When Will NYSC Batch B 2021 Go To Camp?

When Will NYSC Batch B 2021 Go To Camp?

When is Batch B 2021 Going to camp is the latest question in town. All Prospective Corps Members Nationwide have been asking this same question over and over again.

Waking up to hundreds of emails, DM, and tags on the question of when is Batch B 2021 Going to camp is overwhelming and that is why I want to clarify this. ]Read also: NYSC Batch B 2021 Corps Members House – Introduction]

The fact and the answer to this question is that we don’t know for now.

Gone are those days when the NYSC management will release a timetable that will give dates for everything that will happen including the camp date.

However, for a couple of previous batches now, there has been no timetable to guide dates and helps us prepare ahead. See also: [Breaking News: Makinde Increase Oyo State NYSC Allowee From 5k – 15k]

The strategy the management is using now is that they will just give out a date and that’s the final say.

The ongoing registration will end on the 12th of July 2021 and once the portal closes, the next thing will be the call-up letter which usually carries the camp date.

The only reasonable answer to our question of when will batch b 2021 go to camp is that there is no official date yet.

The date will be announced by the management when it is time. For now, let’s just be calm and wait for it the announcement because until then, we can be sure of any date for Batch B 2021 Orientation camp.

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  1. I applied for change of degree last week Wednesday but is still pending why

  2. Bello shukurat funmilayo

    Good day,
    Please I have a baby that is 5months can you allowed me to stay in camp with him

  3. I overheard one NYSC staff telling someone that printing of call up letter starts 27th July, but I failed to confirm the information because he wasn’t taking to me in the first place.

    After checking my dashboard for days without seeing anything, I had to browse for when call up letter will be printed and I still got the same 27th

  4. Hello! My statement of result states 16/10/2019 as my date of graduation but my nysc portal shows 15/10/2019. I know it’s just a day apart but do you think this is going to be a problem during Camp registration?

  5. Hello! My statement of result states 16/10/2019 as they date of graduation but the NYSC portal shows 15/10/2019. It’s just a day apart but would this be a problem during Camp Registration?

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