Top 10 Things Graduates Must Know About NYSC Before Next Mobilization

Top 10 things graduates must know about NYSC before next mobilization is a brief article that will prepare you for the future.

When you have accurate information what you will face very soon, it’s always better because you won’t be caught unaware.

This is the first time most of you will be participating in the NYSC programme and some things might look new when you come in contact with them.

To minimize the tension of what to expect next, I am going to give you a list of top 10 Things Graduates Must Know before NYSC next batch.

Top 10 Things Graduates Must Know Before NYSC Next Batch

Have you ever wonder how it will be like to know how the future will look like. Many of us will really like to imagine a time machine whereby you can go to the future and see how it will be so as to prepare fully for it.

I am glad to tell you that you don’t need to imagine any longer or look for a time traveling machine. I am going to take you through the future so that you can know everything about NYSC before the next mobilization.

Get a cup of water and let’s take a walk to the future by showing you Top 10 Things Graduates Must Know About NYSC Before Next Mobilization. See also: Difference Between NYSC Revalidation And Remobilization

1. NYSC Mobilization

The first thing that comes up before anything is the NYSC Mobilization. This is when the NYSC management will mobilize all qualified graduates from every accredited institution in the country.

The Mobilization always comes as breaking news by the NYSC officials who will then release a Timetable that will show the schedule of what will happen from uploads of Senate list till registration date.

Although for the past couple of years now, the NYSC management has stopped releasing a full timetable. They will only just announce important days.

2. The Senate List

The Senate list is an official list of names and details of graduates who are eligible for NYSC from every institution in the country.

The NYSC management always give room for various institutions to upload the names of their candidates who are qualified.

After the uploads of Senate list, prospective Corps members can then check their names. Once your name is on that list, you are good to go.

3. NYSC Registration

This is the most satisfying moments in NYSC because you have seen your name on the Senate list and it is now time to register by filling up your details into the NYSC database.

The management will announce the registration date with the deadline date. You will need a Gmail address, an active phone number, a Password, and be ready for biometric verification.

4. You will Pay N3,000

During the NYSC registration, you will need to pay N3,000 for you to be able to print the NYSC Call-up letter from your dashboard when it comes out. This is optional and am going to explain in a bit.

You have two options as regarding printing your Call-up letter. You can either pay N3,000 and print it on your dashboard or don’t pay and go to your institution to collect it. My advice for you is to pay because your schools will still collect money from you.

5. NYSC Call-up letter

After NYSC Registration, the next thing is the call-up letter. This is simply a letter that will show you your state of deployment and other important things you should know.

If you have paid the N3,000, you will be able to print your call-up letter on your dashboard. See also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

6. Orientation Camp And SAED

The orientation camp is one of the best moments of NYSC where you will be with thousands of prospective Corps members for a period of 3 weeks. There are lots of programmes that will make you fall in love and want to stay more.

Orientation camp is really fun and a very memorable time most people will never forget. After 3 weeks, you will then again be deployed to your place of primary assignment.


Skill Acquisitions and Entrepreneurship Development is another of the most amazing thing about the orientation camp. This is also regarded as the most boring moments in NYSC Camp because of the long lectures you will receive before going to your different field to acquire skills.

Most people who pay attention to SAED are always thankful they did. You find an area of interest, you then shoot for it by attending the classes. Believe me, you will never regret taking it seriously.

7. Place Of Primary Assignment

On the last day in camp, you will collect a letter that will specify the particular place where you will do your service for the next 11 months.

The place of the primary assignment might be a Ministry, a private firm, an organization or even a religious office. But about 80% will serve in some secondary school.

If you don’t like your PPA, you can change it or find a new one. The company might even reject you based on reasons known to them.

No matter what, you will still get a PPA. Most PPA will provide accommodation and a token at the end of the month while some will leave you to God. See also: NYSC Registration Requirements

8. NYSC Allowee

The NYSC Allowance is N33k. This amount will be coming in every month throughout your service year. You will collect the first one during orientation camp. It might be in cash or transfer.

During the orientation camp, you will open a new bank account and that is where the NYSC Allowee will be entering. It always comes about 2-3 days before the end of the end of the month and sometimes, it comes late.

9. CDS Group And Clearance

Community Development Service is also another of the thing that makes the National Youth Service Corps Unique. The NYSC officials will split every Corps members into different CDS Group and they will be meeting once in a week.

CDS is very important as you cannot do your clearance if you did not participate in your CDS group. Your CDS Group will do a project and constantly be meeting to see how to do something worthy for the community.


The NYSC clearance is an exercise that takes place at the end of every month. If you miss a clearance, you will not collect your Allowee for the month and that is automatically an extension.

The date for the clearance is always different and it depends on your Local Government schedule. Your CLO will always relay the news about the date to you. You can miss many things in NYSC, but never miss a clearance. See also: Jamb Regularization For NYSC – SOLVED!

10. Passing Out Parade

The last ceremony of NYSC Scheme is the passing out parade. The moment you will say goodbye to the NYSC allowance and your PPA to move on with your life.

The passing out parade is always on a low key whereby you will go to your Local Government and collect your NYSC certificate. It’s always a day to look out for.

Now you know everything about NYSC from the start from to finish. Thank you for reading this list of Top 10 Things Graduates Must Know About NYSC Before Next Mobilization

If you have any question you want to ask, just go ahead below.

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  1. You said that the last month of nysc the allowance would be doubled, do u mean that the allowance is paid 13 times for the 12 months?

  2. Can some one above 30 go for nysc and if yes how will he or she go about it.. Thanks

  3. what are the necessary things to take long while going for camp and the things we would be given in camp

  4. Can i attach affidavit with my original Waec result for NYSC bath C online registration (because they made mistake in my surname and have done the correction which will be out after 8month) please reply as soon as possible 🙏🏽🙏🏽


    Please will those above 30 years have to attend the orientation camp before given the exemption letter or before?

  6. Please i want to ask one question if you have been mobilize for NYSC and you school for a place like Kano state is it the same state you school that you will do your NYSC orientation camp

    • No. After your school mobilized you, you will do the online registration. Then NYSC deploys you to any state in Nigeria. Your state of deployment is where you will do your orientation camp.

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