NYSC Batch A 2022 Overview

NYSC Batch A 2022 Overview – Here Is The Future Of This Batch

This NYSC Batch A 2022 overview is a brief article that will enlighten and give you an insight into what Batch A will be like from start to finish.

Either you are a fresh graduate aspiring to go with NYSC 2022 Batch A or you have never heard anything about NYSC before, or maybe you don’t even understand or know how the National youth service corps operates, this NYSC Batch A 2022 overview will tell you all you need to know. [Read also: NYSC 2022 Batch A Whatsapp Group – Best & Most Active]

If you belong or hoping to go with NYSC 2022 Batch A, I’m about to show you the future. By the time you read this article to the end, you will know all the steps, processes, and every aspect of batch A 2022 from mobilization to Passing out parade.

NYSC Batch A 2022 Overview

I am going to make a list of every step and every aspect of how batch C will go then I will explain each of them one after the other.

Mobilization (Not Yet On)

The NYSC 2022 Batch A mobilization will be the first thing to happen. This is the moment the NYSC management will publicly announce that batch C mobilization is starting. (Mobilization is yet to begin for this batch.)

The mobilization news always comes with a mobilization timetable which I will talk about below. The big question now is how will you know when the NYSC 2022 Batch A mobilization begins?

The simple answer is you will know. The NYSC management will publicly announce it and www.nyscnews.com will publish it and notify you via our WhatsApp group.

This is the purpose of Our NYSC 2022 Batch A Whatsapp group. If you already joined, you are 100% safe and if you are yet to join, CLICK HERE to join the one created for you by +2349081722761 Lola (www.nyscnews.com) Please don’t join more than one group.

The WhatsApp group is the fastest and easiest and as long as you belong to our WhatsApp group, you will never miss out of anything and you will have our 24/7 support.

Mobilization Timetable (Not Yet Out)

The next step after the mobilization announcement by the management is the timetable. The NYSC 2022 Batch A mobilization will begin with a mobilization timetable which is not yet out.

Just as the purpose of the normal timetable, the batch C timetable will reveal all the aspects of batch C mobilization and provide dates for each of them.

The senate list upload duration, registration, call-up letter printing, and others will be on the timetable and the date will be right in front of it. The timetable is crucial.

After the timetable, the next thing is the senate list.

Senate List

The senate list is a very important piece of document. It is that specific list compiled by your institution which will determine either you have been mobilized or not.

Once the Mobilization timetable is out, institutions will have a date to upload their approved senate list on NYSC database. If your name is on the senate list, you will be eligible to do the NYSC online registration.

Your institution will be the one to determine if your name will be on the senate list or not. They are in charge. Once the senate list is out it will be pasted in your school and uploaded on your school portal before it will be sent to NYSC.

NYSC Registration

The NYSC 2022 Batch A Online registration will be the next thing after the senate list. (Not Yet On)

After mobilization is announced, the mobilization timetable will follow specifying dates and deadlines for the upload of the senate list. Once your school uploads your institution senate list and you can find your name on the NYSC portal, then registration will begin.

The registration date is always included in the mobilization timetable. Online registration will then begin and end at the set time on the timetable. Most of the time, it’s always extended.

You don’t have to worry yourself about the registration palava, we have helpful articles and we will always be available to assist you and make things easier. All you have to do is join the WhatsApp group if you are yet to.

NYSC Call-Up Letter (Not Yet On)

After registration, the next thing will be the call-up letter. This call-up letter will be the document that will reveal the state you have been deployed to. You will have to print it with the green card (a document that contains all the details you provided during registration).

We will then create a Telegram group for every state in Nigeria where you will be able to connect with people you are deployed to the same state together. Let me explain.

We always use WhatsApp groups before but then we always get a report from hundreds of PCM who have been scammed and duped from the WhatsApp groups we created to help them.

Whatsapp have a lot of limitation to how an admin can control the group and WhatsApp only allow 257 members in a group. So we switched to Telegram which offers more and we have been able to deal with scammers and spammers thoroughly.

We will use WhatsApp groups for information, updates, and articles and once your call-up letter is out, the state groups you will join will be on Telegram. So if you don’t have Telegram, go to play store/AppStore to download it. It’s just like WhatsApp but offers more especially in group aspect. Thanks for your understanding.

Orientation Camp (Not Yet On)

The NYSC 2022 Batch A orientation camp will be the next cool thing after the Call-Up letter has been released.

The orientation camp is always one of the best moments in NYSC. You will be in camp with thousands of others, NYSC officials, soldiers, Man O War for 21 days doing a lot of amazing things. If you can’t wait, let me know in the comment box below.


The PPA is an abbreviation of Place of primary assignment. On the last day of orientation camp, you will be given a posting letter that will specify the place of primary assignment you will spend your NYSC year.

It might be a school, a ministry, a firm or anywhere.


The CDS is a short forum of Community Development service. You will be assigned to a CDS group where you will meet weekly to do some community service. You won’t go to your Place of primary assignment during CDS days. It’s always fun.

NYSC Clearance

The NYSC allowance is more important and so for you to get yours at the end of the month, you have to partake in the monthly clearance at the Local Government.

No need to worry, it’s always cool and when you get to that bridge, you will cross it.

NYSC Passing out parade

Popularly referred to as NYSC POP. Once your 11 months is over at your PPA, the Passing out parade is the next thing and that will be the end of NYSC.

The NYSC allowance will stop and NYSC 2021 Batch A will be over.


Which of the steps above do you think is more important? Let me know in the comment box below:

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