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Vital Latest Update On Passport – Take Action


The report is getting to us that some passport photographs have been rejected due to one reason or the other. So you should all login to your dashboard and check if your passport is rejected or not.

This is an important step everyone who has successfully completed his or her registration should take now and confirm either you are on a safe side or not. Even if you have printed your green card, you should log in to still check.

What you should do now is login to your dashboard and check your passport photograph. If it’s rejected, a notification will be displayed under the picture but if your passport is in good standing, you will see your passport fine with no notification.

Some of the reasons why the NYSC system is rejecting some passport photographs is based on size, noise and blur effect.

Please take a minute to login and verify your passport photograph is perfectly fine. It will be a costly mistake to have your passport rejected and you not fixing it before printing of call up letter.


Previous Updates

Hello dear lovely NYSC 2019 Batch B prospective Corps members, hope you are all doing fine and getting ready to proceed to the NYSC Orientation camp. Below are very vital and quick Updates you all must know.

  • The NYSC Online registration for stream I end today as the portal will be closed any moment from now.
  • NYSC 2019 Batch B stream I PCM will start printing their call-Up letter from 15th of June 2019 to know their state of deployment. See also: NYSC 2019 Call-Up Letter Printing Date – Official
  • NYSC orientation camp for stream I will begin on the 18th June 2018. See also: NYSC 2019 Batch B Orientation Camp Date – Official Announcement
  • Online registration for stream II will begin on Wednesday 19th June 2019 so if you are stream II, start getting ready. See also: NYSC Official Update On Portal Closure & Re-opening For Stream I & II
  • The NYSC managements might allow more institution to upload their Senate list for stream II registration. I used ‘might’ because we are not sure either there will be more senate list or not.
  • There is no official date for NYSC 2019 batch B stream II orientation camp yet. Once there is an update, you will be the first to know.
  • You can skip stream I and follow stream 2 easily. See also: How To Know Which Stream You Belong To – Skipping Stream I
  • Once Call-Up letter is out, Only PCM who belong to stream I will be able to print their call-Up letter.
  • If you have applied for correction of date of birth and you are not seeing anything yet, just relax and wait for the correction to take effect. If yours is already showing an exemption letter, visit any close NYSC secretariat for assistance. If yours is not showing exemption letter but the correction is yet to take effect, don’t worry, just take you’re your WAEC verification to camp and you will be able to fix it in camp.
  • If you are having any other request pending issue, just relax because once registration portal closes today, the Management will focus on all issues. No need to worry.
  • You will be able to solve every issue you are passing through in camp so need to worry if something is not working on your dashboard.

More articles on orientation camp, things needed, how camp will be and more valuable information will be coming up on the groups. You don’t want to miss them so stay connected.

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  1. What about evaluation for foreign students?

  2. Lola you said initially there isn’t two registration date/time for Batch B stream I & II. Anybody that didn’t register within the time frame given would Have to wait till next batch..

    Some people planned going with stream II thinking there would be a separate registration time for it. But what you affirmed initially jolted their decision..

    Now one of the above highlighted bullets said Batch B stream II reg would commence on the 18th June…

    Should we now say you misled some of us or you were less informed……

  3. Oyo,cross river,kogi and kaduna
    State of origin yobe
    Skul katsina

  4. MOTUN

    state of origin:- Kwara

    State of institution:- Abuja

    States selected:- Kano, Rivers, Niger and Ogun.

  5. Ekiti,Ogun state

    Kano, oyo,cross river,adamawa

  6. good morning Lola, pls what if the passport is rejected by nysc what’s the solution?

  7. State of origin Ekiti
    State of institution ONDO
    Kogi, OGUN, Kaduna, Edo

  8. Abdulsalam abdulazeez

    Sis lola pls it’s stream II I wish to follow base on some important issue that just arises
    Is there any way I can do it
    Because Ave already registered with stream I

  9. State: Ogun
    School: Ogun
    Kano, Oyo, Rivers, Plateau

  10. State: Ogun
    School: Ogun
    Kano, Oyo, Rivers, Plateau

  11. State of Origin: Osun
    School: Benin Republic
    Choices: Osun, Kaduna, Edo, Benue

  12. institution IMO state
    state.. IMO
    kano enugu akawibom enugu

  13. origin osun
    institution Rivers

    Oyo, Kwara, kano ,akwaibom

  14. pls during registration instead of me to put 2013-2019 in years istarted school and year of graduation i put 2014 how can i change that 2014 and can it affect my call off letter

  15. State of origin: imo state
    School: imo state
    States of choice: delta, akwaibom, crossriver,lagos

  16. Good morning, pls I immediately laminated my statement of result when I collected it last year.. what should I do now??

  17. good day Lola….please are PCM from polytechnics allowed to go to camp with ND statement of result..if the certificate is not ready yet

  18. good day Lola.. please are PCM from polytechnics allowed to go to camp with ND statement of result..if the certificate is not ready yet.

  19. Akwah Temple chinedu

    Kebbi, akwa-ibom, anambra,niger
    State of origin Rivers State
    School: University of education river state.

  20. I just saw a notification on my passport that it is not approved. Will that affect me been in stream 1?

  21. Akwah Temple chinedu

    Kebbi, akwa-ibom, anambra,niger.
    State of origin: River State
    School: University of education river state.

  22. 🌹💎Tumininu💕🌺

    Pls I need your help

  23. 🌹💎Tumininu💕🌺

    The name of my NYsc dashboard is not correct initially I applied for rearrangement of name and it was rectify now the name of my statement of result is quite different from the one on my NYsc dashboard now Wah should I do

  24. 🌹💎Tumininu💕🌺

    Now I don’t know if my name can be change to the way it is on my statement of result on NYsc portal again pls help me ??? Am having sleepless night cos of this

  25. 🌹💎Tumininu💕🌺

    Am having issue with rearrangement of my name hope it won’t affet me at the camp

  26. Institution attended
    State of origin
    States chosen
    Kwara, Ogun, Kano and Edo

  27. Hi princess Lola….
    pls I need your opinion on this matter to know my fate from not been kicked out of camp… my name z Okaba Albert Bayeibushurie, but jamb rearrange it to
    Okaba Bayeibushurie Albert. and this is what my school uploaded to NYSC portal and that was what I printed out in my green card and it’s what I have on my statement of result, now I applied for name arrangement in my NYSC dashboard and the effect has taken place today to Okaba Albert Bayiebushurie as I want it…. and I bliv if I print my call up latter that’s what gonna be the name on it, my School id, medical report and waec is carrying Okaba Albert B., … would it not be disparity in the names?????? thanks mam…

  28. usman sulaiman yusuf

    Gombe, Cross River, Jigawa, Enugu

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