NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter

NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter Format And Sample

The NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter sample is a short article that will show you how the NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter looks like. Either you have already have a PPA that want to offer you an acceptance letter or you have a family business and want to write a letter of acceptance to NYSC, this article will give you exactly what you need.

The NYSC Acceptance Letter

The NYSC Acceptance Letter is a letter that confirms an official acceptance of an NYSC member into a Place of Primary Assignment. After the NYSC deploys you to an organization or a firm or mostly schools after orientation camp, that organization on your posting letter from camp can either accept or reject you.

If the organization accept you, they will give you an acceptance letter and also if they reject you, you will get a rejection letter.

Now that you know exactly what NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter is, let me tell you about people that might need it. Read also: Read This Before You Accept Your NYSC PPA

Who Need The NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter?

Below are the set of people that needs this letter.

1. Redeployed Corpers

These are the set of people that might really need the NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter. If you process your NYSC relocation and it worked, getting a PPA in the new state might have a bit of stress.

Since most people always redeploy because they have something or a good place they serve. Once your redeployment is successful, you might want to look for a PPA that will give you an acceptance letter to make your new local government post you there.

2. Already Have A PPA

People who already have a PPA will also need the NYSC Acceptance Letter. If after redeployment to a state of your choice, and you already have a PPA, your PPA will need to give you an acceptance letter to submit for documentation at the NYSC secretariat.

So if you already have PPA that you will like to serve, you can make the PPA to write an acceptance letter for you to submit at the local government so that they can deploy you there. See also: How To Change Your NYSC PPA – Best Easy Ways

3. Rejected Corpers

Corps members who are deployed to a Place of Primary Assignment and met rejection might want to look for a PPA that will give them an acceptance letter.

Most of the time, when you meet rejection at your NYSC PPA, you might not be posted to another place. To make it all easy, you can just look for a place on your own and they will give you an acceptance letter to submit.

4. Family business

What if you have a family business and you want to do your NYSC there? You will need to write an NYSC Acceptance Letter for yourself to submit at the NYSC secretariat.

Those are bone are the set of people that will need the NYSC Acceptance letter. Let me go ahead and give you tips to write an acceptance letter. See also: Top 10 Best Tips To Process Your NYSC Relocation Successfully

NYSC Acceptance Letter Tips

Let me quickly share with you some important Tips you need to write an acceptance letter like a pro.

  • Do not use personal language.
  • It’s an official letter.
  • Use correct grammar and never allow any errors or spelling mistakes.
  • Keep the letter as short as possible.
  • Use the letter-headed paper of the organization or company.

NYSC Acceptance Letter sample

Below is the format I will also include a picture for you to see and have an idea of how it looks like.

The State Coordinator
NYSC office
Address of NYSC office (city, state)
Full Date (day, month, year)

Letter of Acceptance

This is to inform you that the Corps member has been accepted to our School (College, University, Company, Organization) with the effect from July 10, 2018 (or any other date), with the following particulars: Name (full name of NYSC corper), discipline or job position, state code number, NYSC member call up number.
We appreciate your kind gesture.

Yours faithfully,
Name of organization administrator or director

See Other Examples below:

NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter NYSC PPA Acceptance Letter

Now you know everything about NYSC acceptance letter. If you have any further questions, just go ahead and ask me below.

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  1. Wooow! aunty Lola. Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate.

  2. Thanks for the tip …… 😘

    • Good morning ma, pls I was posted to a school that is very far from, the terms and conditions of the school is too rigid and now I want to serve elsewhere, am I supposed to collect an acceptance letter from the firm first b4 going to the LGA to explain everything or how is the correct way to go about the issue?. Thanks ma

  3. Lola,
    I was rejected at the PPA given to me
    Do I go back to the state secretariat or LG secretariat?

  4. Hello ma,
    My question is: to where should I bring my PPA ACCEPTANCE letter?
    Is it my LGA or NYSC secretariat?

  5. I have a firm that I work with and it’s the same state that I was posted to to how do I write a request letter to nysc

  6. For those that relocated,how are we to know our new state code dt we are write in d acceptance letter?

  7. i don’t see my PPA letter on my dashboard, I was relocated to Osun State from sokoto state, batch C stream 2 2019

  8. Hello lola
    I want to use my husband’s company as PPA
    does he need to register his company with Nysc or should i get a request letter from him and submit to my LGS

  9. If the ppa in question asked me to go to the secretariat first before giving me acceptance letter what should I do , i need an answer

  10. I already submitted acceptance letter I got from another school after being rejected by my original PPA. LGI said the name of the school will changeon my dashboard. Do I need to reprint the new PPA letter and take it back for documentation?

  11. I was rejected at my PPA, do I go to LG or secretariat?

  12. Aunty Lola, Is the company going to sign on the Acceptance / rejection slip attached to the PPA letter?? And On designation part, will they write accepted before attaching the acceptance letter???

  13. Hello Lola,
    I already made arrangements for my PPA. But I’d like to know if I’m supposed to go to camp with a request letter from the company or wait till after camp and take an acceptance letter to the secretariat.
    Please I’d really appreciate it if you would reply. Thanks

  14. Good morning aunty Lola, please I need your advise I relocated from Enugu to delta and before going for my documentation at Nysc secretariat in delta state I already had a place to do my PPA and they accepted me and so I was told to submit this letter in the process of my documentation so I can easily be posted there, I submitted the original of the letter though I had a photocopy. But when my PPA letter came out I was posted somewhere else😭. Please what do I do ? Am I go to to my LGI and explain to them . Or I’m a to go to the PPA given to me to beg them for rejection before to to my LGI? But I really don’t want to to my the PPA given to me to beg for rejection can’t I just to to my LGI with the approval letter first given to me and explain to them ?

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