Official NYSC Vital Actions That Can Get You Kicked Out Of Camp

There are some important actions you need to take at this moment and this is very important as the consequence might result to you being sent out of the Orientation camp.

NYSC is under the Military force and the discipline and strictness is on another level.

During batch A stream I, some Corps members were posted but they refused to go to camp based on one thing or the other. See also:[NYSC Batch B 2021 News Updates – Latest Updates]

The NYSC management then announced that if you did not go with your stream, you will have to wait till next year same batch and same stream. We all thought it was a joke until they did not allow them to follow stream II. We are all hoping they will join this batch B.

The way NYSC is strict right now, you cannot beg them in camp, even if you cry, they will say you were told.

In other to prevent the “You were told” phrase, I’m making this mandatory official compilation of actions you need to take right now so as to prevent you from being sent out of camp.

Most PCM are so much anticipating for call up letter and going to camp and this might make them miss some important details.

Passport Photograph

The first action to take right now is to check your passport on the NYSC Portal. Some passports are being rejected and if you don’t upload another one, you won’t be allowed in camp.

Right now, Click Here to go to the NYSC Portal and confirm your passport is not being rejected.

If it’s rejected, you will see a message under the passport asking you to upload another one. Kindly upload another one if the message is there.

However, if it’s not rejected, you will not see any message. Then you can proceed to the next action. Please kindly check right now. See also: [55 Things NYSC Members Should Not Leave Home Without]

This message below is directly from the management.

PCMs with wrongly uploaded Passport photographs during Online Registration to contact our States Secretariat before the commencement of the Orientation Exercise. Note that there will be no change of passport photograph after Camp Registration.

Take action right now if this affects you.

Date Of Birth

Another action to take is to go to the portal by clicking here to confirm that your date of birth is correct.

It is very important that your date of birth is completely correct on your NYSC dashboard. Kindly check to confirm and if it’s not correct, follow the instruction below to apply for Correction.

Procedure for Date of Birth Correction

I. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC Verification Pin.
II. Submit your Registration, then login to your dashboard to view the link.
Iii Click on Correction of Date of Birth link.
III. Enter WAEC Verification Pin, select WAEC Type, Year of Exam and enter your Examination Number.
IV. Click on Verify button Click Submit or Cancel

It’s really important your date of birth is correct.

Disparity in Name

This one should be number one but I’m not using arrangement to rank this article. If your name on the NYSC dashboard is not exactly the same as the one on your school certificate, you will have a big issue when you get to camp. See also: [Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know]

Your name has to be identical and correspond exactly the same. It has to be the same arrangement, same letters, the same way.

Kindly check your dashboard and check your school certificate or statement of result and make sure it’s exactly the same.

Date of Graduation & Course Of Study

Gone are those days when the date of graduation and course of study was not a big deal. However, at this moment, both are not only important, they will be included in NYSC certificates and exemption certificates.

You really don’t want these to be wrong. So kindly check and make sure it’s completely correct.

Effective from 2021 Batch ‘B’ the following will be on both Certificates of National Service as well as Exemption Certificates: a. Date of Graduation b. Course of study If your Date of Graduation is wrong during Online Registration contact your Institution. Apply for Course Correction on your dashboard, your SAO is to treat.

That paragraph above is directly from the management.

If you really don’t want any issues at the NYSC camp, you should try to avoid those issues listed above.

If none of these issues above is affecting you, comment below, and let’s rejoice together. If you had any issues with those cases above and you have fixed them, comment below on how you fixed them. It might help others.

If you are still having any of these issues and you need help, comment below and let’s fix it together.

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. Christiana Christopher

    Please Lola my name on my NYSC portal is entered wrongly…. instead of Christiana They wrote Christian.
    Please how do i fix this issues?

  2. Hello I have an issue with my name appearing in the error status reads; sorry the name specified has previously been entered and I can’t register.i reported to my school since May but still I can’t figure out the issue and still can’t register

  3. pls the name on my certificate was different from the one on my nysc dashboard due to marriage is it an error

  4. The date in my jamb result is different from my JAMB’s portal. Hope it won’t affect me?

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