NYSC Record Number – Complete Details

The NYSC Record Number is a unique number, especially for everyone who has successfully participated in the National Youths Service Corps programme.

In this post, I will give you all the information you need about the record Number and also answer every popular and frequent question people always ask about this special Number.

I will also show you how to verify your record Number from NYSC so that you can verify if your NYSC certificate is authentic or not.

Kindly note that I will use the words record number and certificate number interchangeably because they both refer to the same number.

The National Youth Service Corps programme is a mandatory one-year program in Nigeria for all graduates of accredited institutions both locally trained and Foreign-trained.

The aim of the program is to encourage unity among the diverse tribes in Nigeria and it has been in existence since 1973.

Thousands and thousands of graduates participate in the National Youths Service Corps every year and one of the ways to identify a participant of the program is the NYSC certificate unique number.

This is exactly what this post is all about. So, make sure you read to the end.

NYSC Record Number

The NYSC certificate Number is the unique number at the top right corner of every National Youth Service Corps certificate.

If you have successfully completed your NYSC service and you have your discharge certificate, then you will have your special record number which is unique to you and anyone can use it to confirm the authenticity of your NYSC certificate.

Pirated NYSC certificate has been in existence as long as NYSC and one way you can know the legit one is through the Number at the top right side of the NYSC certificate.

The  Number always starts with A 00 and then a random 7 numbers will follow. That is the NYSC certificate number and it’s like your ID number that you have successfully participated in NYSC.

What Is NYSC Record Number

This is a unique number usually at the top right side of an authentic NYSC discharge certificate. The number is unique to you and can be only useful in verifying how legit your NYSC certificate is.

Let’s assume anyone or a company want to verify your NYSC certificate, there is no easier way to do it than using your special Number.

NYSC Record Number Verification

NYSC Record Number

The verification process is only available on the NYSC Portal and the good news now is that you can do it online in just a few clicks.

Unlike before, if you want to verify your NYSC certificate with your NYSC certificate Number, you will have to write a letter to Abuja and then after the approval of your letter, you will take your certificate to NYSC headquarters in Abuja.

Thank God for technology, you can now do it online and the National Youth Service Corps management now have a special portal for certificate verification.

To verify your certificate with your Number, you can CLICK HERE  and follow the instructions on the page. It’s easy to do.

NYSC Record Number Sample

A 003356740 is a sample of the record Number. The number is usually at the top right side of every NYSC official discharge certificate.

After the first A 00, a bunch of random 7 numbers will follow and that’s the same format for everybody. Below are more examples.

A 003354675
A 003462545
A 003265478

NYSC Record Number Format

The first letter is A followed by two zeros. Then 7 random numbers will follow. That is the general format for the record Number.

For instance, A 003345654 is an example of the Number and the NYSC management always follows this format for every record Number that comes out of their system.

Difference Between NYSC Record Number And NYSC Call-up Number

Difference Between NYSC certificate Number And NYSC Call-up Number

The NYSC Call-up Number is a special number given to all prospective corps members after a successful online registration.

The certificate Number on the other side is a special number that every NYSC discharge certificate carries. Once you successfully complete your NYSC service and you get a discharge certificate, you will get a record Number.

NYSC Call-up Number is evidence that you completed the online NYSC registration, while the record Number is a piece of evidence that your NYSC certificate is genuine

The certificate Number is important in NYSC because it’s the special ID code that confirms the authenticity of your NYSC certificate.

There are a lot of fake NYSC certificates out there but a real one will carry an official record Number.

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