dashboard only to see a relocation history which I never opted for. now it’s showing click to print with 1k or cancel. I have clicked the cancel and and it’s showing awaiting approval. How long does it take

    • It will dissapear don’t worry

      • Olayeye Odunyemi

        I relocated from Niger State to Edo State and now it’s showing on my dashboard that i applied for another relocation to Osun State, have pressed cancelled relocation but it’s will only load and says “your relocation cancellation have been submitted for approval” I don’t know if that’s enough or there’s more to do.

    • Olayeye Odunyemi

      Good evening goodness, please how did you cancel your relocation? I want to cancel mine, I’m yet to pay in other to print it. Also, have pressed cancelled of relocation but it’s not working.Please help me out. Thank you

    • Olayeye Odunyemi

      Good evening dayo, please how did you cancel your relocation approved letter, I also want to cancel mine. Please help me

      • Good morning, please I applied to cancel my relocation, I have paid the one thousand and my relocation to Ogun has been approved. But I cancelled it and it says the relocation has been approved but I have been checking my portal to see if it has worked but I see nothing. What am I to do about it

        M I to wait??

  10. I apply for relocation on my dashboard, my reason is that my mum is seriously sick & as the only child I want to get closed to her, but now my uncle bringing her over here for treatment & the relocation is still in possessing how can I cancil it please help

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