NYSC 2021 Batch A Questions

NYSC 2021 Batch A Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less

All NYSC 2021 batch A questions goes to this page and you should know that we will attend and treat all questions. I’m so sure you have a lot of questions and you wish there is just someone that can listen and give you the best answers to them. If you are such a person, then you are in the right place.

You are welcome here dear NYSC 2021 Batch A prospective Corps Members. I am going to be your NYSC Google assistance for a while. All you have to do is ask all your pressing questions and I will try my best to provide an accurate answer with lightning speed.

Do you have any questions about NYSC in general, NYSC mobilization, Senate list, JAMB, WAEC, and all others? Every one of your questions about NYSC 2021 Batch A will all receive answers.

Just ask the question the best way you can put it and I can assure you that I will understand. Give details and give an explanation to make it easy for me. That’s all you need to do.

No matter how plenty, how comprehensive, strange, big, ridiculous, funny, short your question is, we will provide an answer and treat it as important. Before you ask your question, quickly Follow Us on Instagram and Like Our Facebook page.

NOTE: Please kindly read the already answered questions before you ask yours so that you don’t keep asking a question we have treated.

If you have any questions, please use the comment box below and expect an answer in 2 minutes or less.

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  1. If i have registered before and printed my call up letter but never showed up to camp, must i revalidate once the portal opens? I am still not prepared to serve so i would like to confirm if i can still delay camping by not revalidating. Would i still be able to revalidate in subsequent batches in the year and are they likely to post me to another state? Moreso are there any other documents i need to submit to revalidate, do i need to input my finger prints again etc.

    • Just ignore everything and whenever you are ready, you will just click revalidation. No need for extra documents, no special payment and no implication. All you have to do is wait till you are ready and click revalidation.

  2. Hello,
    How will foreign students know that their names have been sent for the NYSC program?
    Thank you

  3. Am yet to complete my my jamb regularization, is my name going to be on the Senate list?

  4. Adeyoju Adewale Joshua

    State of Origin: OSUN STATE
    Preferred service state: ANAMBRA STATE

  5. Godfrey Emmanuella

    Hi omolola my name Godfrey Emmanuella
    I’m a pcm batch A 2021
    My school have pasted Senate list and my name is there but I tried checking online still saying no record found contact your school for verification of the approved list

  6. Pls I need to be cleared cos I was surposed to be part of the nysc batch B due to health issues I started registration but couldnt finish up till date. Now am reading some kinda disturbing news about last set who absconded to kindly finish up their reg on or before 3rd while other site news said they are both included to the next batch which would commence next month. So my question is for someone like me who didn’t complete his registration is it possible to stay till 3rd of next month or there is a provision for us to register before that day? Pls I need a reply urgently.

    • You will wait till 3rd of march and complete your registration and you will automatically follow next batch. The portal that is open right now, is for people who have completed their registration, attended orientation camp, and then absconded from NYSC. You that you are yet to finish your registration, wait till March 3rd.

  7. The WhatsApp group is full already, what should be done?

  8. Please i have been mobilized before in 2020 and unable to register what did I need to do now

  9. My name is on the senate list but here on jamb it shows i am not on jamb list why is it so?

  10. Please, is nysc sending corpers to kaduna State coz I want to serve in kaduna but someone told me kaduna camp has been closed for some time now and that nysc have not allow any corper to go and serve there. Please, is this true? I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks

  11. Cecilia Udu Okorie

    Can a Nigerian tht study in a french school go to service?

  12. Adesina Adekemi Victoria

    Pls when is the time for revalidation?

  13. Adesina Adekemi Victoria

    When is the time for NYSC revalidation?

  14. My matriculation number is not the same with regulazation year. Is will problem for me?

  15. Good day. I was mobilised in 2020,but couldn’t register, cause I was not on the Jamb matriculation list, which I’ve rectified. Should I wait for March 3rd to register?

  16. My name is on the Senate list but the status said I cannot register that I have not been matriculted,I had to check the jamb nysc list online and I saw my name,how can I correct it?i want to register

  17. Am asking if adamawa state University have upload it Senate list

  18. I was mobilized for batch A what if am not ready to go to camp with the batch but have registered will i be able to go with the next batch when am ready? Cos i heard rumor that if you don’t go with the batch u were mobilized for then it is till next year.

  19. Please can we still wait for another senate list for batch A or is it too late?

  20. pls i have isue,my year of graduation is supose to be 2019 bt my school made a mistake and put 2021 what should i do pls.

  21. Ilesanmi Olamilekan

    Pls , I have not collected my Nigeria passport, cause it’s not yet ready, but I have the confirmation slip with can I go with it, just to be sure that am processing my passport

  22. Pls how do I get my call up letter print after camp.. I went to our LGA Secretariat and it’s required I submit my call up letter for documentation at d LGA Secretariat but I couldn’t find photo copy of it among my file pls how do I go about it, it’s really urgent pls

  23. What can i do if i do not bring my evaluation letter with me to the verification center but uploaded it

  24. what can i do if i do not bring my evalution letter to the verification center but uploaded it to the nysc portal

  25. please how can I get my call up letter after printing the first time. i went to my dash board but couldnot find it there

  26. Mmegwa Jessica O

    Same problem with me please what can we do

  27. Please ma there is a mistake on my green card gender they put male instead of female what is the solution

  28. Ganiat Gbemisola

    Pls Ave registered for my nysc by March 3rd and i am in stream 2 that is by may but I did my 30years birthday by 19 of April pls will I still be mobilize or I will be exempted pls urgent answer

  29. Please I missed my physical verification 2021 batch A..I just uploaded my evaluation letter..is there any way I can go about it please

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