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Reasons Your Name Is Not On NYSC Portal

2 Vital Reasons Your Name Is Not On NYSC Portal – 2019 Batch B

Many NYSC 2019 Batch A prospective Corps members have been trying to verify their names on the NYSC Portal and all they have been getting is “No Record Found”. Before you start to Panic or getting yourself worried, make sure you read this to the end. See also: NYSC Zoning – Full And Complete Guide

Let me explain how the whole process works.

The first step of the National Youth Service Corps Mobilization is the submission of the Senate list from institutions to the NYSC Management. The NYSC management will get your details from the list your school will submit and upload. This list is what we call the Senate List. See also: NYSC Registration Form Sample (Educational Purpose Only)

It is the responsibility of your various higher institutions to submit the Senate list which will contain the names and details of cleared graduates who are qualify for the NYSC mobilization. See also: NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

The Release

The various reputable institutions across the country will have to first release their respective senate list and paste is at the Division Of Student Affairs for graduates to check their names.

This is always neccessary so as graduates could check their names and apply for corrections incase there is an error somewhere in the details. See also: NYSC Registration For 2019 Batch A – Everything You Need To Know

Hard Copy To Abuja

After the pasting and neccessary corrections, the various institutions will take a hard copy of the Senate list to the NYSC headquarter in Abuja for formal examination.

After which the NYSC management will cross check the names if it tally with the names on the graduation list and also the JAMB Matriculation list. The idea of these additional lists is to curb some corruption going on among the institutions. See also: Top 10 Best Tips To Process Your NYSC Relocation Successfully

Corruption Gist

In the time past, there was nothing like Graduation list or Jamb Matriculation List. At least, as at 2016 when I did my NYSC, all of those were not in the picture.

In the early 2017, the NYSC management discovered that some Institutions are mobilizing some people who are not even students from their school. They remove a name of a qualified graduate and replace it with the name. Of someone who has paid them a huge amount of money. See also: NYSC Medical Certificate Details And How To Get Yours Easily – 2019

It was really a serious case back then that the NYSC issued a verdict that any Institution caught in this immoral act will be banned from participating in NYSC.

An attempt to curb these attitude of mobilizing just anyone gave birth to the idea of the hard copies of Senate list going through verification with the graduation list and the JAMB Matriculation List. See also: JAMB Matriculation List For NYSC Mobilization

The Uploads

After the cross check and neccessary measures, the Senate list will then be uploaded of the NYSC portal. After which you can verify your own name. On the NYSC portal.

Until your senate list is uploaded on the NYSC portal, the message you will get is “No Record Found”. Even after it has been released and pasted at your school.

2 Vital Reasons Your Name Is Not On NYSC Portal

With the full knowledge of the Senate list process above, let me now tell you the two reasons why you can’t verify your name on the NYSC portal yet. It is very important you see your name on the NYSC portal because if you don’t, you will not be able to do NYSC registration.

1. Your School is yet to release the Senate List

One reason you will not find your name on the NYSC portal is because your school is yet to release the Senate list. If your school is yet to release their approved official senate list, you will keep seeing “No Record Found”

The list is not there in the first place. Checking for your name on the NYSC portal when your school is yet to release the Senate list is like looking for Lola in a strip Club. I was not even there in the first place.

Before you try to verify your name on the NYSC Portal, try to confirm if your school official senate list is out. See also: Sample Of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate – See Pictures

2. Your School Senate List is yet to be Uploaded on the NYSC portal.

The second vital reason is that you will not see your name on the NYSC portal if your school only released the list but yet to take the hard copy to Abuja.

Just as we are experiencing now, some institutions already released their official list but are yet to upload it on the NYSC portal.

Until the Senate list is uploaded on the NYSC portal after it has been released, you will keep getting the “No Record Found” response.

By now, am sure you now have the full knowledge of how the Senate list works and the reason you are not seeing your name on the NYSC portal already.

So if you have been trying to verify your name on the NYSC Portal and you can’t find it, check any of the reasons above.

If you have any questions, just use the comment box below and I will respond with the speed of light.

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  1. Yusuf Habila Makama

    I will love to use this channel to appreciate you for your concern you are indeed a helper. my problem is arrangement of names E.g Habila Yusuf Makama in jamb matriculation and
    Yusuf Habila Makama in graduation certificate. will their be any issue? if yes; how do I go about it? though my name was in the senate list before it sudden disappearance. and I will appreciate if the above subject can be clarify in your existing Batch B whatsapp group to help those in same condition as me

  2. So before 30th of this month we will start seeing our names on the nysc portal

  3. Gbayesola Temidayo

    Good evening, thanks so much again for this info
    My question is that I recently did my jamb admission letter but yet to print oit
    Is there any other think I need to do to ensure my name is on the bus portal.

  4. Hi lola,im onyi ,about the posting,im married traditionally though,with my little baby ,and i wanted to be posted to my place where I can live my baby with my people,hubby not around, how do I go about it ,because they said you qualified to be posted in sane resident if you have wedded in the church,which I have not.help

  5. My question is that my DOB on jamb is 15th may, 1989 and senate approved our result on 09/may ,2019 .will this affect my service

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